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Amazon’s Tac Anderson on Social Media, Problem Solving, Customer Experience

Today on Social Brands and Influencers, our guest is Amazon Customer Experience Strategist Tac Anderson. He is also a Strategic Adviser for GoMango.

Tac is an anthropologically trained communications theorist with a track record of predicting the future and helping companies forge their path forward. He says he likes to only work on interesting, hard problems.

Here is a list of some of the questions we asked Tac, so be sure to listen to the interview to hear his answers.

  • You’re a Social Scientist, Digital Phenomenologist and Aspiring Polymath! How did you first get your start in social media?
  • From 2001 – 2004 Tac owned a skateboard shop in Las Vegas. How did he get from there to where he is at now?
  • You’ve been involved in the world of social for a while, what social media trends have you noticed?
  • What are three tools or resources that you couldn’t live without?
  • How do you identify brand advocates? And what do you do to nurture influencers or advocates online?
  • What are ways customer expectations have changed because of how accessible brands are now via social media?
  • Tell us about how you think social media can help brands achieve their marketing goals today and where do you think social media is headed in the future.
  • A lot of people want to know, how do you measure social media effectively? What does social media success look like?
  • Tell me about the most effective social media marketing campaign you have been involved in? How was it effective? Metrics, exposure, links?
  • In what ways would you suggest using social media to help drive sales and/or convert leads for our brand/company/product?
  • You have experience with social strategy on a global scale. Are there different principles to adhere to when doing social media internationally?
  • Can you provide an example of a successful campaign you’ve launched in the past?
  • Can you provide an example of an unsuccessful campaign and what you learned from it?
  • How should a social team be structured for a large organization?
  • What are your thoughts on paid social media?
  • What are trends you’ve seen in how brands are engaging with customers with new channels to communicate in real-time with them?
  • How has customer engagement changed with the rise of mobile usage? Has it changed?
  • Digital Phenomenologist – I’ve never heard that phrase used to describe someone, I like it! What’s the story behind it?
  • Aspiring polymath – what kinds of subjects are you interested in exploring and adding to your expertise?
  • what it’s like working for a brand vs. agency? And how have attitudes towards social media changed since your days at HP, given your experience working for a global agency?
  • From Skateshops to MySpace to HP to Amazon… What does your day look like as a Customer Experience Strategist?

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