Ad Execs: Online video ads as effective as TV commercials

Ad Execs: Online video ads as effective as TV commercials


The online video advertising market saw the greatest percentage increase in spend across all digital formats from 2012 to 2013 according to eMarketer and is set to reach $4.14 billion by this year’s end.

Though traditional TV will continue to dominate total video ad spending, online is considered to be either more effective or equally effective by about 75 percent of ad executives polled by BrightRoll in a survey released last Wednesday. Nine out of 10 also thought online video ads had equal or greater impact than display ads.

When you consider that paid advertising is but one way that online videos can be promoted, with social media, video search optimization and other tactics examples of other ways brands can get their videos out there, it raises the question of what else can be done with online video without paying a company like BrightRoll,  Tremor Video (who recently filed its IPO according to TechCrunch) or any number of other video ad networks to reach prospects. The perceived effectiveness of online video should be even greater if business can find inexpensive other ways to promote video other than paying for ads targeted by behavior, which was the most used video targeting option according to the same eMarketer study.

This post written by guest contributor Geoff Simon.

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