6 Ways to Manage Your Digital Footprint

6 Ways to Manage Your Digital Footprint

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The Ease of Social Log-in

I’m using Google a lot lately. Between my Android phone, share docs, and the social channels I access daily, the platform’s universal log-in has made exploring the cloud super easy.

While social log-in allows us more time to socialize and less time fumbling for passwords, remembering where we’ve been and what we’ve shared is a whole lot of work without the right tools.

Personal privacy tool suite My Permissions helps users control what digital traces we leave behind. The company protects users from unknowingly sharing photos, documents, locations, contacts, and other sensitive information, and now includes Google data. CEO, Olivier Amar, puts it, “Every time our users sign in with their Google account, their personal information, including any pictures or financial information becomes susceptible to misuse.” Especially considering “the sheer number of cross-platform services offered by Google, we wanted to incorporate real-time alerts for Google accounts to further extend online protection for our users.”

With My Permissions, users can connect with Google and the platform will let you know if your Gmail, contacts, Google Calendar, and other files have been accessed and by whom.

Managing Your Digital Footprint

My Permissions offers these six tips to better manage your digital footprint.

  1. Secure your browsing. You can browse using a search engine that doesn’t track you, like Duck Duck Go.
  2. Try to input as little of your real information as possible. Instead of writing in a forum or signing up for an e-newsletter with your official email address, create a separate account for these sort of things. You should even create a nickname for yourself that you can identify with but that can’t come back to you.
  3. Take care of the privacy of your social media profiles. You don’t want any Joe-Blo to be able to search you in Google. Some accounts even let you customize what your public profile looks like. Here are a couple guides; Facebook & Twitter.
  4. Speaking of social media – control who can access that private information. Yup, we can help you there! We can help you control it from your mobile with our app and/or with our browser extension. You can find them here.
  5. Sensor yourself. Remove any sensitive information about yourself that you have in your profiles and think before you post things online.
  6. Clear your cookies. I know they’re yummy but in the internet world cookies are used by many websites and placed on your computer to track every move and create a profile of you, often without your consent. This guide on PCWorld shows you how to remove them.


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