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10 design tips for your social media profiles

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Social media isn’t just about providing good content; it’s also about eye-catching design. Great design is critical to profiles on social networking sites. It can help get people to click on your posts, Like your posts, share your content on their own pages and hang around your profile to explore.

Even if you’re not a designer, or even a particularly visual person, you can still make a great profile. You just need to follow these 10 tips for designing a better social media page.

1. Choose Good Fonts

Nothing turns someone off more quickly than not being able to read what’s written on your profile page. You may think you’re being “fun” or “quirky” by choosing Monotype Corsiva but, really, you’re just disassociating yourself from your visitors. Pick fonts that are easy to read and simple.

2. Layer on the Grids and Frames

The fastest way to make a picture look like it was taken by a professional is to add frames and grids to them. This gives the photo an anchor and ensures people’s eyes aren’t drifting all over the place.

3. Have a Strong Color Palette

Find a couple of good colors and stick with them. Don’t mix in a million different shades just for fun. Consider what best reflects your brand’s unique personality and pick colors accordingly.

4. Understand Your Restrictions

social media icons

Each social media site has very different parameters for profile designs. Most have some sort of larger background profile picture and a smaller thumbnail that will represent you on other pages. Make sure you have the dimensions right for all of these so you can design accordingly.

5. Find Great Photos

Pictures really do speak 1,000 words on the web. To draw people’s attention, you need to have an outstanding, eye-catching picture that makes people think. You want them to know what the image has to do with the actual company. Make sure you use high-resolution, high-quality images, otherwise you look sloppy and unprofessional.

6. Design for the Web

design for web

Sounds obvious right — after all, you are making a social media profile. But designing for the web is much different than designing flyers or other kinds of offline graphics. The web is more fast-paced than offline design. You need to grab someone’s attention immediately and keep it before they jump to another social media profile.

7. Employ the Right Tools

You don’t have to plop down the money for Adobe PhotoShop if you will never use the program again. There are plenty of good, free web tools that can edit and alter photos for you. Pixlr and Gimp are two personal favorites. You can also find good free design programs, such as Studio or Overgram.

8. Use Your Logo

There are those who say you don’t need to use your logo in your social media profile. To them I’d say, why bother having a logo at all? When you’ve got one, you want to use it as a unifying mark across all of your accounts. Make sure you use the same one so you build a consistent profile.

9. Keep Copy to a Minimum

Most companies want at least a few words on their profiles to explain who they are or give a little background. That’s fine, but don’t go overboard. Remember, you don’t need to give your company history in your social media profiles. You should be encouraging people to learn that on their own elsewhere.

 10. Go with Your Gut

If you think it looks good, don’t worry about the so-called experts. Pay attention to the sort of responses you hear from people who visit your social media sites and base your changes on that feedback rather than what others tell you works. You know what’s best for your business.

Images by Serge KijOgnian Mladenov and Sean MacEntee

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    Great stuff. Especially #4. Each platform is different and size does matter. Great tips!

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