3 reasons your business website needs a thriving online forum

3 reasons your business website needs a thriving online forum

Are you an up-and-coming blogger? Or perhaps an established one who’s looking for ways to bring in more revenue from your website?

There’s a number of ways to make money from your website, but nothing gives you a bigger bang for your buck than a forum. Forums are all about getting things done, and thanks to moderators, it is the one place where trolls and bashers are not welcomed with open arms.

You may be asking, “why forums?” Well, here’s why: apart from the fact that they’re the closest thing to a “Help Desk” on the Internet, forums also happen to be one of the biggest earners when it comes to online channels. Aside from coupon and deal sites, forums record the highest earnings per click (EPC) when compared to blogs, editorials, and other types of online sites.

Need more convincing on why forums rule? Here are three reasons we think you need to add a forum to your website:

Forums Offer Reputable, Trustworthy, and Reliable Recommendations

It could be argued that blogs do this too, but blogs don’t have the same hands-on, personalized, and passionate community of people that forums often do. Forum visitors care about products and services, and are interested in learning new things as much as they are interested in sharing their own knowledge.

You get in touch with people who are willing to dissect, recommend, and/or explore every facet of a product or service in an informative, valuable way. That makes forums a more helpful resource when it comes to making your next purchase.

And to top it off, there are various opinions flying around so arriving at an informed decision will be easier and more efficient.

Forums Have a High Earning Potential

Since people spend more time on a forum than they do on a blog, forums have an unparalleled ability to generate higher amounts of advertising revenue. A forum is one of the best ways to get high paying affiliate links because forum visitors are highly targeted and perceived as more valuable to advertisers. If you’re interested in learning more about the earning potential of forums, or how to optimize your own site, it might be helpful to check out the upcoming ForumCon convention, an annual networking event that’s held in San Francisco and is all about forums and the benefits that they can bring to your online presence.

Forums Are Good for SEO

Forums often have a vibrant and unrivaled community of fans and enthusiasts that care about specific products, services, and brands in their niche. However, a forum community needs to keep the interaction going in order to stay relevant and successful, and rank high in search engines. The more activity a forum has, the more people it will bring in and the more relevant it will appear to search engines. Having a large, active, and engaged forum community will help boost your SEO because it will be perceived by search engines as a source of expert opinions and a valuable user experience, which will boost your discoverability online


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