An Open Letter to Technorati Employees, Publishers, Advertisers, Readers & Industry Friends

An Open Letter to Technorati Employees, Publishers, Advertisers, Readers & Industry Friends

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My last six years at Technorati has been an incredible journey full of accomplishments, thanks to a stellar team of talent and drive. These include launching our ad network in 2008, becoming a profitable company in 2010 and earning millions in ad revenue for our 1,400-plus publisher network.

The biggest catalyst to our profit success has been the combination of our ad network (it’s one of the largest social media ad networks in the world) and the advances we’ve made to our real-time-bidding platform. The market demand for automated and scaled ad solutions has substantially grown year over year, and we are committed to being leaders in this space.

With 2014 approaching, I’d like to publicly announce that Technorati will direct all of our efforts toward our thriving automated ad platform in the new year. Our mission is to use technology and real-time market insights to optimize digital advertising interactions across our expanding high-quality publisher network.

This is a very strategic move for us. The result? Even more turn-key, cutting-edge technology for our advertisers, a seamless monetization platform for our community of 1,400+ publishers, and maximized advertiser interactions with our audience  of 110+ million U.S. uniques and growing.

To limit our focus and ensure success, we’ve decided to sunset our custom ad business on Jan. 1, 2014.   We will, however, continue to develop and deliver robust blogger outreach and conversational media solutions for our clients through the end 2013.  As more and more budgets shift to our programmatic offerings, we will be allocating all of our attention and resources to the opportunities and innovations we have been making and will continue to make there.

While this presents an exciting growth opportunity going forward for our advertisers and publishers, it does mean letting go of our custom solutions team. Technorati is known to be a robust community that’s supportive and this remains to be true. We have a lot of great talent departing as a result of this, and I personally cheer on my old co-workers as they explore new career endeavors and I hope that every Technorati team member does the same.

This announcement aligns not only with our own advertiser demand but also with numerous industry expert predictions that automation in the media buying process will dramatically increase worldwide in the next three years and eventually capture the bulk of all digital ad spending.

Here’s to enduring success for all and thank you for your constant support of Technorati,

Shani Higgins, CEO