Another big pub has jumped in, and some more insights into the...

Another big pub has jumped in, and some more insights into the programmatic breakdown

This week, we’re looking at another serious player in the publishing game that’s gotten bitten by the programmatic bug. There’s also more ways you can combat that garbage traffic, a pretty cool breakdown of the allocation of a dollar in terms of the programmatic stack, and finally a way the “the old can be new again” when it comes to automated buying of ad inventory.

  • Everyone is responsible for fighting fraud (AdExchanger) — It’s no secret that blocking bot traffic (aka, fraud traffic) is top of mind industry wide — buyside, sellside, upside, downside, inside and outside. There has been an influx of service companies set out to help all sides battle the bots. Take a look at this one, and learn also how this issue with fraud traffic is an “us” problem.
  • Fox takes leap into Programmatic (ClickZ) — Programmatic ad selling simply works, so there’s no wonder it’s catching on with publishers of all sizes. However, when a big-time media outlet like Fox takes its first step into programmatic selling, it’s a pretty big deal. Check out this article to find out why.
  • Programmatic brings us back to 1-to-1 deals (AdExchanger) — A big part of advertising used to be that personal touch you got between buyside and sellside. That’s still true when it comes to direct business, but that “personal touch” has been pretty absent when it comes to automated buying … until now. As Publishers are now more willing to devote some of that premium inventory to programmatic buying, those 1-to-1 relationships are coming back in a big way and are benefiting both sides.
  • Where your money goes in the programmatic stack (MediaPost) — Have you ever wondered how a dollar gets broken down through the programmatic process? This is a fantastic look into those actions, and as you publishers can see — that dollar is getting chopped up pretty quickly. This certainly leaves room for solutions that can seek to give you a bigger cut of that buck.