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  1. November 30, 2011

    Google Maps: Let's Take This Inside
    After helping millions of us navigate roadways everywhere, Google Maps is taking us indoors for more. What's next?
  2. Sheriff to Spend Christmas in Jail Named After Him
    No room service for sheriff in jail named after him
  3. Your Child's Bad Role Models On Twitter
    Can you guess who the number one role model is on Twitter?
  4. British Embassy Sacked in Tehran: Two Sackings in One
    Not only was the British embassy stormed, but the whole delicate situation with Iran’s government has been.
  5. Journalists Silenced in Mexico
    Mexican Weekly News Outlet, Riodoce, Taken Offline by Denial of Service Attack
  6. Sundance Film Festival Chooses Narrative Films
    Which new features for narrative film making were chosen this year?
    in Film
  7. Rep. Mitt Romney's First Ad of 2012 Campaign a Lie
    Romney's Campaign kicks off the 2012 Presidential ad cycle with deception.
  8. New York Governor Caves to Occupy Wall Street
    The Governor has sided with its protest of the fairness of the wealth distribution system in the United States.
  9. Original Research - Most Facebook Subscribers Don't Trust Facebook
    But they use it anyway because they “have to”.
  10. Bahia de Kino: Part I, The Foundation
    The end of the road
  11. Nine Ways Families Are Saving Money
    How families are trying to save money in the current economy.
  12. Making It In the Art World
    new book by Brainard Carey published by Allworth Press
  13. KidTunes: Dreamland Lullaballads - Dina Layzis
    New music with an old-country feel offers peaceful moments for baby.
  14. New Report Reveals Social Media Users Love Coffee
    Social media users have favorable views of American coffee chains. Maybe it's the coffee talking.
  15. First Lawsuit Filed Against Jerry Sandusky
    The first lawsuit has been filed against Jerry Sandusky for sexual abuse.
  16. It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Gifting for Your Child’s Teachers or Not
    You see, the new legislation has determined that it is unethical for a teacher to accept a gift from a student.
  17. Breakfast Foods that Promote Beautiful Skin
    Start your day by making healthy choices and your skin will look healthier and more beautiful.
  18. 70% Of Smokers Want to Quit
    Most smokers want to quit smoking, they just find the process difficult to accomplish
  19. Album Review: Robin Thicke - Love After War
    Album Review: Robin Thicke - Love After War
  20. The Continuing Need for VPN: A Rebuttal
    Are virtual private networks still necessary? Here's why they still are.
  21. Author Interview: The God’s Wife Author Lynn Voedisch Gets Down to Business
    There's more to being an author than writing a book: learning about marketing and promotion is Step 2.
  22. The Grove Premieres on PBS on World AIDS Day, December 1
    AIDS and the politics of remembrance.
  23. Staples Has ASUS Transformer Prime Pre-Order, BestBuy Sold Out
    Staples now offers pre-orders on the ASUS Transformer Prime Android tablet as BestBuy is sold out.
  24. Local Business & Cyber Monday Shopping – Setting up for the Rest of the Season
    Cyber Monday internet sales broke record highs this year. How can your local business get in on the action?
  25. Using Panoramio to Promote Local Business
    It’s surprising that more business owners don’t know about Panoramio
  26. NASCAR Champion's Week - Vegas
    NASCAR brings its stars to Vegas to celebrate success in the 2011 racing season
  27. Samsung Exynos 5250 2GHz Dual-Core Processor Arrives
    Samsung will be launching the Exynos 5250 2GHz dual-core chip in Q2 2012 for smartphones and tablet devices.
  28. Microsoft Office Apps Headed to the iPad Soon?
    Microsoft Office Apps may be coming to the Apple iPad in 2012.
  29. Philadelphia Eagles: Winning Cures All (And not winning...)
    For the Philadelphia Eagles winning cures everything, but losing has the inverse effect.
  30. Giant Problems
    The struggling Giants may still have playoff hopes
  31. News To All Music Afficionados: Welcome To Amazon Cloud Service!
    Amazon Cloud Service: Another Player In The Cloud-Based Music Industry
  32. What the Facebook Settlement with the FTC Means for Privacy
    Changes to Facebook should be more consistent, new social networking sites will have a higher privacy standard to meet.
  33. Would You Steal a Colleague's Lunch?
    Robert Half Survey and Companion Video Series Highlight Importance of Office Etiquette; Wackiest Workplace Blunders Revealed
  34. Golf Gifts Under $100
    Shopping for golf gifts in the $100 price range? These five will get you started.
  35. Eat, Pray, Tebow
    A post-Thanksgiving meditation about the best QB in Denver
  36. D'Manti Creates Hot Frenzy with Thanksgiving Performance at The Abbey
    D’Manti and her dancers took the stage a little after midnight for a sexy, fist-pumping and booty-shaking performance at one of the most well-known international clubs – The Abbey Food & Bar in West Hollywood for GB2.
  37. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For November 30, 2011
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  38. Crocodile Tears and Personal Power
    Why we should all be glad to see Barney Frank go.
  39. November 29, 2011

    Study Finds Women Can't Stand Being Around A Sexier Women
    Women's Reactions Toward Sexy Peers Is Intolerance, Study Finds
  40. More Americans Plan to Give to Charity Despite Economy
    Despite 80% of people feeling their financial situation is worse than last year, many still plan to give
  41. Sizing Up the Beast – Can Climates Past Foretell Climes to Come?
    A new paper posits a slight shrinking in the climate's sensitivity to CO2; but it still has the climate dragon roaring
  42. New Hong Kong Based Startup Enables Consumers to Create Customized Metal Business Cards Online
    Hong Kong's vibrant startup scene and easy access to China are increasingly attracting entrepreneurs to setup shop there - PureMetalCards is a classic example
  43. Eleven Startup Tips From Mark Cuban
    Maverick's Owner Shares His Entrepreneurial Secrets
  44. Unlike You, Mark Zuckerberg And Bill Gates Can Go Both Ways
    Why Few Startup CEOs Become Effective Leaders At Big Companies
  45. (Re)Mixing It Up With Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson
    Everything Is A Remix Creator Discusses The Origin Of Creativity
    in Film
  46. Businesses Plan for Euro to Go The Way of the Dodo
    Go the way of the Euro may become the new catch phrase of the 21st century.
  47. Watch Where You Step, Especially If You’re Boarding 50 Dogs
    For some folks, retirement is something you DO.
  48. Does Social Media Use Cause Insurance Rate Hikes?
    Allstate Raises Question Of Vulnerability
  49. World of Goo Now Available for Android
    World of Goo makes its way to the Android Market, offers a free demo as well for risk free play.
  50. Chillerama (2011) Is Horror with a Capital Hilarious
    “Why is everyone so mean to me?” (Adolph Hitler, “Chillerama”)
    in Film
  51. Flavor vs A Fatter You
    Don't let the food industry create your craving. This is not "better living through chemistry".
  52. Google Maps 6.0 for Android Released, Indoor Maps Included
    Google Maps for Android gets updated to version 6.0 and comes with added support for indoor maps.
  53. Cloud Computing to Grow 1200% by 2015
    The Cisco Global Cloud Index says cloud computing traffic globally is expected to grow beyond the clouds!
  54. Did WIkileaks Harm National Security?
    Bradley Manning's attorney seeks damage assessments of leaked information, possibly to claim there was no "harm".
  55. New Jersey DMV Workers Charged With Identity Theft
    The investigation of two DMV workers also caught a realtor and tax preparer
  56. How iPhone 4S Recaptures Market Share
    Part Art, Part Science
  57. American Airlines Parent AMR Corporation Files for Bankruptcy
    The main goal of the bankruptcy is to cut employee payroll.
  58. Is There Freedom of Speech at Work?
    So where does freedom of speech begin and end?
  59. Nokia Vows to Fix Lumia 800 Battery Woes
    Battery troubles on the Lumia 800 could prove problematic for Nokia this holiday season.
  60. Is "Behavioral Screening" Really Just Another Name for Racial Profiling?
    Representative Bennie Thompson (D- Miss) thinks so, and he is calling for an independent review by the Department of Homeland Security.
  61. iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Found in Latest iOS 5.1 Source Code
    The latest iOS 5.1 build contains references to new Apple products coming soon.
  62. Giving Blood - A Quintessentially British Experience
    Never has the spirit of Britain been captured more accurately than in the blood donor waiting room.
  63. 2000 Years Of Stagnation. 200 Years Of Innovation. Why?
    Capitalism vs. socialism. Great nations know the way. Even Barney has had enough.
  64. Soccer Moms Beware of Brain Injuries
    Perhaps it's time for soccer moms and dads to petition for soccer helmets for their child's own good.
  65. Tarkanian Omission from Hall A Head Scratcher
    Former UNLV coach has still not been given the credit or acknowledgement he deserves
  66. Consumers Stepping It Up Over the Holiday Shopping Weekend in 2011
    Early projections from the Thanksgiving weekend show that the 2011 holiday shopping season could be bigger than 2010.
  67. Medical Study: Laptops, WiFi and Male Infertility
    Within four hours twenty-five percent of the sperm had stopped moving.
  68. Case-Shiller Home Price Index Goes Down
    Case-Shiller reports that home prices continue to fall nearly everywhere, except in two cities. But which two?
  69. Courts Judge Norwegian Mass Killer Insane
    Norwegian mass killer judged suffering from paranoid schizophrenia
  70. Is Kate Gosselin the New Human Barbie?
    Once again there are a slew of tabloid articles and blog discussions about Kate Gosselin’s changing appearance.
  71. Are The Indians Stupid To Burn Wal-Mart?
    However, it looks like insufficient preparation; mass communication about the benefits and political lobbying are behind the current stalemate regarding allowing free foreign investment, for which Walmart has become the symbol and punching bag, in India.
  72. Holiday Golf Gift Ideas Under $50
    If you're shopping for a golfer this holiday season you don't want to miss these five gift ideas for under $50.
  73. U.S. May Have Shut Down Over 130 Pirate Sites
    U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement cracks down on sites violating copyright, building on a similar crackdown last year.
  74. Teen's Freedom to Tweet Causes Staff Overreaction and Kansas Governor's Apology
    Kansas Governor Apologizes: Staff Overreacted to Teen's Tweet
  75. November 28, 2011 Introduces WordAds
    Blog Advertising Platform Is’s Response to Google’s AdSense
  76. The Ultimate Christmas Gift: Real Estate
    Have you thought about giving a house to your children or grandchildren this Christmas?
  77. How Far Are We Willing to Go to Fight Obesity?
    Removing obese children from their parents home - is foster care the solution for childhood obesity?
  78. Farmland Investments: A Unique Asset Class Becomes Available to Retail Investors
    Farmland as an investment allows retail investors to take advantage of the rising price of agricultural commodities
  79. Watchmaker Or Beekeeper? The Choice Is Yours
    Do you want a business of precision or chaos?
  80. A Wide Array of Cyber Monday Deals Still Available
    Though Cyber Monday is close to concluded, the giving spirit is still alive and well in Cyber Land - through Christmas.
  81. Festa Del Ceppo – The Italian Yule Log Tradition
    The different ways to celebrate this old Italian tradition
  82. Myth and Fact in Weight Loss Dieting. What is Scientifically Supported?
    Fact and fiction with weight loss and dieting. With so many paths and so few success stories, what is a dieter to eat?
  83. Migraines Increase Depression Risk
    A Canadian study has found that migraines increase depression risk and depression increases the chance of getting a migraine.
  84. Are Your Kids Vaccinated? More Parents Choosing Not To Have Kids Get Shots.
    Parents Opt Out of Their Kids' Vaccinations: Trend Grows
  85. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Apologizes to Teenager over Twitter Controversy
    The rest of us received a rather appropriate civics lesson.
  86. Big Expectations for Mobile this Holiday Season
    Black Friday and Cyber Monday yielded high mobile engagement among consumers, but mobile shopping is expected to soar even higher as the holiday season continues.
  87. Google Censorship Rising Faster Than Ever
    Google is rapidly becoming the internet police in regards to censorship on the internet.
  88. Did Miley Cyrus Confess She's a Stoner?
    You know you're a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake.
  89. Bing Deals Now MSN Offers
    Bing rebrands its deals to MSN offers.
    in IT
  90. ASUS Transformer Prime Gets a Great Walkthrough Video
    The ASUS Transformer Prime is clearly seen in this hands on walthrough from Ritchie's Room.
  91. Retail Politics!
    The political leaders take on the ‘retail’ naturally because they always seem to miss the ‘whole’.
  92. Cloud Computing: Secure or a Security Risk?
    One of the biggest debates in the IT world is hotting up.
  93. Airlines, Travel Companies Participate in Cyber Monday
    Travel companies and airlines participate in Cyber Monday deals.
  94. Should Citizens Be Allowed to Bring Guns Into Post Offices?
    Gun rights enthusiasts want to bring their weapons into post offices
  95. Obama Legalizes Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption
    On November 18th, as the country was celebrating Thanksgiving, President Obama signed a law, allowing Americans to kill and eat horses.
  96. Brain Marvel: Meditation Keeps You Focused While Day-Dreaming Causes Depression
    The role of meditation is critical to our mental health. Meditation when done correctly involves higher states of consciousness that overtime, ultimately trains the brain to stay focused on specialized tasks. A wandering brain, conversely, creates ill health.
  97. 25% of Women Take Mental Health Drugs
    Women are being prescribed anti-anxiety medication two times as often as men.
  98. Sales of New Homes Rise
    New-home sales are about twenty-five percent of what sales were at the peak of the housing bubble.
  99. Evgeni Plushenko: “Elizaveta Is Genius”
    Famous Skater is Preparing For the Russian Championships
  100. How Tourism Ireland Took Top Social Media Prize
    Tourism Ireland is hands-down the most progressive tourism board using social media to promote tourism.
  101. GM to Chevy Volt Owners: Free Loaner Vehicle
    The reasons is the NHTSA’s investigation of the Chevy Volt's lithium-ion batteries catching fire.
  102. Educating Children About Finances Could Have Lessened the Current Financial Crisis
    Author believes that if Americans had better financial knowledge, less would be in debt and the current financial crises wouldn't have been so bad
  103. Drink Coffee? You Are Reducing Your Risk for Cancer, Study Says
    Coffee Reported To Reduce Risk for Endometrial Cancer
  104. Occupy Los Angeles Hits The Snooze Button
    The LAPD have employed a strategy of "show up and wait" with intent of wearing out the cell phone batteries.
  105. Holiday Shoppers: Say Hello to Shopping Apps
    Helpful Apps For Online Holiday Shoppers
  106. Holiday Golf Gifts Under $20
    You don't have to spend a lot on golfers for a great gift!
  107. Microsoft OneNote: A Gift for the Hopeless Romantic (Or Obsessive Organizer)
    ...and how OneNote could have changed Noah's and Allie's life...
  108. Euro Crisis Grows in Italy as Bond Auction Fails
    Seven percent is like crossing the Rubicon for bond interest rates.
  109. Starbucks Job-Creation Campaign Embraces Altruism
    Starbucks' recent job campaign embraces altruism over individual initiative.
  110. Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction
    A chance to get purchase some pieces of Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry collection
  111. November 27, 2011

    Becoming Santa (2011) Will Make Every Christmas Merry
    You will believe…again.
    in Film
  112. Mobile Wallet Future is Google and Apple
    Mobile wallets are used to pay for goods and services with your smart-phone.
  113. KidTunes: Chanukah Fever is Chanukah Gelt
    Mama Doni gets all John Travolta with “Chanukah Fever”
  114. Amazon Starts Day Early, Makes it Cyber Sunday
    Amazon decides to start Cyber Monday a day early and extend the deal throughout the week.
  115. NHTSA Investigating Potential Safety Defects in Chevy Volt
    Chevy Volt burst into flames three weeks after a NHTSA crash test
  116. Them Christmas Bells are A’Ringin’: A Skaggs Family Christmas Volume Two
    Enjoy a real country Christmas concert (and album) from The Skaggs Family
  117. Album Review: Hot Chelle Rae - Whatever
    Album Review: Hot Chelle Rae - Whatever
  118. Holiday DVD: Celtic Angels at Christmas
    Christmas hymns and carols performed by The Celtic Angels bring a little more reverence to the Christmas season.
  119. Autisable Attends 3rd Annual Tidewater Autism Summit
    Autisable attends Tidewater Autism Summit - a follow up.
  120. Laws for Sale: How Mercury Insurance is Buying Legislation in California
    A misleading piece of legislation appears to help California drivers, but what is the real agenda?
  121. Cricket: The Truth About Yuvraj Singh!
    Yuvraj has a golf ball sized tumor in his left lung and was first diagnosed as cancer.
  122. Who will stand with the non-Militia members of Beaver Run Subdivision?
    Militia members terrorize local residents. Movie plot? Nope. Real life.
  123. November 26, 2011

    Traveling With Toddlers... The Dirty Details
    We Got Kidz Weighs In With Tips and Tricks On Traveling With Toddlers This Holiday Season
  124. Viddy Lets the Muppets Join in Your iPhone Videos
    Check Out Viddy iPhone App of the Week Mark 2011
  125. Album Review: Trey Songz - Inevitable EP
    Album Review: Trey Songz - Inevitable EP
  126. It’s a Clown Beat-Down on DVD: Klown Kamp Massacre (2010)
    All the world loves a clown. –Cole Porter
    in Film
  127. Become Earth Wise with I Wish I Knew That: Geography
    Learning about Planet Earth was never easier.
  128. Week 14–How Black Friday Put Me Back On Track
    Bigger sizes are not the answer
  129. Acupuncture for Kids – How Safe is it?
    The article discusses acupuncture performed on children based on studies spanning 60 years. The overwhelming evidence is supported by its recent publishing of findings in the Medical Journal.
  130. NATO Admits Deadly Attack on Pakistan Army
    Pakistan statement says they returned fire on NATO
  131. Story of a Lonely Desk Toy
    A lonely desk toy longs for escape from the dark confines of the office, so he takes a cross country road trip to the Pacific Coast in the only way he can – using a toy car and Google Maps Street View.
  132. DAM 999 - Will It Burst And Take The Unity Of India With It?
    DAM 999 has inadvertently raised the awareness of an explosive issue the world is facing, with nearly four thousand dams worldwide facing similar problems from aging.
  133. Few Public Leaders Understand the Power of Social Media
    Our European elected leaders non only show intellectual dishonesty when it comes to social media, they right out don't seem to be getting it...
  134. How Hip-Hop is Helping Young Australians Find Their Culture
    The First Australians harnessed the power of storytelling through music, dance and song. Now a new generation is carrying on that tradition with a modern twist.
  135. NBA Owners & Players Reach Tentative Deal, End Lockout
    Owners, Players, reach tentative agreement to end 149-day work stoppage.
  136. November 25, 2011

    Bow Tie Beauties: Desperately Seeking Susan Meets Chic Sophisticate
    What’s not to love about glam hair accessories, specifically those that are true statement pieces?
  137. Fiat 500 by Gucci at Saks Fifth Avenue
    With sleigh bells ringing it's lovely weather for a Fiat 500 and you.
  138. Black Friday Too Violent to Shop at Wal-mart
    The once mild disturbances of years gone by are now replaced with chaos that spread across at least seven states.
  139. I’ll Have a C-Section To Go, Please
    New guidelines allow women access to cesareans on demand
  140. Gaming for Less Than $40 a Month
    Gaming has become expensive, but we've compiled some lists of cheap ways to game just for you.
  141. Smaller Firms not Introducing Flexible Working
    Small companies are reluctant adopters of flexible working, despite the many benefits of doing so.
  142. Google Search App For iPad – Now With All New Features
    This articles breaks down the latest changes on ipad for google search
  143. Google News Spotlight Has Google +1’s Now Highlighted
    this article breaks down the latest changes at google and the addition of a +1 button on Google news
    in IT
  144. If You Dream, Dream It Big
    Bangladesh Women cricketers earn ODI status Beating The US Team
  145. Black Friday Madness Begins; Zealous Crowds Result in Pepper Spraying Incident
    Thursday and Black Friday Deals. Did You Line Up Too?
  146. Cops Have Nothing on California Black Friday Shopper
    Pepper spray the weapon of choice these days
  147. Spotify, Rdio, MOG: The Future (and Present) of Music
    Pandora's Box was cracked in 1999. This time, its wide open, and it can’t be closed.
  148. QR Codes: Finally Moving from Potential to Performance
    QR Codes provide companies and opportunity to interact with audiences in innovative new ways.
  149. November 24, 2011

    Protect Your Parents For Cyber Monday; Make Friday "Update Your Parents Browser Day"
    Help your parents get ready for Cyber Monday by taking a break from Black Friday shopping and updating their web browser.
  150. Poll: Most Christian Leaders Not an Influential Voice
    A recent survey by the Barna Group reveals the most influential Christian leaders in America.
  151. What Religion Are the Muppets?
    Clues from Muppet movies and television hint at the characters' religious affiliations — and our human shortcomings.
    in Film
  152. Pro's and Con's of fitting your dream kitchen yourelf
    evaluating the current trend of fitting a DIY kitchen
    in DIY
  153. Big Fish Games First to Have Gaming Subscriptions, Pulled from App Store.
    Big Fish Games was the first to get gaming subscriptions to Apple's iOS App Store, but now it's gone.
  154. Zimbabwe Leader Calls British Prime Minster 'Satanic'
    Mugabe calls Cameron 'satanic' over British aid.
  155. Illinois Water Pump: Cyber Attack or Mechanical Problem?
    Federal investigators claim there is no evidence of a cyber attack, critics say they are looking in the wrong place
    in IT
  156. Black Friday Becomes Black Thursday
    Retailers are expecting you, but whom are you leaving at home?
  157. No Charges In The Jamey Rodemeyer Case
    No charges for Jamey's Bullies
  158. Talkin Bout the Good Ol Days...
    You're Gonna Miss This
  159. How Much Does Beauty Cost?
    Could beauty cost you your life? It could if your doctor an imposter.
  160. Senator to Delay Nominations Until FCC Releases Documents
    FCC Ignored Warning, Approved LightSquared Test
    in IT
  161. Shopper Surveillance: The Mall is Tracking You
    The unique identifier for your phone is being recorded by two malls in the U.S. to track your movements this Friday.
    in IT
  162. Jimmy Kimmel Crosses Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with Republican Debates
    The result is animated genius and is far more entertaining than watching the real thing.
    in TV
  163. Black Friday Tweets Show Buying Trends
    This infographic shows the latest shopping data for Black Friday from over 270,000 tweets.
  164. BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 Shows Email, Calendar and Contacts all Working, Update in February
    At the BlackBerry Innovation Forum, RIM shows native email, calendar and contacts in BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 OS working.
  165. November 23, 2011

    FCC Moves to Block AT&T Merger
    FCC review finds $39 billion merger would stifle competition and create an unprecedented concentration of power
  166. Toronto – An Overview
    A quick tour of this wonderful Canadian city
  167. Support the National Park Foundation through Travel
    Book a GoParks tour with Globus, and a significant contribution will go to the National Park Foundation, at no cost to you.
  168. Beat Insomnia: Food and Drink that can Promote Sleep
    Do you suffer from insomnia? Read on to find out which foods and drinks to reach for…
  169. Festive Thanksgiving Oreo "Turkey" Desserts
    Kids of all ages can help mom and dad prepare for Thanksgiving dinner by constructing these cute and simple turkey-inspired treats!
  170. Don't Lose Your Baby Photos!
    Back up your family photos
  171. Great Gift Ideas for Beautiful Skin
    Give the gift of great skin and help that special person in your life feel beautiful in their own skin.
  172. A Sign of the Times: Needy Wait Hours for Free Turkeys
    Needy Wait in Long Lines for Free Turkeys
  173. Tips for Saving Time at the Airport and Avoiding Delays
    Tips to Avoid Air Travel Delays and Hassles
  174. Shop Local, Shop Small This Saturday
    American Express and President Obama want YOU to shop and support small business this Saturday.
  175. Miss Piggy; Style Icon
    The Original Trendsetter
  176. Church Weddings In The Cards For Danish Gays
    Church weddings to come for Danish Gays.
  177. The Power of Eroticism and the Eroticism of Power: Orgasms and Ballots
    According to the recent “Voting is a pleasure” campaign, casting a vote is not only a right, it can also be an erotic experience.
  178. Kill Patents!
    Mark Cuban wants to abolish the Patent Office
  179. Israeli Cancer Vaccine ‘Coming Soon’
    A ground-breaking therapeutic vaccine for cancer patients which could prevent about 90% of cancers from coming back.
  180. Losing Your Bieber Fever – What If It's True?
    The mania concerning the allegations has rocked the music world.
  181. En Garde: Lyon Skipper Staring Down a Minefield
    Lyon's two recent defeats underscore the difficulties faced by native son Rémi Garde, the club's first-year coach.
  182. Nokia Siemens to Fire Nearly One-Quarter
    Just what employees needed to hear at Nokia Siemens right before Thanksgiving: “You're Fired!”
  183. Germany: The Last Domino in the Euro Debt Crisis
    With the cracks from the inside of Germany starting to grow externally, Germany's domino has started to wobble.
  184. Post CNN Debate: The Trouble With Gingrich/Romney And Conservative Reality
    Just as in the process of panning for Gold, debates help the heavy metal collect at the bottom of the pan.
  185. Thanksgiving An American Gem to Remind Us What's Important
    Celebration in America takes on new meaning in tough times
  186. Mums Finding Chrissie Presents for their Partners
    Don't know what to buy?
  187. My Cat Needs an iPad
    A man walked into my cat-house and placed his iPad on the floor.
  188. Which Services Will Google Soon Shut Down?
    Google: Saying Bye-Bye To Some Of Its Promising Projects
  189. New Apple Macbook 15" Model Specs and Rumors
    The new apple macbook 15 has caused rumors to circulate. Will it be a Pro or Air?
  190. How One Man Stole One Hundred Cars
    On Fridays more cars are stolen than any other day of the week this year.
  191. Santorum's CNN Debate Fail: Thinks Africa Is a Country
    Rick Santorum with the big stumble in the CNN Foreign Policy debate.
  192. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For November 23, 2011
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  193. Swimming against the current on Andrew Luck
    Enjoying the Dolphins surge
  194. November 22, 2011

    Babies Don't Need Diets, Your Weird Ideas Do
    We Got Kidz Weighs In On Recent News Out of Wisconsin
  195. Tim Tebows' Faith Makes Him Target of Secular Media
    Maligned quarterback a target due to his very public beliefs in Christianity.
  196. Lessons from Herman Cain and Penn State - Part II
    Consequences, implications, and solutions that must be considered as you craft an Exit Plan for you and your business
    in Guru
  197. Black Friday: 27 Stores, 27 Openings and 27 Ads
    Up to 152 million people plan to shop through Black Friday weekend ending Sunday.
  198. Social Networks Improve Business Performance
    Business are realizing measurable benefits from internal use of social networks.
  199. NOLAbound to Give Away 25 All Expense Paid Trips to New Orleans
    NOLAbound, a program seeking to promote entrepreneurship in New Orleans, is giving away 25 all expense paid trips to New Orleans.
  200. The Job Hunt Isn't Over: Companies are Planning to Hire
    The job hunt is not as bleak as you think. Many companies are hiring for professional positions.
  201. Gear Up for the New Version of Google Analytics for Your Local Business!
    Google Analytics are a great tool for understanding and tracking online data. Make sure you know whats new and how it can help your small business.
  202. Federal Government Examining Banking Industry for Antitrust Violations
    The Department of Justice promised that “appropriate action” would take place if banks and others violated antitrust laws.
  203. Is Your SOA DOA? IT Standardization Practices Conflict With New Paradigm
    Cloud Computing Advocates Require Business-Level Critique
  204. Counting Your Blessings This Thanksgiving Day
    It's so cliche to count your blessings on Thanksgiving Day, but for this man it's different.
  205. Introduce Children to Enduring, Classic Children’s Stories on DVD, “Caldecott Favorites”
    Introduce children to enduring, classic children’s stories on DVD, “Caldecott Favorites”
  206. KidVid: Merry Christmas from Babar and Father Christmas (1986)
    Join Babar on his North Pole Adventure
  207. ASUS Transformer Prime Arriving in Canada December 5th
    The ASUS Transformer Prime is now available for pre-order, landing December 5th in Canada
  208. The Hype of Black Friday
    Black Friday is a day created by retail.
  209. Study Shows Too Much Vitamin D May Harm Your Heart
    A study done by the American Heart Association shows that too much vitamin D increases the chance of atrial fibrillation.
  210. KidVid: Give the Gift of Video, Starring Thomas, Timmy, Shaun, and More
    Easy gift choices for the pre-schoolers on your holiday-shopping list.
  211. ASUS Transformer Prime Running Ice Cream Sandwich (Video)
    We get to see NVIDIA showing off the ASUS Transformer Prime running Android 4.0 ICS with the Tegra 3 quad-core processor.
  212. Egyptian Democracy Activists Want Army Ruling Council Out
    Army trying to meet demands of democracy activists
  213. The Muppets are Back!
    Jason Segel Champions the Muppets back to the Big Screen.
  214. Comic Books' Glimpse of Eternity
    Eternity, a tricky idea to grasp. Augustine and Aquinas wrestled with it. But they lacked our modern advantage: comic books.
  215. Eating With The Stars
    Italian food in movies
  216. 'Hero' Cop Targeted By Hackers
    Pepper-spray and spoiled kids sure go great together
  217. Practice “Safe Stress” this Thanksgiving
    5 Reasons and Best Practices For Holiday Stress
  218. Hacker Compromises South Houston Water and Sewage System
    Says it was so easy a child could have done it.
    in IT
  219. EU Bans X-Ray Scanners at Airports
    The U.S. will forgo an independent investigation of safety concerns based on recommendations by the Department of Homeland Security
  220. Wyden Vows to Filibuster Piracy Bill
    Wyden to read names of people who oppose the bill
  221. Google’s Panda Update In November?
    This articles breaks down the latest changes on panda performed by the google team
    in IT
  222. France to Lose it's AAA Rated Credit Soon
    The Euro Debt Crisis is spreading like the plague to France.
  223. My Stepdad’s a Freakin’ Vampire (2009), Isn’t Everyone’s?
    Sometimes stepdads can be a pain in the neck.
    in Film
  224. Haunted Changi (2010) on Home Video, November 22, 2011
    Sometimes people do go to the hospital to die.
    in Film
  225. Super 8 Is Super-cal-i-etc.
    An extraordinary tale of youth, mystery, and nostalgic adventure…did I mention aliens?
    in Film
  226. Meet EXOPC, Your Future Desk
    Virtual desktop in the not so distant future
  227. Stay Tuned! Google’s Galaxy Nexus Is Here!
    This articles breaks down the announcement of the new Google phone called Galaxy Nexus.
  228. Dealing with the Rise of the Greenhouse Gas Jokers
    The worrying rise of two climate wildcards - methane and nitrous oxide - is flagged in the latest Bulletin from the WMO
  229. South African Parliament Imposes Censorship On Media
    Corrupt Leaders Want To Stifle South African Press
  230. Apple vs Amazon's Penny Phones!
    Amazon fighting Apple with Penny Phones
  231. Review: The New Youtube Interface
    New YouTube Changes in interface from the previous
    in IT
  232. Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher & The Beatles
    It is probable that both Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were both singing “The Beatles” classic “Can't Buy Me Love."
  233. Text Message Bullying On the Rise
    Is Text-Message Bullying Becoming More Common? Yes, Says Study.
  234. $15 Trillion Down. And Congress Dithers. DC We Have A Problem..
    We get the leadership we vote for. No leadership. Hucksters
  235. November 21, 2011

    Friday Night Lights Prove To Be Budget Busters
    Survey Shows High School Football Generates Little Revenue
  236. Honda Civic Natural Gas Gets 2012 Green Car of the Year Award
    Anotonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles Mayor with 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas has been named 2012 Green Car of the Year at 2011 Los Angeles Motor Show.
  237. Gingrich to School Aged Kids: Get a Job
    During a recent speech at Harvard, new-anointed GOP front-runner Newt Gingrich said he would fire almost all school janitors, and employ kids to clean the schools.
  238. Are Doctors Behind the Eight Ball When it Comes to Telemedicine, Cloud Computing?
    Healthcare Providers Embrace Cloud Computing and Telemedicine Slowly
  239. Trump: The 3 Billion Dollar Name
    Gentlemen, we can rebuild his name. We have the financing. We have the capability to build ...
  240. Spotify To Announce Changes At Press Event
    Invitations Sent For November 30th Unveiling
  241. Hot Business News: Google, The Newest Player In The Music Industry!
    Google Music: An Upcoming Big Threat To iTunes?
  242. Supercommittee Failure Exacerbates U.S., Eurozone Debt Crisis
    Partisan-bickering could have far-reaching political and economic consequences.
  243. The Big Picture - Microsoft
    The Future is BIG and so is The Big Picture
  244. Did You Hear The One About The One-Armed Chef?
    A secret recipe for business
  245. Immortal Kombat
    Immortals: A movie that represents a Pantheon, of other movies about the Pantheon.
    in Film
  246. Justin Bieber Takes DNA Test
    Justin Bieber has taken the DNA test, so what's next?
  247. Doctors Blow Away Cloud Computing & Telemedicine
    Does your medical care provider plan to use cloud computing or telemedicine?
  248. Newsweek's Myopia About Berlusconi
    Newsweek lacks of an open and political vision about Berlusconi's resigns.
  249. Secret Surveillance Catalog Leaked
    A compilation of surveillance vendor marketing materials offers an overview of law enforcement surveillance capabilities
    in IT
  250. UC Davis Rally Over Police Brutality and Katehi, "I Won't Resign"
    UC Davis rally over police brutality.
  251. Healthcare, Technology and Government: The Side Effects
    Examining the Condition of Healthcare
  252. Looking for News? Skip This Week’s Focus on the Debt-Reduction Super Committee
    Avoid the IQ-Lowering Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing
  253. Mitt Romney Signs Anti-Gay Pledge
    Anti-Gay pledge for Romney.
  254. Chandi Baba - The Polititician Saint Of India.
    Meet Oommen Chandy, the politician 'saint' from India, who may have something to teach world leaders confronted with the Occupy Wall Street movement.
  255. Google Music Takes On iTunes
    Music Service on Android Devices, Online and in Google+
  256. Please Do Not Destroy This Country
    Beware of the lobbyists
  257. Baptist Church Leaders Cover-Up Sex Scandal
    Sexual abuse and cover-ups at a Baptist School In Colorado.
  258. You Can Enjoy That Holiday Party!
    Tips on how to overcome social anxiety during the barrage of holiday parties.
  259. Previously Owned Home Sales Rise in October
    The current trend of housing prices is on a downward spiral.
  260. Week 13–When Your Fat Fanny Becomes A National Security Issue
    Retired military generals and admirals take issue with school lunch fare
  261. Going From Travel Consumers to.. Transumers
    Welcome the Transumer, the traveler who is in the crosshairs of every travel brand at every step of his/her travel experience.
  262. Bears Lose Cutler to Injury
    Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler broke right thumb in Sunday's 31-20 win over Chargers
  263. Lady GaGa Honored With Hero Award
    Lady Gaga gets award for her vocal support of gay issues
  264. ASUS Transformer Prime Listed as 'Coming Soon' to Staples
    ASUS Transformer Prime quad-core Android tablet shows coming soon on Staples website!
  265. Surveillance Scope Creep: What About All of the Information?
    Washington D.C. license plate reader program continues to expand without oversight or controls.
    in IT
  266. BCS Shuffles After Weekend Upsets
    The road to the BCS game goes through Lousisiana
  267. New York Golf Center Holiday Sales Announced
    An opportunity for golfers to save this holiday season.
  268. World MMA Rankings: November 20, 2011
    MMA rankings by weight class, November 2011
  269. Will the Real Joe Paterno Please Stand Up?
    This is just not the Joe Paterno of old. I repeat, will the real Joe Paterno please stand up?
  270. Best Among All Petrol and Diesel Cars Under 3000cc Engine
    Find out some of the most powerful and best selling petrol and diesel models in India, with their pioneering features.
  271. Can the First Lady Re-Energize Campaign Supporters in a Bid to Win?
    This article comments on the first lady's charisma and positive influences on the campaign trail as she seeks to re-energize supporters.
  272. November 20, 2011

    China Says Global Recession Imminent
    The Vice-Premier of China, Wang Qishan, forecasts a grim outlook for the global economy.
  273. They're Still There! Occupy Wall Street Holds Sunday Rally at Liberty/Zuccotti Park
    Occupy Wall Street Occupying Zuccotti Park with Rally
  274. Reality TV Kids Have No Legal Protection From Pedophiles
    An editor on a bunch of reality shows that feature kids is arrested for child porn and there's little or no comment from anyone.
  275. The 1000+ Dirty Words You Can't Text In Pakistan
    George Carlin would be rolling out of his grave to put on a new show with all the obscene words banned in Pakistan.
  276. American Airlines and the Case for Social Media
    Eyewitness account of how airline uses social media to take care of angry guests earns kudos
  277. Sprint Cup Champion - Tony Stewart
    In one of the greatest Championship battles in NASCAR history, Tony Stewart wins his 3rd title.
  278. Le Pen: France to Exit the Euro
    We need to anticipate the collapse of the Euro rather than suffer from the collapse of the euro.
  279. Welcome To the Once Exclusive Circle of Fashion
    How Social Media Made Fashion More Accessible To The Loner in School
  280. Transgendered Doctor Injects Cement into Patient
    A transgendered Doctor was arrested on Friday after a year of evading authorities in Florida.
  281. KidVid: Scholastic Storybook Treasures Celebrates Thanksgiving
    A festive new DVD from Scholastic celebrating Thanksgiving and our country’s proud history…
  282. Brazilian Blow Your Brains OUT!
    How far are you prepared to go to look beautiful?
  283. Facebook's Frictionless Sharing Causes Friction Among Users
    Facebook's 'Friction-less Sharing' might be causing friction among its users, perhaps to Google+'s benefit.
  284. Can California End The Nation's Gridlock?
    More than 160 years ago the cry of Eureka was heard in California. Are we hearing it again?
  285. Is Driving a Green Car Safer for Your Kids?
    For any mom or dad who drives their children around to soccer practice or just to school, auto crashes are always a concern.
  286. Android Market Serves Up Malware
    Android Malware Surges More Than 400 Percent During Last Quarter
  287. Where Is Dr. Blood’s Coffin?
    “There is horror in a small Cornish village when a disbarred [sic] doctor starts performing grafting experiments…” Maybe they meant “defrocked”…
    in Film
  288. Pathways To War
    Are we on the pathway to a new global war?
  289. When The Dictators Fall
    When people wake up nothing can stop them
  290. Franco Harris Defends Joe Paterno, Again
    If people don't know what Joe built here for 61 years ...
  291. Sylvie de Gil, Fashion Visionary
    Revolutionizing fashion marketing
  292. OWS Pepper Spray Catalyst Couple Speak
    Occupy Wall Street pepper spray catalyst couple speaks
  293. Senate Republican: Supercommittee Almost Kaput
    As the saying goes, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
  294. Skip the Last Five Seconds of Behind the Mask (1946)
    The Shadow is framed for the murder of a newspaperman in this silly comedy murder mystery.
    in Film
  295. Will India's $35 Akash Tablet survive the Competition?
    Akash Tablet and its future
  296. Newt Gingrich Promises You a War, if Elected
    Mr. Gingrich declares that revenge is his to undertake on your behalf.
  297. Now A Granddad In Indian Jails
    Hopefully the movement against corruption will ultimately lead to creation of many more jails in India!
  298. Movies for Your Family This Thanksgiving
    So, during this four-day weekend your entire family has four great films to choose. Hope to see you there.
    in Film
  299. Black Friday is Upon Us: The Hot Holiday Toys
    Once I started dividing the toys up, I decided that some toys are definitely high on the list.
  300. Digital Adults: Pre-teens are on Facebook and Twitter
    Parents report pre-teens now access "mainstream" social networks
  301. Is Pizza a Vegetable?
    Congress thinks pizza is a vegetable.
  302. November 19, 2011

    Mother Charged in the Starving Death of Her 28 Pound Teenage Daughter
    Teen With Cerebral Palsy Starved to 28 Pounds By Neglectful Mom
  303. Lotus Makes Announcement At LA Auto Show For The 2012 IZOD IndyCar Season
    In making agreements with three teams, Lotus Motorsport shows it is making a commitment to the IZOD IndyCar Series competition.
  304. Visit the Artistically Vibrant Island of St. Thomas!
    St. Thomas is a popular destination for those who want to experience great historical excursions, enjoy an idyllic beach getaway, and go on a great shopping spree.
  305. The Gift of Wine – Way Better Than a Gift Card
    Struggling to find a gift for that special someone? Why not give the gift of wine!?
  306. Wall Street Fears Occupy Wall Street?
    The financial industry has much to fear from Occupy Wall Street, according to a leaked memo.
  307. Playstation Vita: Sony's Hottest Upcoming Handheld Game Is Coming!
    Sony's Playstation Vita: Ready To Take The Gamers World By Storm?
  308. Apple: China Can Use Yuan in App Store
    Easier for Apple users in China to pay for their software applications for iPhone, iPads and iPods.
  309. NEWT GettING RICH at the Expense of Taxpayers
    The Gingrich Group, which is named after him, took $2 million dollars from Freddie Mac.
  310. Largest Bike Center in USA Opens in Santa Monica
    City of Santa Monica and METRO Open $2 million dollar bikers dream center
  311. Gadaffi's Heir Apparent Captured in Libya
    Gaddafi's Defiant Heir Apparent Is Captured
  312. Going Down in Detroit: Jobs, Budgets, Pensions and Pay
    Re-balancing Detroit's budget will take 10% cuts in employee pay and deeper reductions in pension and health care benefits.
  313. Fashion Model (1945): A Comedy Murder Mystery?
    When a fashion model is murdered, another model and the stock-boy suspect set out to solve the crime.
    in Film
  314. Foreign Terrorism on U.S. Water Utility
    Shall We Play a Game? In what could be the start of a different war ...
  315. Breast Cancer Awareness: Too Much of a Good Thing?
    The Pinkifying of America Turns Sour
  316. After Thirty Years, Natalie Wood's Death Reinvestigated
    Investigation Reopened into Natalie Wood's Death
  317. November 18, 2011

    Kids Can Keep Their Shoes On At Airport Security
    TSA updates airport security: kids can keep their shoes and x-ray machines won't expose your curves.
  318. The Thanksgiving List
    Ah, Thanksgiving. That wonderful start to the holiday season that brings friends and family together in gratitude and affection. And as with most family gatherings, everyone sitting around your bountiful table brings with them a matched set of emotional luggage that, when added to the stresses of the season, amplifies the crazy of your dear ones.
  319. NCAA to Penn State: Prepare for the Death Penalty
    To his credit, the President of Penn State, Rod Erickson, has agreed to cooperate with the NCAA investigation.
  320. From the MGM Vaults: The Mugger (1958) MOD
    “Lady cops…do we need ‘em?” –THE MUGGER, 1958
    in Film
  321. Stress Awareness and Relief for the Super Mom!
    Stress symptoms and management tips for the super mom.
  322. FDA Rescinds Approval of Avastin for Breast Cancer Treatment
    The Food and Drug Administration has revoked its approval of the drug Avastin the treatment of metastatic breast cancer.
  323. Ashton Kutcher: Dumb and Dumber
    He may well be as dumb Kelso ... or dumber than snot.
  324. Kindle Touch Review
    Kindle Touch, reviewed exclusively for Technorati
  325. The Tipsy Vegan Offers Recipes with Oomph
    Friends don’t let friends cook and drive.
  326. Crystal Power: Creating Electricity Through Nanotech
    Embedding a piezoelectric material on Silicon was a challenge, previously. Now researchers have resolved this problem.
  327. Good News for Gamers: Nintendo Wii II is Coming!
    Console-Games System Wars: Just Starting To Heat Up!
  328. Samsung Galaxy Nexus Touchscreen Can Take a Beating!
    This video shows how tough the Samsung Galaxy Nexus touchscreen glass really is.
  329. TeenLit: How to Fight, Lie, and Cry Your Way to Popularity [and a Prom Date]: Lousy Life Lessons from 50 Teen Movies by Nikki Roddy.
    “It’s an inconvenience when you accidentally kill your friend, but true devastation is losing your popularity.” --Lesson learned from “Jawbreaker” (1999).
  330. Dog Sayings: Wit & Wisdom from Man’s Best Friend
    On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. –Peter Steiner
  331. TweenLit: Spirit Within Club by Sahar Sabati
    Discovering the power of the spirit within themselves, a group of friends strives to improve the world.
  332. What Your Typical Apple iPad Buyers Look Like (Infographic)
    iPad potential buyers are mostly male according to this infographic
  333. Should the Cloud Go Public?
    The public sector is finally joining the cloud revolution.
    in IT
  334. Natalie Wood Yacht Captain Says Robert Wagner Responsible For Wife's Death
    Too Much Revisionism for Baby Boomers in the reopened Natalie Wood case?
  335. The Ruby Slippers and Louboutin...Epic History
    The Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers up for Auction in December
  336. Women More Likely to Have Heart Attacks Over Broken Hearts
    Broken Hearts Can Cause Heart Attacks, Mostly For Women
  337. Matter / Antimatter - Atom Smasher Makes New Discovery
    Researchers report that matter particles produced inside the machine are behaving differently from their antimatter counterparts.
  338. Why Standardization of NFC Will Change The World
    Digital Currency Standard For A New Globalized Era
  339. Lady Gaga Reveals 'Marry the Night' Teaser
    Gaga relives past trauma in "Marry the Night" prologue preview.
  340. Video: Olbermann Interviews 84 Year Old Activist Pepper Sprayed by Seattle Police
    Octogenarian Dorli Rainey provides inspiration and experience to the 'Occupy' movement.
  341. Ready for Travel and Adventure?
    Vagabonding is about taking time off from your normal life
  342. Friday Four-Ball Split; USA Maintains Presidents Cup Lead Into Weekend
    Team USA has a two point lead heading into Saturday.
  343. Cooper Comes Back to the World Stage at Home in Las Vegas
    World boxing champion Melinda Cooper returns to her home in Las Vegas for a second chance at a second world title.
  344. Kardashian Boycott? Get a life!!
    Petition calls for Kardashian boycott: What ever happened to free speech? These people need to get a life.
  345. What People Don't See in Newt Gingrich
    As the Newt Gingrich train pours on the coals powering its way to the front of the pack of Republicans.
  346. Peter Yarrow and Puff the Magic Dragon: Full Circle
    Peter Yarrow along with that magic Drago named Puff come full circle into a new generation that needs them
  347. Photos are the Key to Convergence of Mobile and Social
    “We expect our next billion users will come primarily on mobile” Facebook’s VP for partnerships and corporate development, Vaughan Smith
  348. Uninsured - Underinsured Information Highway Motorists
    Speeding on the information superhighway without privacy or security is like driving without insurance.
    in IT
  349. November 17, 2011

    Apple Fights on for "App Store" Trademark Against Amazon
    Apple accuses Amazon of false advertisement in a recent promotion for the Kindle Fire tablet.
  350. Mariah Yeater, Justin Bieber: She Still Wants DNA Test and More
    According to reports, the Justin Bieber saga is not close to being over.
  351. Apple Releases MacBook Pro, Wireless Base Station Firmware and Digital Camera Raw Updates!
    Apple Releases MacBook Pro, Wireless Base Station Firmware and Digital Camera Raw Updates!
  352. The Republican Ticket That Democrats Want
    Do you think Democrats are behind the recent Republican scandals? Better think again.
  353. Have Senate Republicans Forgotten Anti-Miscegenation Laws?
    Current anti-gay political rhetoric sounds a lot like racist rhetoric from the early 20th century.
  354. Lost Treasures
    The value of lost treasures.
  355. Do You Know Your Blood Type? It May Put You at Higher Risk for Strokes
    Stroke Risk and Blood Type: Growing Evidence of an Association
  356. Things That Need to Stop: Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Cheating and Divorce
    In fact, they are no longer following each other on Twitter, as of Thursday.
  357. Twilight Movie Fans Beware: You Are Now Targets of Cybercriminals
    The Real Dark Side Of Twilight: Online Hackers Taking Advantage?
  358. Google Maps Adds New Features to Include User Reviews
    This article breaks down the latest changes from Google on Google maps and the impact for users in terms of Google map Optimization
    in IT
  359. UFC 139 Preview: Dan Henderson Vs Mauricio "Shogun" Rua
    MMA Veterans Dan Henderson and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua will face each other in a light-heavyweight battle at UFC 139 on Saturday November the 19th 2011.
  360. Toronto – Halloween Night
    A European experiencing the real Halloween
  361. Ethical Leadership in Diverse Environments 1
    Leaders from any background should lead by ethical example and enforce ethical standards, because it is the right thing to do.
  362. Stereotyping Paris
    Stereotypes of Parisians being impolite is not correct- but you have to know the secret word.They also do eat baguettes and drink wine.
  363. Walmart iPhone App
    WALMART comes to iPhone
  364. Pastor Claims Half of all Urban Murders Committed by Gays
    As the Oklahoma City Council passed employment discrimination protection for homosexuals, a pastor verbally stepped in it.
  365. Shame On Mayor Jean Quan and the Democratic Party
    Nonviolence is the key
  366. Approaching a Quarter of a Million Finance Jobs Lost
    Job losses this high are unlikely to be returning any time soon.
  367. LSU - BCS Bound?
    BCS Scenarios
  368. Gartner Report: Android Market Share Keeps Ramping Up
    Double market share for Google's mobile OS compared to last year.
  369. Home Run for Democracy – California Supreme Court Rules For Sponsors of Prop 8
    The gay rights groups argue that they will still win in federal court on constitutional grounds.
  370. Apple #1 in Enterprise with Smartphones & Tablets
    Apple Takes the Lead in Enterprise Gadgets
  371. SNL's Devil to Penn State: You Give The Devil a Bad Name
    Clearly, even the heartless Devil was given a bad name by this scandal.
    in TV
  372. Being 'Out' in Saint Petersburg Could Soon be Illegal for Gays
    Could a new bill ban gay pride forever in Russian city?
  373. Mobile is the Choice of Multitaskers
    Consumers are increasingly multitasking, sharing web content while watching TV
  374. Bing Launches “Editors’ Picks”
    This article breaks down the lates changes at Bing destined to help users find good websites
    in IT
  375. The Remarkable Evolution of Black Friday
    Black Friday has evolved from stores to online.
  376. 50% Cut in Foreign Aid Pays for Double Gas Mileage
    The only corporations to object to it thus far are: Daimler AG, and Volkswagen AG.
  377. Ten New Algorithmic Changes From Google?
    This article breaks down the latest changes on the Google algorithm and the impact for online business owners
    in IT
  378. Benetton's New Unlikely Kissers Ad
    Controversial new ad from Benetton
  379. Having Problems Sleeping? You Are at Greater Risk for Fibromylgia, Study Says
    Sleeping Problems May Contribute to Causing Fibromylgia
  380. Schools, Teachers, Autism: Working with the Specialists
    Teachers are not the enemy, and are often the best resource you have to help your child.
  381. Baby Boomers Don't Even Think About Living Wills, Never Mind Making Them!
    Baby Boomers Avoid Living Wills, Poll Finds
  382. Google Music Now Available in U.S. Rock On!
    Google Music is out of beta and available for access throughout the U.S.
  383. Tyler Perry Doesn’t Care About His Fans
    With his decision to cast Kim Kardashian in The Marriage Counselor Tyler Perry shows he doesn’t care about his fans.
    in Film
  384. Google Verbatim? What's That?
    Find exactly what you're looking for in Google, using Verbatim mode, with the (+) operator.
  385. DOS Runs on BlackBerry PlayBook
    DOSBox now also runs on BlackBerry PlayBook. Enjoy old school games or programs on BlackBerry Tablet.
  386. Musician Sara Hickman on The Best of Times
    Musician Sara Hickman discusses The Best of Times, her collaborative effort in support of arts funding for Texas children
  387. Lady Gaga Disrespects Janitors – Urinates in Wastebaskets Regularly
    Good job, Lady Gaga, your quite a class act.
  388. Will Anyone Pick Penn State for a Bowl Game?
    A rule change allows bowls to tender a bid to any team with a 6-6 record before teams with more wins than six wins.
  389. Elisabeth Hasselbeck Confronts Bill Maher... A Few Months Late
    Awkward argument on The View makes headlines
  390. Former NFL Star Franco Harris Loses Job After Support Joe Paterno
    Franco Harris should stop waving the terrible towel and instead put it in his terrible mouth.
  391. USA Dominates Opening Day at the Presidents Cup
    Team USA comes from behind to take the lead after day one.
  392. November 16, 2011

    Caffeine Is Our Friend
    Here's an infographic to show us just how addicted we actually are to caffeine.
  393. Social Shoes: New Facebook App Focuses on Footwear
    ThisNext Ties Up Partnership With Neiman Marcus
  394. A Decade of Lavished Spending
    Higher Borrowing Cost For Italy Impels Further Fears.
  395. Post Office Is Going the Way of the Pony Express
    The Pony Express was the FedEx of it's time. That time being the mid 1800's.
  396. A Tech Company’s Cash Position May Contain Hidden Costs
    Many tech companies have the majority of their cash overseas; which means hefty conversion costs to return it to shareholders
  397. Bach to Rock: A Prodigy Amongst Children's Franchises
    Getting behind the music with Ralph Rillion of the Bach to Rock Franchise.
  398. How Should Brands Engage In Google+?
    Whilst brands are still in the process of finalising their strategy for Google+, there is still a question of engagement.
  399. Small Businesses Show Improved Customer Management Through Use of Social Media
    Fall Survey Shows Growth Over Six Months
  400. TV: Time to Get Rid of Channels We Don't Watch
    The way we purchase TV channels needs to be reimagined.
  401. Album Review: Nickelback "Here And Now"
    Album Review: Nickelback "Here And Now"
  402. Album Review: Mary J. Blige - My Life II...The Journey Continues (Act 1)
    Album Review: Mary J. Blige - My Life II...The Journey Continues (Act 1)
  403. The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls
    Meet the world’s only yodeling, country-singing, comedy, lesbian twins: The Topp Twins.
    in Film
  404. Yoshihiro Akiyama to Face Jake Shields at UFC 144 in Japan
    Yoshihiro Akiyama vs Jake Shields in a welterweight fight at UFC 144 at Saitama Super Arena, Japan on February 26th 2012.
  405. Yushin Okami vs Tim Boetsch Will Take Place at UFC 144 in Japan
    Yushin Okami will take on Tim Boetsch in a middleweight battle at UFC 144 set to take place in Japan on February 26th, 2012.
  406. Hot News! Google Building a Mysterious, Top-Secret Lab?
    Google: Ready To Dominate The World With Its Project Google X?
  407. All Tent and No Action! You're Upset, Now What?
    Peaceful and powerful change begins with the most basic of transactions: an educated purchase.
  408. SingleHop Not a Beer, But Your Leap Into Cloud Based, Dedicated Web Hosting
    Take A Leap Into Cloud Based Dedicated Web Hosting With SingleHop's Leap3 Crowdsource Marketplace
    in IT
  409. Album Review: Rihanna - Talk That Talk
    Album Review: Rihanna - Talk That Talk
  410. Barnes & Noble: The Nook is in the House
    The Nook Tablet comes preloaded with software from Hulu and Netflix.
  411. Surprise! Going Negative Good for Business Blogging
    Recent survey finds blog readers found company blogs that allowed for criticism more trustworthy. Companies - listen up!
  412. Controversial Ad Campaign to Help Prevent Infant Co-Sleeping Deaths in Milwaukee
    Stopping Infant Mortality in Milwaukee Using a Controversial Ad Campaign
  413. Disney Gains Foothold With Parenting Bloggers With Purchase of Babble
    Popular website devoted to child-related topics acquired by media giant
  414. Cobra Long Tom Driver: The Ultimate Weapon For Distance
    Be the envy of your gold foursome with the new Cobra Long Tom Driver.
  415. Bachmann: Gingrich in Bed With Pelosi
    What these two have in common besides both being ex-Speakers of the House.
  416. Study Shows Risk of Heart Failure Reduced By Stem Cell Treatment
    Experimental stem cell therapy cuts risk of future occurences of heart disease by 80 percent
  417. Toxic Beauty Products
    You may love the great smelling health and beauty products you slather on every day, but do you know the harm you're potentially causing your body? The amount of toxic chemicals found in our everyday personal care products is alarming.
  418. Moose Muffins
    When my niece and nephew were little they had a book titled “If you give a Moose a Muffin”. The premise was that if you give a moose a muffin, he’ll want some jam, so you’ll have to go berry picking, and as you do you see some lovely flowers for the table, and you know how much moose-folk like flowers, but then you’ll need something to put the flowers in…. You get the picture. I seem to spend a good deal of my time making moose muffins.
  419. Grandma and Grandpa Go Back to School: Classes Teach New Tricks to Old Parents
    Previous parenting methods discounted in growing classes held for grandparents
  420. Browser Vulnerability, Tricked Users May Explain Disturbing Facebook Spam
    Facebook faces a wave of porno and violent pictures coordinated attacks designed to destroy Facebook reputation.
  421. China’s Rise: The Story of a Virtual Power
    China is grabbing for power online, but can lasting power be build on theft and deciet.
  422. LA Auto Show Keynote Places Mazda's Yamanouchi In Spotlight
    SKYACTIV technology will bring an overall fuel economy by 30% with the designs planned and introduced by 2015
  423. The “American Dream” is a Financial Nightmare
    Yahoo financial survey finds many Americans plan to live off of Social Security, and have no savings for their childrens' futures.
  424. Now Showing the Celebrity Baby!
    Let Indian celebrity Aishwarya Rai's baby bring good luck for the less fortunate babies of her own country.
  425. Justin Bieber – Things That Make You Go Hmm ...
    For without a true paternity test, we will never know the Truth.
  426. Collapse of Syria Imminent
    President Bashar al-Assad's allies turn against the Syrian government.
  427. House to Debate Controversial Piracy Bill Today
    Web giants including Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn oppose the measure saying it will change the nature of the Internet.
    in IT
  428. Facebook Hacked
    Pornographic and violent images show up on subscribers Facebook newsfeed.
    in IT
  429. ASVEL Upsets Valencia in Eurocup Opener
    Led by a sublime Tony Parker, ASVEL gets a much-needed victory over Valencia in the first leg of Eurocup play.
  430. Justin Bieber Finds a Reason Yet Again, to Feature in Charity News
    Bieber is looking to help Pencils of Promise – a nonprofit which works with communities to build schools.
  431. Bank of America Sells Shares for $1.8 Billion Gain
    Bank of America Expects $1.8 Billion Gain from Sale of Chinese Bank Shares
  432. Len Short (Red)ily Discusses Google, Bono and Steve Jobs
    An Underdog Focused On Changing The Status Quo To The Consumers' Advantage
  433. Dark Horse Comics: New Release Reviews For November 16, 2011
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  434. Money Can't Buy Pelosi, But Perhaps Visa Can
    Did Visa attempt to buy former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi?
  435. When Americans Will Do Dirty Jobs
    Recently, Bloomberg on published an article that claimed that Americans won't do dirty jobs.
  436. Lessons from Herman Cain and Penn State
    We have certainly had plenty of examples lately poor planning and of the damage a major problem can create if proper planning is not done.
  437. November 15, 2011

    Can This App Help Women Fight Back Against Violence?
    Non-profit aims to compile reports, warn women and demand government response
  438. Occupy Wallstreet Under Siege, But Vows It is Stronger
    Occupy Wall Street Raided, Evicted and Returned
  439. Fertility. Do We Know All We Should Know? Or Are We in the Dark?
    Fertility or Infertility? It's a Subject We Know Little About.
  440. Health Secrets from Bali- Wayan the Healer
    A look at Indonesia's traditional ways of healing through natural medicine and ritual practices that have been handed down for thousands of years.
  441. Philippines: The Site For The New 7 Wonders Of Nature?
    Puerto Princesa Underground River: One Of Nature's Best Kept Secret!
  442. Regina King Tapped as Social Media Ambassador for SAG Awards
    Awards Ceremony Set for Late January
  443. 9 days, 8 nights. It Wasn't a Vacation.
    Surviving a week with power.
  444. Enough Penn State Already
    The news headline unable to die long after the story is finished
  445. Downtown Colorado Becomes Clyfford Still's Gulch
    A painter who wanted nothing to do with museums can now be seen
  446. McQueary's Email: Public Corruption at Penn State?
    Likely leading to an investigation by the Department of Justice of The Pennsylvania State University
  447. PETA Protests Super Mario Over Raccoon Dog Suit
    PETA is protesting a new Mario video game due to Mario's raccoon suit.
  448. Too Cool To Chill? Conductive Gloves Keep You Warm While Making You Stay In Touch-Mode
    Dutch start-up makes Winter warmer while allowing you to still use your touch screen devices.
  449. It's Facebook Decency, not Facebook Privacy
    More users will convert to Google+ and leave Facebook the way of MySpace.
  450. “Horsing” Used to Mean Something Totally Different
    “Horsing” used to mean something totally different, back in the day. But let's now discuss what it means today.
  451. Another Life Changing Culinary Experience
    A Foodie's Experience at Lidia's Pittsburgh
  452. Euro Debt Crisis: Dominoes Anyone?
    Clearly, those who have money stored in European bonds are fleeing like rats from a ship.
  453. SMEs Could Be Missing Out on Talent
    Small businesses may be losing out on the most talented employees due to concerns among jobseekers around pay and benefits.
  454. Next Gen Economy: Young Entrepreneurs Can Solve the Economy's Problems
    Study Shows that Over 50% of Millenials Want to Start Their Own Businesses - They Just Need Policymakers' Support
  455. Drugmakers To Access Patient Data For $50,000 To $200,000 Per Search
    Five large pharmaceutical companies hope to more effectively find candidates for their drug trials
  456. Black Friday Madness: Should America Seek Help?
    Does consumer madness on Black Friday indicate a larger problem with the American economic system?
  457. Politics of the Beg Word
    Meanwhile rejoice O’ Indian beggars! Politics has finally caught up with you too!
  458. Strapped for Cash? Use Credit Cards to Buy Lotto Tix
    Is letting people pay for lotto tickets with their credit cards a good idea?
  459. From a Fan to NBA Players: Just Take the Darn Offer
    NBA Players Take the Offer!
  460. Arsenal’s Additional Fight in Retaining Vital Talents
    Arsenal’s fight in retaining their vital players besides the battlefield called the Premier League continues to irk the Emirates Stadium.
  461. Selling Property Amidst the Turmoil
    Politicians still claim that real estate investments will reactivate Spain's struggling economy.
  462. Motivate Your Employees to Go Big or Go Home
    How Landry's encourages their chefs to innovate.
  463. Coupon Use on the Rise
    Americans are cashing in billions of dollars worth of coupons
  464. 13 Important Lessons From Blog World LA
    Social Media, Blogging and Business Lessons from Mari Smith, Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan and Peter Shankman
  465. Chase Stats - Edwards/Stewart
    The Tale-of-the-Tape, Carl Edwards/Tony Stewart
  466. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Released
    Google releases the source code for Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich to hungry developers
  467. Salman Rushdie Faces-Off Against Facebook.
    Rushdie, Exasperated at Facebook Inflexibility Uses Twitter
  468. LG Leads the Way on Recycling Day
    America Recycles Day is Nov. 15th. How you can help companies like LG spread the green.
  469. Study: Women's Literacy in India Falling Further Behind
    Struggling against the educational divide in one of the world's largest high-growth economies: India.
  470. What Justin Bieber, Jerry Sandusky, and Joe Paterno Have in Common
    All these allegations together represent a story in the Bible.
  471. Meet Lumia 800 And 710: Nokia's Upcoming Entry To Smartphone Wars!
    Nokia: Now Getting Ready For Smartphone Wars?
  472. Trouble in the Haus of GaGa
    Lady Gaga fires her Choreographer
  473. Does Google Have A Skunk Works?
    Google has a secret product lab, Google X, with a list of 100 shoot-for-the-stars projects.
  474. The Personal Health Record (PHR) is Alive and Well! Meet Zweena
    Virtua Hospital in NJ hires Zweena to provide personal health records for residents of a three-county area.
    in IT
  475. Billions Spent, But Are We Any Safer?
    The Transportation Security Administration spends 35.6 billion dollars to keep us safe. Where does the money go, and are the programs working?
  476. Sandusky Judge's Appearance of Impropriety
    District Judge Leslie Dutchcot has placed herself in a pickle jar filled with the Appearance of Impropriety.
  477. World Diabetes Day
    You Can Beat Diabetes
  478. Sandusky Admits: "I Like Young People'; But Maintains His Innocence
    On the same day he is released on bail, Jerry Sandusky is interviewed by NBC's Bob Costas. He admits to showering with boys and "enjoy[s] young people," but claims he's innocent of all charges.
  479. YouTube + Google+ >=? Facebook
    A new way to view YouTube videos is on the horizon.
  480. Salman Rushdie Wins Fight with Facebook Over Identity
    After being locked out of his account for not using his "real" name, Rushdie turns to the Twitterverse for help.
  481. The Paterno “White-Out” Begins
    Paterno was allegedly a false coach. He allegedly didn't practice what he taught.
  482. Americans Have Gotten a Little Lazy the Past Two Decades
    Do not treat us like children Mr. President.
  483. November 14, 2011

    Drinking Beverages With Sugar? Study Finds Heart Disease Links to Sugary Drinks.
    Beverages With Sugar Associated with Increased Heart Disease Risks
  484. Diabetes Increasing at an Alarming Rate Worldwide
    International Diabetes Federation's Dire Prediction for 2030
  485. The Duggars, Babies & More Babies
    Religion, Baby Enterprise as Mutual Creeds
  486. Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Sundays
    It's closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Sundays because people like me - with a family, a wife, a child ...
  487. Weighing in on Waterboarding
    Enhanced Interrogation or Torture?
  488. Saving Money On Purchases: The Groupon And iPhone Way
    Groupon's Money-Saving App: Now Available To Consumers
  489. Italian Body Language
    An observation of Italian body language
  490. A Sweet Thanksgiving (Without the Sugar) + Pumpkin Pie recipe
    Feast away this holiday season while avoiding a sugar overload - and try a new pumpkin pie recipe!
  491. Amazing Plant Oils that Improve Your Skin
    You can encourage beautifully healthy skin by using these amazing plant oils.
  492. Warren Buffett's Company Invests in IBM
    Warren Buffett's company is now investing in IBM with over 5% of the shares, which is a rare hi-tech investment for them
  493. Why Selling To The Government Can Downgrade Your Startup
    Government Customers Suck
  494. Mama Said Nog You Out is The Jimmies Holiday Album—and It’s Mine
    If you wanna rock Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa (Chrismukaah), you’ve gotta do it with The Jimmies. No foolin’.
  495. Why Jay-Z Will Make A Great Dad
    We think dad-to-be Jay-Z will make an awesome father and here's why.
  496. Amazon's Kindle Fire and the Apple iPad: Dissected!
    The real difference between the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire
  497. New Approach to Healthcare in Maryland May Boost E-Health
    A new focus on total patient care could benefit greatly from IT innovation.
    in IT
  498. First Logitech Revue Google TV Was "Big Mistake," says Logitech CEO
    Logitech admits that the Logitech Revue Google TV box cost them dearly and have not decided its' fate.
  499. HTC Quad-Core Tablet Coming in February 2012 at MWC
    Joining the new quad-core processor race for tablets in 2012 will be HTC at the Mobile World Congress February event.
  500. A New “Send” Link On Bing Maps!
    This article breaks down the latest changes performed on bings maps to send a map to a friend easily.
    in IT
  501. Mom's Psychological State Affects Infant Development
    The psychological state of the mother has a great impact on the development of a newborn according to a new study.
  502. Twenty-Two Year Old Claims Poker's Richest Prize of $8.7 Million
    After an epic heads up battle, the World Series of Poker crowns Main Event Champion Pius Heinz of Cologne, Germany.
  503. Will "Supercommittee" Listen to Voters?
    A recent AARP survey of GOP voters strongly oppose or somewhat oppose cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits.
  504. Battlefield 3: Notes From the Field
    BF3, Great game, not perfect
  505. Samsung Epic 4G Touch Review
    Samsung Epic 4G Touch gets the full review
  506. Lady Gaga News - The Week in Gaga: Playing Catch-Up Edition
    A weekly roundup of the most interesting and relevant Lady Gaga news of the past seven days.
  507. Berlusconi's Resignation: a Defeat of Whole Political Italian Leaders
    New challenge for Italian politics. Berlusconi has still a leader of mayor italian party. Opposition leaders not able to defeat him at the Parlament.
  508. Passing on the Mantle - Confessional Art Collaboration by Louise Bourgeois and Tracy Emin
    Review an exhibiton by Tracy Emin and Louise Bourgeois called "Do not abandon me".
  509. Merkel's Mantra: One World Government in Europe
    Merkel's mantra calls for total change of the European Union.
  510. Pay As You Go Elections - the Future for Participatory Democracy?
    French Socialist Party Primaries had a fascinating feature - you paid €1 and then you could vote. Is this the way to raise voter turnout and save our participatory democracy?
  511. North Korea to use Social Media to Push Propaganda
    North Korea have added social sharing buttons to their website in a bid to spread anti-American propoganda via social networks.
  512. Fans Vote Luke Donald Social Media Golfer of the Year
    Luke Donald earned 57% of the votes via Social Media for golf's Player of the Year.
  513. November 13, 2011

    Are There Any Family Friendly Celebrities?
    The best way to prepare your kids for child star scandal.
  514. Get Your Kids Off of YouTube and onto KidzVuz
    YouTube is a tough place for kids to hang out online. Try this tween video website instead.
  515. Arrested for Strip Skying?
    She was tricked by a get rich scheme in the hopes of making $20,000.
  516. Tweens and Cellphones... a New Milestone to Adulthood
    Getting my tween a cell phone was a difficult decision with unexpected benefits.
  517. Jerry Sandusky: Follower of Jesus Christ?
    Was this another sick idea to manipulate 8 little boys into keeping still while he allegedly raped them?
  518. Foodies on the Holiday Gift List? Give Best Food Writing 2011
    Enjoy the pleasures of extravagant foods without gaining an ounce—read Best Food Writing 2011.
  519. Kasey Kahne Wins Phoenix
    Kahne wins Phoenix - Second place to Chase battle behind him
  520. Thanksgiving Pies for Everyone: Vegan Pie in the Sky
    If I don’t have a slice of Sweet Potato Brazil Nut Crunch Pie RIGHT NOW, I’m gonna die.
  521. Ben Henderson Earns Title Shot Against Frankie Edgar at UFC Event in Japan
    Ben "Smooth" Henderson will take on the UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar at the UFC event set to take place in Japan on February 26th 2012.
  522. Facebook to Throw in Flag on Privacy Opt-In
    The investigation by the Federal Trade Commission began in December 2009.
  523. Mars Science Lab 'Curiosity' Will Search for Signs of Life
    NASA is preparing to launch the Mars Science Laboratory to search for signs of past life on Mars.
  524. Missing: Madison Richardson, 5, Vero Beach, FL
    Have you seen Madison Richardson, age 5, missing from Vero Beach, FL?
  525. KidTunes: Golden Kids Rules Speaks to Everyone
    Positively reinforcing values and self-esteem, GOLDEN KIDS RULES is folksy entertainment for families.
  526. Julia Lipnitskaia Shines at the Russian Cup
    Young Talents Performed at the Russian Cup
  527. Stand Back Sydney, Make Way Melbourne, Darwin’s Got The X-Factor
    Lonely Planet votes Darwin among London, Stockholm and Santiago in its world top ten must see cities in 2012.
  528. Week 12 Update–There Ain't No Cheese With This Whine
    Is anyone really out there? Lack of encouragement in weight loss challenge disheartening
  529. KidTunes: Rock Your Kids with The Jimmies—They’re Practically Ridiculous
    The Jimmies offer “Hi-Fi for the Small Fry,” but try to keep adults from listening.
  530. Google Defies RIAA Over Android Download App
    Google defies RIAA takedown notice over Downlaod App from Android Market
  531. Joe Paterno: The Rise and Fall of a False God
    These are just the 7 major jewels on Mr. Paterno's crown of his own making.
  532. Timeshare Scam Artists Bilking Owners Multiple Times
    Timeshare scam artists are no longer taking the money and running after the initial scam
  533. Is Innovation on the Internet Over?
    Have all the good ideas on the internet been actioned? Is there still room for innovation? Is the gold rush over? Read and find out.
  534. People Talk. Protect Your Business With Online Reputation Management
    Three Things to Consider About Your Brand's Perception
  535. The Influence of the Economic Crisis on the Construction Industry
    The world economic crisis has hit the country hard including the magical state of Los Angeles, California known as the “state of opportunity”.
  536. Twittercide: The Real Deal
    Ashley claimed that she was molested and forced into prostitution.
  537. Traveling to Far Away Places...
    On my mind...again!
  538. The No-Free-Lunch Lesson in "Free" Allergy Testing
    Proving once again that nothing is really free, when you count the downstream consequences.
  539. The New "Disease" of Runner's Face
    Inventing a disease and its treatment, all at the same time.
  540. New Investigation Into Scientology Offers Scathing Details
    This investigation offers new insight into the Church of Scientology from former “registrar” Hy Levy.
  541. Fun Filled Attractions on St Croix - US Virgin Islands!
    St. Croix is the biggest of the US Virgin Islands and has the most to offer when it comes to must-see attractions and exciting things to do
  542. Your iPad as a business productivity tool
    So you've bought an iPad and want to use it for business productivity. This is my experience.
  543. Cain Standing On Head When Someone Spoke?
    Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. For we know that no one can serve both God and Money.
  544. Lazy Thinkers: Thoughts on the 1%
    The problem is not that there are wealthy people, the problem is many of them do not know how to handle their wealth. Amassing greater personal fortune at the expense of others is just one of their shortcomings.
  545. November 12, 2011

    Project Homophobia
    Crowdsource funded moive to combat gay bullying and homophobia
    in Film
  546. The Most Important Question Around Steve Jobs’ Death
    Had Steve Jobs Never Been Would We Still Have Apple?
  547. Battle of the Battlefields: Battlefield 3 vs. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
    BattleField 3 or Modern Warfare 3 ?
  548. Top 10 Family Friendly Holiday Movies
    Get in the holiday spirit with this list of 10 family friendly holiday films.
  549. KidTunes: Jim Gill Presents Music Play for Folks of All Stripes
    Jim Gill Presents Music Play for Folks of All Stripe is something a little different and a lot of fun for kids and families.
  550. Getting Away with Murder: Case Histories
    Some mysteries may have more than one solution—and none of them are good.
  551. Origin versus steam, the battle for the gaming sandbox
    Origin or Steam? There really isn't a choice...
  552. This Is Not My Parents Penn State
    Penn State and State College have changed over the years.
  553. “The Big Fix” Film: Gulf Oil Spill Not Over
    It delves into the ongoing aftereffects on the Gulf Coast both in the water and on shore.
    in Film
  554. To Android Fans and Android Lovers: Your Dream Wonder Tablet is Coming
    Welcome: ASUS Transformer Prime: The World's First Quad-Core Tablet!
  555. Occupy Wall Street Wins Over Mayor Bloomberg on Taxes
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg has given more than lip-service to Occupy Wall Street.
  556. "Jews May Kill Non-Jewish Babies" - Orthodox Rabbis
    “Jews can kill non-Jewish babies because they may one day grow up to be enemies.”
  557. Jerry Sandusky: The Perversion of Jesus Christ's Second Mile
    If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.
  558. Butt Chugging And Vodka Tampons – The New Fads
    It all is for naught as your breath, hours later, is just a reflection of your bloodstream.
  559. Better Social Circles On Google + With Katango!
    this articles explains the benefits foracquisition of Katango ,by Google, who radically changes the way you interract with friends
    in IT
  560. Samsung #1 in Half the world, 2nd in Profit
    Samsung Leads in 3 Regions, Apple Remains #1 in Profit
  561. Mayweather To Fight Pacquiao After The Pacquiao And Marquez III Fight?
    Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Boxing Showdown: Finally Happening On May 5, 2012?
  562. Why Veterans Love Ron Paul
    Campaign Launches Veterans Day MoneyBomb
  563. International Investing And Sir John Templeton
    Sir John Templeton And Where He Would Have Invested Today!
  564. Your Job Search Begins While You’re Still Employed
    The the 21st century job search is being transformed and if you're employed, it should start now.
    in Guru
  565. Denver Pavilions Gets Anchor In Swedish-Based Clothing Retailer
    H&M Stores Opens in NikeTown Space
  566. Imagine Wearing Your Customer's Shoes
    Imagine that you're a customer of your own company's business. What would your experience be like?
  567. Starting a New Job: Some Tips for Early Success
    Tips to establish early credibility with your new boss
  568. Lying on LinkedIn
    Author explores the idea of lying on LinkedIn about your career.
  569. November 11, 2011

    Just One Look - The Colors of Wine
    You can learn a great deal about a wine before you even smell it!
  570. Radioactive Cloud Over Europe
    Such dangers from low level radiation exposure are not detected for decades later.
  571. Suits vs. Beards. Who is More Believable?
    Who would you believe more? A guy in a suit? Or one in a black open necked shirt? Researchers at Yale are studying this phenomenon they call "cultural cognition".
  572. Thanksgiving Dinner Costs Increases 13% in 2011
    Thanksgiving for 10 will cost nearly $50 in 2011
  573. 5 Great Skincare Tools for Great Skin
    These skincare tools can make dramatic improvement in the appearance of your skin.
  574. Finally, a News Portal Fit for the Whole Family
    Finally a news portal for children, by children.
  575. Joe Paterno And The Penn State Hierarchy Deserve Everything They Get
    Since When Does Football Outweigh Human Lives?
  576. Penn State: The Conspiracy of Silence
    Was there a conspiracy of silence at Penn State University when it came to the sexual abuse scandal of Jerry Sandusky?
  577. Intuit Too Big for Its Britches
    Intuit Cancels Quickbooks Time Tracker and Quickbooks Time & Billing Manager
  578. Republicans Have Skirt Problem, Bush Problem and Wobbler Problem
    This year's Republican nominating process is unlike any other in American history. Does it spell good news for President Obama?
  579. Parents Visiting the Department of Education
    During the meeting, we were given ample opportunity to speak and put our concerns on the table.
  580. Test Prep for Parents - Getting Your Priorities Straight
    Why parents need to spend more time focusing on the things that really matter to college admissions.
  581. Pleading Guilty: Abortion Worker Scissored Newborn
    On Wednesday, an abortion worker plead guilty to two counts of third-degree murder in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  582. Women Attorneys' Futures in Big Law Not Promising
    National Association of Women Lawyers releases 2011 survey results.
  583. Ready, Fire, Aim!
    Leadership Lessons from Women Leaders
  584. Should We Trust Coaches With Our Kids After Penn State?
    Penn State Scandal, A Reminder to Parents About Vigilance
  585. Sex Trafficking of Iraqi Women. Exposing Its Cruel Secrets
    Sex Trafficking Iraqi Women: A Dirty Secret
  586. M&Ms Abandons Kyle Busch
    Kyle Busch will race in Phoenix and Homestead without M&Ms sponsorship
  587. EU to Tighten Privacy Standards
    Standards due out in January will may influence U.S. companies like Google and Facebook to improve privacy protection.
    in IT
  588. Facebook to Agree to 20 Years of Privacy Audits
    Facebook and the FTC are said to be near a settlement that will require Facebook to improve privacy.
    in IT
  589. Penn State Officials May Have "Made Wrong Call By Firing Joe Paterno"
    Lawyer Questions the Board's motives.
  590. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review
    Skyrim is one of the best games of the year, find out more.
  591. Silverlight: Is it Going to Die?
    A short analysis on the future of Silverlight and why Microsoft might not drop it.
    in IT
  592. Respect for Marriage, Same Sex Included
    Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Senator Dianne Feinstein, votes to repeal discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act.
  593. Need a Hand? How the Economic Crisis Made National Debt a Problem
    A short intro and explanation on how the economic crisis caused the current national debt problem
  594. Why Net Neutrality Isn't Ridiculous
    Why Senator Marco Rubio is wrong when he says threats to Internet Freedom ridiculous and calls for the FCC's net neutrality rules to be rolled back.
    in IT
  595. November 10, 2011

    Tips to Refresh Your Kitchen Without Spending the Earth
    add style to a kitchen with mimimal cost
    in DIY
  596. What is Baby Sign Language?
    The best way to communicate with your baby before your baby can talk is through baby sign language.
  597. Changes in Routine: Challenges with Daylight Savings
    Changes in routine can be devastating to children with Autism.
  598. Ashton Kutcher's Tweet: Time to Start a New Conversation
    Could 140-misinformed characters force us to talk abuse in sports?
  599. The Death Penalty - Penn State Needs It Now!
    They need to confess that Institutional Control has been lost at Penn State and the Death Penalty is needed.
  600. Review: Grateful Dead Wine
    Benjamin Kerensa has a first look at Wines that Rock's new Grateful Dead Merlot
  601. IZOD IndyCar Series 2012 Motorsports Musings
    Technology evolution is a good thing for motorsports, let's hope that management template evolution can be explored as well.
  602. On Apples, Oranges, and Dimensional Analysis
    Comparing apples and oranges is a fruitless endeavor.
  603. The Day in Tech News (Nov 10th)
    The most interesting tech news from the day of November 10th 2011.
  604. iPhone Funny Meets Comedian Ellen DeGeneres!
    Get Ready To Laugh: iPhone's Funny Moments With Its Users!
  605. The Day the Tea Party Died
    The political news this week all points to the decline of the tea party.
  606. Facebook Co-Founder Explains Secrets To Success
    Social media has become a booming industry in the past few years allowing for many new job opportunities.
  607. Sandusky Victim 4 Charged “Deep” Price in the Heart of Texas
    Penn State's football program is virtually over.
  608. Crippled Russian Spacecraft Carries Toxic Payload
    Dangerous Russian space probe threatens to fall to Earth with toxic rocket fuel payload
  609. Companies Gobble Up Social to Help Those in Need
    Companies are spending time this upcoming Holiday season cashing in social networking time and advertising effort to help those in need get a decent meal.
  610. Z-Line to Drop Kyle Busch from Finale
    More fallout from Kyle Bush race-rage incident is on the horizon
  611. Greek Crisis, Occupy Movement: Ignorance Will Cause Them to Linger
    Occupy movement and folks in Greece are ignorant. They believe hiking business and wealthy people's taxes will fix economic problems.
  612. 5 Key Things About Google Plus Pages for Your Business
    If you’re a business owner or marketer, here's what you need to know before you create your Google+ Page
  613. Both Bad and Good News for Brands in Social Networks
    Global consumers reveals both bad and good news for brands in a new global study.
  614. Town Guides Go Hyper-Local
    Finding the "Best" in Town, Could Help You Be a Mobile Business
  615. The Debt Crisis in America and Europe
    How serious are things?
  616. New Hope for Communicating with Patients in a "Vegetative State"
    A way to communicate with some of the 25,000 Americans with brain injuries, previously totally unresponsive to efforts to reach them.
  617. What's Wrong With Rivers and the Chargers? Nothing
    The Chargers poised to take charge in the second half.
  618. Let Us Remember the Victims on Veteran's Day
    The dirty little secret ... in the entire world to ever exist, is still kept secret.
  619. Bieber May Sing: “It Ain't My Baby, Baby” On Maury Show
    In an odd twist of events, Maury Povich is trying to get Justin Bieber on his show.
  620. Penn State and The House That JoePa Built
    The Penn State scandal reaches beyond the actual incident as some fans choose football over the safety of children.
  621. Was Joe Paterno Wronged When He Was Fired?
    No, because Joe Paterno does not love anyone but Joe Paterno.
  622. Crisis Management Lessons from the Penn State Press Conference
    How So Many Smart People Got It So Wrong
  623. TripAdvisor Plot Thickens: Second Charges Filed
    Review giant TripAdvisor is charged again, this time preventing third party marketers from using reviews.
  624. IVF Linked to Ovarian Cancer?
    Could multiple IVF treatments be linked to "silent killer" ovarian cancer?
  625. Mastering: A Major Issue For the Indie Music Community
    Izotope launches Ozone 5 mastering software, but can it do the job?
  626. The Increasing Drop-Out Rates of STEM Students
    Causes of Drop-Out Rates of STEM Students
  627. Happy Birthday Marines
    Each year on November 10th, the Marine Corps celebrates these men and thousands of men and women since
  628. Penn State: Leaving a Child Behind
    In a sport where passing the ball quickly means everything, how could an entire university drop the ball so many times?
  629. Celebrity Chef Michael White Cooks to Help Raise Money for Charity
    Specifically for City Harvest, two guests bid $35,000 each for dinners cooked by the celebrity chef.
  630. Think Insights For Those Who Love Statistics And Research
    this article breaks down the lates changes at google and mainly the deployment of think insights
    in IT
  631. Google Ads Will Soon Interact With You
    Google ads will start talking with users one day.
  632. Hang Ajmal Kasab: Pakistan to India!
    The citizens of both the countries would only be happy to welcome it.
  633. How to Kill an iPhone: the HTC Edge
    Due for release in Q1 2012 - The HTC Edge will be the world's first Quad Core smartphone.
  634. November 9, 2011

    Poison Control Centers Seeing Ever Greater Dangers in the Medicine Cabinet
    Poison control centers, although facing possible funding cuts, provide an essential service to the American public.
  635. Getting Engaged? Two Top Spots for a Proposal in Santorini, Greece
    Have you been trying to find the perfect spot to pop the question? Here are two spots on the romantic island of Santorini that will surely make any girl say, "Yes".
  636. Isn't This What It's All About?
    It's time to think out of the box this Christmas.
  637. Consumer Reports Offers 12 Tips for Getting the Best Holiday Shopping Deals
    Black Friday shopping tips will help you have a merrier holiday.
  638. Dept of Education Let the Fox Guard the Hen House That Joe Paterno Built
    When the foxes guards the hen house no one inside is safe.
  639. Where is Aliayah Lunsford? WV 3-year-old Missing Six Weeks
    Aliayah Lunsford, 3-year-old West Virginia girl is still missing after six weeks.
  640. Alabama County To File Largest Ever Muni Bankruptcy
    This pending bankruptcy has cast a shadow over the county and Alabama's largest city, Birmingham.
  641. When Strangers Click: Five Stories from the Internet
    Over 122,000,000 people worldwide log monthly into dating sites--here are five of their stories.
  642. Adobe Quits Mobile Flash Development
    Adobe drops support for mobile Flash and shifts focus to HTML5.
  643. Did the German Chancellor Call for a One World Government?
    This one world government in Europe will truly be an Unholy Alliance.
  644. Internet Sales Tax Coming Soon
    Perhaps it's time to voice your opinion on the matter.
  645. ThanksKilling Is a Thanksgiving Horror on Every Level
    Thanksgiving will never be the same again.
    in Film
  646. KidTunes: An Open Letter to Ben Rudnick & Friends
    Ben Rudnick & Friends LIVE IN LEXINGTON is pure fun and joy for kids of every age—even Aquarius.
  647. The Proposed “Christmas Tree Tax” Was Never A Damn Tax
    O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, I won't pay the fifteen cent fee
  648. Extreme Diet: FAIL!
    Can "eating sensibly" be a diet?
  649. Holland America Announces 115-Day Cruise
    Holland America has announced a globe-circling cruise on Amsterdam, its 1,380 passenger cruise ship. The cruise, called the Grand World Voyage, will depart on January 5, 2013 and return on May 1, 2013.
  650. Share Your Travel Stories With Transitions Abroad, Askalo, and Globified
    3 Places Online To Share Your Travel Experiences
  651. Google's Blogger on a Plus One Rampage
    Google is making a concerted effort to push the blogging platform market with recent enhancements and eco-system integration with Blogger
  652. Sitting Too Much May Contribute to Cancer
    New research shows health and fitness are inter-related. AICR says sitting too much contributes to cancer.
  653. Birth Control: Nuvaring Causing Blood Clots
    Third-generation Nuvaring causing blood clots or death in many women.
  654. Turning Brown Eyes to Blue – What’s Next?
    Eye color is first - is skin color far behind?
  655. Apple Gains, Samsung Drops in Green Rankings
    How Smartphone Makers Rank Among the World's Greenest Consumer Electronics Companies
  656. Cloud Computing: Are IT Support Firms Missing a Trick?
    Have IT managers got their heads in the clouds?
    in IT
  657. The Duggars announce Baby #20...Are we Supposed to Be Surprised??
    The Duggars announce Baby #20 and we are all supposed to act surprised??
  658. President Obama “Grinches” Christmas
    Once the government is in your pocket, the tax will inevitably go up and up and up.
  659. Study Shows Women at Greater Risk for Injury During Car Crashes Than Men
    Women Suffer More Serious Injuries Than Men in Car Crashes
  660. Phoenix Raceway - The "Wild Card"
    Phoenix International Raceway is the next battleground in the Sprint Cup Chase- Advantage? It's anyone's guess.
  661. Remember NOT Shop Til You Drop
    Respect the Vet
  662. Is the Tee Time System of the Future?
    Are sites like the tee time booking system of the future?
  663. Where is the Palace that America is Supposed to be?
    What happened to the land of opportunity and freedom of choice?
  664. Adobe Withdraws from Mobile Flash Battlefront
    Apple and Adobe camps may finally stand down.
  665. Joe Paterno to Retire
    All caused by the alleged child sexual abuses of multiple children involving a former assistant defensive football coach.
  666. Senate Set to Give Net Neutrality a Thumbs Down
    The Senate is set to vote on a net neutrality resolution that would give the FCC's new rules a thumbs down.
    in IT
  667. Interview: Jacob Latimore - A Hot Teen Sensation with a Very Cool Message
    The talent of Michael Jackson. The charisma of Prince. Jacob Latimore is poised for launch into super stardom.
  668. FCC Announces Cheap Computers, Internet Access
    The FCC plan to bring broadband to under-served areas raises many questions.
    in IT
  669. Getting to the Point with Google+ Direct Connect
    This article breaks down the latest changes on google and mainly the addition of Direct Connect
    in IT
  670. Citrix Publishes API For GoTo Products
    New GoTo Developer Center website exposes programming interfaces
  671. Previews Added to Google Places
    This article breaks down the latest news and changes on Google map Optimization and Google Places
    in IT
  672. Men are Suckers for Sexy Spambots
    New research suggests men are much more likely to fall prey to spambots in bikinis.
  673. Google’s Algorithm Changes: This Time it’s About the “Freshness” of the Data
    This article breaks down the lates changes on the google search results algorithm to improve relevancy and user experience
    in IT
  674. Dark Horse Comics: New Release Reviews for November 9, 2011
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  675. My 2012 Audi A6 Adventure
    The new 2012 Audi A6 packs a wallop
  676. Mississippians Vote Against “Personhood” Amendment
    In 2012, Personhood USA is trying to put similar measures on ballots in Florida, Montana, Ohio, Nevada, and California.
  677. 74-Year-Old Man Killed in Lakewood, California Wal-Mart
    An elderly man was bludgeoned to death in a Wal-Mart in Los Angeles by a homeless man in the middle of the day.
  678. Coldplay Roadtrip 2011
    Four friends roadtripped from Durban to Johannesburg for the Coldplay concert and an unforgettable experience!
  679. Google's Algorithm Changed Again, But Where Are My Cookies?
    Google Changed it's Algorithm, But My Results Are the Same?
  680. November 8, 2011

    New Generation of Birth Control Pills Linked With Blood Clots. Not Again!
    The Link Between Blood Clots and Birth Control Pills is Growing Stronger.
  681. Osteo Drugs Are Causing, Not Preventing Bone Fractures, US Watchdog Group Says.
    US Watchdog Advocacy Group Warns Against Side Effects of Osteo Drugs.
  682. Disgraced Paterno Must Be Fired Now
    Longtime Penn State coach deserves nothing but to lose his job
  683. Herman Cain Won’t Take No For An Answer
    Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about?
  684. iPhone, Not Great at Everything...
    iPhone, not great at everything...yet, but there are apps for it already and/or features in development
  685. Good News For Apple Patrons And iPad Lovers: iPad 3 Is Coming!
    Wonder Tablet iPad 3: Sales Targeted This Upcoming Holidays?
  686. Usage-Based Broadband Pricing Models - The Great Debate
    Are usage-based pricing models going to fly in the face of the net neutrality debate as well as consumer demands & expectation.
    in IT
  687. $19 Billion Lawsuit Against JPMorgan
    JPMorgan “profited handsomely” from the relationship with Madoff for over 20 years.
  688. How Drop Shipping Could be the Solution for New and Small Businesses
    A look at how dropshipping could earn you huge profits from no financial input.
  689. Check Your Advertising IQ with Owner IQ
    Owner IQ offers a more targeted approach to advertising based consumer interests toward brands and products
  690. Five Reasons to Shop Local for the Holidays
    Here are five reasons that you should commit to shopping local this holiday season.
  691. If You're A Conservative In Alabama, You Just Might Be A Racist
    If the ethnic background of the politicians behind this law seem to lack diversity, they do.
  692. The Soul Enters Through The Wound
    Not beaten down after losing both legs to a landmine.
  693. Visit the Beach Resort Area of Ixtapa, Mexico!
    If you love stunning beaches, thrilling water sports, being surrounded by azure waters of the Pacific and flanked by the Sierra Madre Mountains at the background, then you should book your next trip to Ixtapa, Mexico.
  694. A Week In Casa Bramasole
    A week of cooking with friends in a beautiful house in Umbria
  695. Experience a Potpourri of Charm in St. Martin!
    If you have never been to the island of St. Maarten , then you are in for a big surprise.
  696. To Travel or Not To Travel
    More stories and opinions at:
  697. UFC Preview: Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos
    UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez will take on Junior Dos Santos in an MMA battle for the title at UFC On Fox 1.
  698. NY Times Sues Huff Post Over "Parentlode"
    Confused Readers Call It A "Crock"
  699. Justin Bieber to Take Test
    Justin Bieber will take a paternity test in two weeks.
  700. Review: Samsung Series 5 ChromeBook
    An Honest review of the Samsung Series 5 ChromeBook
  701. iOS 5 Has Hidden Panorama Feature You Can Unlock, Here's How
    What could make the iPhone 4S camera app even better? Unlocking the hidden Panorama feature in iOS 5, that's what.
  702. Starbucks Canada App Updated for iOS 5, Now Has Mobile Payments
    The latest update to the Starbucks Canada iOS app now includeds mobile payments
  703. When Good Men Do Nothing
    How bureaucratic leanings,policies and procedures, and self-preservation trump common sense on campus
  704. Joe Paterno Muzzled At Press Conference
    Today, Mr. Spanier's office cancelled the weekly press conference .
  705. RIAA Attorney Says Copyright Protection is Too Weak
    The RIAA is pushing to place the burden of copyright protection on ISPs, which would require surveillance of all Internet traffic.
    in IT
  706. T-Mobile Announces Availability and Pricing for Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
    T-Mobile announces the availability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.
  707. A Return to Old Form, The Revitalization of Barefoot Running
    Barefoot Running Shown to Lessen Impact On Knees Thus Reducing Typical Running Related Injuries
  708. New App Eases iPhone Battery Life Problems
    There is a new iPhone app available that helps you get the most out of your device in between charges.
  709. 2/3 Support Social Media Blackout During Riots
    Proposals to restrict access to social networks during civil unrest received a positive response from the British public.
  710. 3 Reasons the New York Jets Beat the Buffalo Bills
    3 Uncharacteristic Keys that Led to a Jets Victory
  711. Supreme Court to Hear GPS Surveillance Privacy Case Today
    Three distinct location tracking methods may be tied together in an upcoming Supreme Court decision
  712. Sarkozy: Netanyahu Is a Liar
    The two leaders were still wearing their microphones after a news conference in Cannes at a G20 economic conference.
  713. Sexting Teens: More Prevalent Than You Think!
    Is Your Child Sexting Behind Your Back? Studies Indicate This May Be The Case.
  714. Stand By HER MAN: Cain's Wife is Disgusted
    It's about time Mrs. Cain joins the crowd of people disgusted about the allegations.
  715. Google Launches Brand Pages for Plus with No Sizzle
    Google+ launches Pages for brands and there's really not much to write home about.
  716. November 7, 2011

    Parkinson’s Disease – New Treatment?
    Reverse the damage of Parkinsons disease?
  717. Would Audrey Hepburn Have Preferred Blue Eyes?
    New surgery claims to turn brown eyes blue.
  718. Baylor University's Sponsored Illegal Immigrant Activism ... Sparks Response
    The school sponsored a platform to an illegal immigrant to speak toward civil unrest & push a political agenda.
  719. Bar None: Ivory Picks Melissa McCarthy as Host of Facebook’s ‘Soap Dish’
    Soap Brand’s New ‘Spokesmom’ to Dish on Motherhood, Marriage
  720. Two Already Arrested from Penn State
    The media practically calls for Joe Paterno practically begging him to take his hat, his coat and leave.
  721. Herman Cain Put His Hand Up My Skirt!
    The sister from another mother lives in Chicago and is a Republican.
  722. New Nook Tablet Gives Kindle's Fire Heartburn
    Not Just A Reader, It's Worth Watching
  723. Flurry of Earthquake 'Anomolies' Caused by Fracking?
    Are the recent swarms of earthquakes in the interior US related to fracking? The evidence is piling up.
  724. Journalistic Hypocrisy And Herman Cain
    Will his presidential bid survive the full liberal-media onslaught?
  725. KidTunes: Laura Veirs Sings Folk Songs for Children on Tumble Bee
    "The best music never gets old." --Sufjan Stevens
  726. H1N1 - New Study Shows It's Deadly For Some Children
    PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FROM H1N1 - New study shows that it's deadly for some kids
  727. KidTunes: History Rocks with The Deedle Deedle Dees and Strange Dees, Indeed
    Ya’ know how many of my history teachers were this cool? None!, that’s how many.
  728. Cold Fusion – Boondoggle and Bonanza?
    It will be a bonanza for him and for the world; and it will be a boondoggle for all the other energy producers.
  729. Bugs Ready to Munch on Climate Time-Bomb
    Scientists have defrosted microbes from the Artic's permafrost soils,and found their gases pose a real global warming hazard.
  730. Have You Seen Sky Metalwala? Age 2, Bellevue, WA
    Missing Child: Bellevue Washington. Sky Metalwala, two-years-old
  731. Conrad Murray Guilty Verdict
    Rest in peace Michael Jackson
  732. Google Plus Opens Business Pages to the Public
    Google opens its social network to businesses and brands everywhere.
  733. Mailing Chickenpox Illegal and Ineffective
    Parents are mailing infected lollipops and saliva to avoid chickenpox vaccinations
  734. 4 New Reasons Why Siri Really is a Google Mobile Killer
    Forbes is in two minds on whether Siri, the iPhone voice technology, is a Google killer but it certainly is the leader.
  735. Scientific Breakthrough Reverses Cellular Aging
    A new technique used on people as old as 101 rejuvenated their cells with the functional characteristics of younger people.
  736. Iceland: Life on the Brink
    Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is rugged, beautiful and very challenging to live in.
  737. What's Next for Cain? Anatomy of a Political Sex Scandal
    As a fourth woman comes forth with explosive allegations against him, Republican frontrunner Herman Cain continues to deny. So what's next?
  738. Foods that Promote Beautiful Skin
    You can have more beautiful skin by consuming foods that are packed with nutrients.
  739. Why I Love My Gym
    A fantastic gym for busy women
  740. Who Really Caused The Mortgage Mess? Mayor Bloomberg Knows. So Do I.
    Intolerance by the left for one of their own for speaking against orthodoxy.
  741. Part Time Gold Trader Turns $1,657 Into $1.4 Million In 5 Months
    Is It Possible For The Gold Prices To Plunge As Low As $1,000 Per Ounce In The Next Six Months?
  742. As Women's Shelters Budgets are being Slashed Around the Country, Domestic Violence is on the Rise
    As Domestic Violence shelters are faced with continuing budget cuts, domestic violence incidents are also on the rise.
  743. Putumayo Presents the Exception to the Christmas Music Rule: Celtic Christmas
    Bah! Humbug! Wait…what? This stuff is good, A CELTIC CHRISTMAS.
  744. Herman Cain vs Gloria Allred and Fourth Victim
    So now that Mr. Cain is up against Ms. Allred will he remain silent and answer no questions.
  745. The Personhood Amendment – Mississippi Votes Tomorrow
    As this is much ado about nothing in my opinion, what is interesting is the unintended consequences of this Amendment.
  746. Tea Party vs Occupy Movement - Boston Herald's Confusing Take
    The Boston Herald has its focus on the wrong set of information numbers and performs a disservice to its readers.
  747. Adobe Brings Special Editions of its Top Software to Mac App Store
    Adobe announces a special edition release of two of it's most popular software titles for download.
  748. Barnes & Noble Announces All New 7-inch Nook Tablet
    Barnes & Noble launched the new Nook Tablet to compete directly with the Amazon KIndle Fire
  749. Parker, Turiaf No Match for Batum-Led Nancy
    Ronny Turiaf's arrival was not enough to help Tony Parker's ASVEL, who fell Sunday night to an impressive Nancy squad.
  750. Google’s GoMo Helps Businesses Go Mobile
    Helping local businesses become mobile friendly with GoMo.
  751. Magic Johnson: 20 Years After the HIV Announcement
    Magic Johnson, still alive after living with HIV for twenty years.
  752. Slap a Label on that Home Brew
    Labeley, a site that lets you make your own beer label
  753. Putting Healthcare in the Palm of Your Hand
    SouthCoast Hospital System brings healthcare management to the palm of your hand
  754. RFIDs for Construction Inventory Management
    A look at the considerations for implementing a RFID inventory management system.
  755. The Irony of the Establishment; Picking the Anti-Establishment Candidate
    The Political establishment has there divide strategy, and its working. Conservatives can win, but they have to consolidate soon.
  756. The Vatican Calls for a New Political Authority Against "Neoliberalism"
    A world political authority with broad powers to regulate financial markets, rein in the "inequalities and distortions of capitalist development"
  757. Can We Live Up to Our Motto “In God We Trust”?
    Last Tuesday, by a vote of 396-9, the House reaffirmed our national motto “In God We Trust.”
  758. Generation 'i' - The Rise of a Naming Convention
    Each shiny new handset is unveiled with a growing number of accessories that are eager to jump on the iBandwagon...
  759. The Baby Disaster!
    So mean, yes! But what exactly are we supposed to understand?
  760. Political Purity Tests A Great Way To Stay In The Wilderness: Tea Party Lessons In Fragmentation
    How The Tea Party Will Cause A Split In The GOP
  761. Greek Crisis: Is This Real Unity Progress?
    What was the background behind yesterday's deal between government and opposition in Greece?
  762. Christian Ronaldo Praises Mentor for Direction Given
    The former Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo just about managed to pay the ultimate compliment to his original mentor.
  763. Penn State Pride Comes, Child Sex Case Shows the Fall
    The fall of a big time college football program through trial by the media has just begun.
  764. Here's to Twinkle and Big Bear
    Chivas Regal Releases Two Films For The Gentlemen
  765. Martin Kaymer Comes from Behind to Win WGC-HSBC Champions
    Martin Kaymer birdied 9 of the final 12 holes to win by three strokes.
  766. November 6, 2011

    National Parks Offer Free Entrance For Veterans Day
    Enjoy the wonders of national parks this weekend for free
  767. Study Rips Retailers’ Customer Service on Facebook
    Walmart, Kmart Among Retailers Lagging in Response to Complaints on Facebook
  768. Blackberry's P9981: An Every Smartphone User's Dream?
    Blackberry P9981: A Phone Catering To An Elite Lifestyle?
  769. Social Media From Schools
    Are Schools The Starting Point of Social Media
  770. Stewart, Edwards Finish 1 and 2 at Texas
    The Chase for the Championship tightens as front runners Stewart and Edwards finish 1 and 2 - Advantage Stewart
  771. Timberland Aces Social
    Integrating social local and mobile in a world-class promotion
  772. The End Of The Euro?
    As Greece stands on the brink of exiting the Eurozone, what hope for the Euro?
  773. Huge Asteroid Headed Close to Earth
    For the first time in 35 years, an asteroid 1,312 in diameter will approach the Earth closer than the moon.
  774. Arrest Warrant Issued for Terrell Owens
    TO is not a deadbeat dad, so cut the man a break.
  775. Battlefield 3: The Launch
    First impressions of Battlefield 3.
  776. From a Savage Garden to Secret Codes and Battleships!
    Pop master and music genius Darren Hates is back!
  777. The Princess Syndrome
    Heroic tales give women two choices: either wait for a prince to rescue them from boredom/danger or die having their own life.
  778. Alicia Keys Elated to Raise $3 Million through Her Black Ball Charity Event
    Now that the event, having successfully concluded is reported to have raised a staggering $3 million.
  779. Your Favorite Celebrity is a Commercial
    Kardashian: The Brand of Celebrity
  780. Week 11–New Calorie Counting App on the Horizon
    Technology brings help to dieters
  781. The Semantic Web Is Getting Closer: The IC3K International Joint Conference
    The IC3K was held in Paris, France, 26 – 29 October, 2011
    in IT
  782. Weapons of Mass Destruction Bleed Warren Buffet
    Perhaps Mr. Buffet should change his nickname from Oracle of Omaha to False Profiteer.
    in Guru
  783. Obama is Wrong About God
    The President made the common mistake that many people make when attempting to quote a book they have not thoroughly read.
  784. World MMA Rankings: November 6, 2011
    MMA rankings for all 8 weight classes
  785. NYC Marathon Introduces App for iOS Devices
    New App for NYC Marathon looks to keep fans of event updated, while attracting new fans in process
  786. November 5, 2011

    NASCAR Suspends Chase Contender Kyle Busch
    Kyle Busch takes out frustration on Truck series championship contender and suffers weekend suspension
  787. Rising Income and Eating at Fast-Food Restaurants: Study Shows Link
    Income Levels and Fast Food Dining Are Related. Study's Surprising Results
  788. Fracking Earthquakes – The Next Feeding Frenzy
    Sharks got to eat somewhere, if not in Texas, then in Oklahoma.
  789. Debian Beckons Ubuntu Refugees to Come Home
    Unhappy Ubuntu users are looking for an alternative to Unity. Debian is calling you home.
  790. Miffed at Mitt Romney – Exploiting the Poor and Elderly
    Give us your poor and your elderly to exploit is the exact effect of Mitt Romney's plan to lower the federal debt.
  791. Autism And Children – We Need To Understand and Become Aware
    Autism a subject that's very dear to me, I have a nephew who is “Autistic”, my sister’s only son.
  792. November 4, 2011

    A Thank You for Dead-Beat Dad's?
    Who praises the single mother for her willingness to sacrifice and be a mother and father?
  793. Missing Person: Tracy Williams, Technorati Employee
    Please help locate Technorati employee and friend, Tracy Williams
  794. Dropping the Curtain on Traveling Circuses
    Congressman Jim Moran, (D-Virginia) introduced the “Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act” (TEAPA) to restrict the use of exotic, non-domestic animals touring with circuses
  795. Wristwatches Tell Age As Well As Time
    Have watches have become old technology...worn by old men?
  796. Was RIM Responsive Enough In The Wake Of Media Turmoil
    Blackberry Service Interruption Instigates Corporate Platitudes
  797. Explore Alternative Healing, Amazonia
    Discover the jungle’s sacred healing plants and meet the healers who administer them deep in the Amazon rainforest.
  798. Herman Cain To Sue Politico
    Cain threatens Politico
  799. Famous Art Dealer Jimmy D Robinson Selling Paul Jenkins: Phenomena – Cross Wind Alternate
    Jimmy D Robinson discusses rare Paul Jenkins painting - the extraordinary Phenomena – Cross Wind Alternate.
  800. Healthcare and Technology Working Together
    More than ever, Healthcare and Technology are working together with a common purpose.
  801. Frugal Tip: 10 Ways To Save Money During The Holidays
    Budgeting for the holidays doesn't have to be stressful.
  802. Bad Manners, Y'All - Decline in Southern Hospitality?
    The south is thought, by some, to be the last of the "good manners" generations and yet now it seems even "y'all" are losing it. What happened?
  803. Childbirth is Natural, Not Something that Needs to Get "Out of the Way"
    Caesarian sections may be free to any woman in the UK who wants it. This sets a bad precedence about pregnancy and childbirth.
  804. Patrick to run Daytona 500 in 2012
    Tony Stewart and Danica Patrick Formally Announce 2012 Plans
  805. A Little Girl Spends Two Days With Her Dead Mother
    Life is stranger than fiction
  806. Mendoza Wine Touring Tips
    Touring Mendoza, Argentina's wine country is a blast! Use these tips when you go.
  807. Federal Health Agency Takes Side of Multi-Sued Surgeon
    What happened in one federal health agency when a doctor's privacy collided with the public's right to know
  808. Interview: Daniel Stein of Evolution Bureau
    Interview: Daniel Stein of Evolution Bureau
  809. Interview: Richard Brewer-Hay of eBay
    Interview: Richard Brewer-Hay of eBay
  810. Interview: Jeff Rubenstein of Sony Playstation
    Interview: Jeff Rubenstein of Sony Playstation
  811. Interview: Kathleen Malone of Intel Corporation
    Interview: Kathleen Malone of Intel Corporation
  812. Interview: Alex Flagg of Hewlett Packard
    Interview: Alex Flagg of Hewlett Packard
  813. State of the Blogosphere 2011: Part 3
    State of the Blogosphere 2011: Part 3
  814. State of the Blogosphere 2011: Part 2
    State of the Blogosphere 2011: Part 2
  815. State of the Blogosphere 2011: Part 1
    State of the Blogosphere 2011: Part 1
  816. State of the Blogosphere 2011: Introduction and Methodology
    State of the Blogosphere 2010: Introduction and Methodology
  817. Hillary Swank Still Falling
    Two Time Oscar winner reaping the whirlwind over bad choice.
  818. What Ails Wall Street?
    Jon Corzine resigns from MF Global
  819. Peter Shankman Delivers Keynote To Open BlogWorld In L.A.
    Being relevant to the needs and expectations to the target of one's internet effort is essential.
    in Guru
  820. Upgraded iPad 2 launch in Spring 2012, iPad 3 launch Fall 2012
    Apple may be planning an upgraded iPad 2 for the Spring 2012 launch, and postponing the iPad 3 until Fall 2012.
  821. Guy Fawkes' Masks Symbol of Protest
    'V for Vendetta' has inspired the masses to use the mask as a symbol in protests.
  822. Why is Hotel Web Content so Boring?
    Ever wonder why most hotel and destination content is so boring? Where's the excitement? Is video the answer?
  823. Johnson & Johnson Needs to Show they Love Babies
    JNJ Slow to Manage Shampoo Issue
  824. He Said, She Said and Why I Believe Her
    The woman who claims Justin Bieber fathered her baby is more believable.
  825. High Volume Usage of Google Maps APIs Shall Now Be Charged
    The article breaks down the upcoming changes at google maps and mainly the charges associated with it's usage
    in IT
  826. Where's My Fairytale Mr. Disney?
    The impossible standards that today's man can't possible live up to.
  827. Golf Fans Vote For Player of the Year Via Social Media
    It's up to you golf fans, who was the best golfer in 2011?
  828. Organic Local Results in Google Now Grey Pinned Instead of Red?
    This article breaks down the latest changes on google places and the possible consequences for online business owners
    in IT
  829. Google Introduces New Features for Authorship Display
    this articles breaks down the latest changes performed at google regarding authorship display
    in IT
  830. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Century of Goals in Real Shirt and the Talk of His Greatness
    Ronaldo to be considered in terms of being precociously prodigal or his greatness calls for a due appraisal.
  831. Graphene May Help in Rapid Advancement of Optoelectronic Devices
    Graphene may help in rapid advancement of optoelectronic devices
  832. Nine Most Violent States of the Past Decade
    9 States have averaged significantly higher violent crime rates than the other 41 over the last 10 years.
  833. Will Occupy Wall Street Ever Reach a Consensus?
    The Only Thing That Stinks Worse Than The Protests Is The Protesters
  834. False Teacher, Harold Camping, Repents
    Acknowledgment of one's wrongs is fundamental to correcting one's past behavior.
  835. Google's Free Website Offer to Indian Small Businesses
    Initiate to generate goodwill for Google
  836. Choose Real Food For Children and Develop Lifelong Habits
    Making better choices for children in order to develop good eating habits.
  837. November 3, 2011

    Say It Ain't So. Too Much Sitting Increases Cancer Risks?
    Sitting for Long Periods Can Increase Your Risk For Cancers and Heart Disease: Report from AICR Conference
  838. Would You Swim With A Great White? Exclusive Marc Montocchio Interview
    Underwater Photographer Marc Montocchio's First Interview After Shooting Great White Sharks Off Mexico
  839. This Ain't a Scene... It's a New Type of Radio
    Online Radio Allows Artists to Connect with Fans
  840. In Five Days the World Could End (As You Know It)
    If a solar superstorm such as the one that hit the Earth in 1859 hits the Earth again ...
  841. Amanda Knox: In The Words of Britney Spears, She's Not That Innocent
    Why does America always love a criminal? Are we really such suckers?
  842. Now in the Weeds of our Discontent
    What do we need? A life! When do we need it? Now!
  843. Return To Sender on Senate Bill 5
    Ohio Governor Believes in Providing a Better Product for a Lower Cost
  844. Modern Warfare 3: Are you ready?
    Modern Warfare 3 is packed with new features, gameplays, maps and weapons but the question is are you ready.
  845. The Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Citizens United
    Fixing campaign finance isn't nearly enough. To fix America, we need to fix the idea that corporations are people.
  846. Google to Launch Algorithm Change to Supercharge Freshness!
    An Overview of Google's Proposed Algorithm Update in Line with the Caffeine Infrastructure Change
  847. Innovation in Life Conference in Las Vegas Nov 8-10, 2011
    “Innovation in Life” is the theme of the Dassault Systemes conference November 8-10, 2011 in Las Vegas, featuring the Ice Dream project
  848. Senescent Cells Contribute to Aging. Recent Study Finds a Way To Stop Them!
    Recent Mayo Clinic Study Discovers How to Eliminate Cells Which Contribute to Age-related Disorders and That Wrinkled Look!
  849. Seven Steps to a Longer Life
    Scientists say you can live disease free into your 90's if you follow seven simple steps.
  850. Texas Judge Guilty of Hypocrisy
    Texas Judge, Judge William Adams, Child Abuse, Guilty, Hypocrisy, Daughter, Hillary Adams
  851. Darth Vader to Star in Dixons Retail's Latest Multi-Million Pound Ad Campaign
    This year's ad recreates the infamous scene in Return of the Jedi, where Vader inspects the progress of the Death Star.
  852. FICO: Credit Problems Will Get Worse in Europe
    A new report is available online.
  853. You're Not Falling Down Enough
    No Pain No Gain
  854. The Winklevoss Twins Not About to Give Up
    Vanity Fair interview with Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss reveals they're far from over in their legal dispute with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.
  855. Cheating: Since When Did It Become Okay?
    Some Possible Excuses That Are Given For Cheating
  856. StringHub –Where Educators, Students and Startups Meet
    New education technology website helps students and businesses connect.
  857. Greek Crisis, Occupy Movement: Pervasive Ignorance Will Cause Them to Linger
    Occupy movement and folks in Greece are ignorant. They believe hiking business and wealthy people's taxes will fix economic problems.
  858. Protesters and Police Injured in Clash at Occupy Oakland Demonstration
    After Peaceful General Strike, Late-night, Police Fire Tear Gas and Flash Gangs on Some Non-dispersing Protesters
  859. Android Shows Gain in Smartphone Market for Q3 2011
    Nielsen report shows Android has top spot for smartphone market share, while Apple is top manufacturer in the U.S.
  860. Dedicated Servers for Modern Warfare 3
    Modern Warfare 3 has come out with dedicated servers for private matches.
  861. Survey: Voters Will Be Influenced by Social Media in Presidential Elections
    New research suggests that social media will influence votes in the election as much as traditional media.
  862. From Caped Crusader to Canine Crusader
    Batman sidekick now rescues large dogs.
  863. Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson. A Review
    A must-read book about a complex human-being.
  864. Mr. Trump is Trumped By Jon Stewart
    Our blacks are bettter than their blacks: Ann Coulter
  865. Why More and More Parents Are Buying Balance Bikes for Kids?
    Balance Bikes are the NEW best way to teach a child to ride a bicycle.
  866. One Million 7-12 Year-Olds are Addicted to Facebook
    New research reveals the extent young children are addicted to Facebook.
  867. IBM's Trick or Treat
    Watson faces off against students from Harvard and MIT
  868. At Least Herman Cain Didn't Show His Weiner
    Why political sex scandals hurt some more than others
  869. Greece Expelled From EU?
    “Nothing from the Germans and French towards the Greeks has done you any good.”
  870. Offices of French Magazine Ruined After Printing Mohammed Cartoon
    The popular French magazine was attacked after its portrayal of Mohammed debuted.
  871. Is Greek Referendum to Prevent Fine Print Manipulations?
    Is the Greek PM Papandreou insisting on a referendum to protect Greece from the fine print manipulations of the Bank lobby
  872. India Vs Pakistan: The Most Favored Notion!
    Reciprocation is poised to become the Most Favored Notion now for India and Pakistan!
  873. Cassel: King for a Day
    Matt Cassel and the Chiefs take charge
  874. Levis Jeans Reduces Carbon Footprint
    World's Largest Denim Producer Is Turning Blue Jeans Green
  875. November 2, 2011

    Helping Kids Bridge the Virtual World and the Real World
    Help your children transition away from the computer with free printable activity sheets.
  876. Blending the Old School Classic with a New Age Twist
    Some old school competition among the kids with drawing, coloring
  877. Federal School Lunch Program Gets Advice
    Proposed Changes Invigorate Discussion
  878. He is NOT the Father: Justin Bieber Denies Fathering Child.
    Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber, 17, allegedly fathered a child.
  879. Ironic Twist: Homeless Join Occupy Movement, Economic System Failure Overload
    Protesters Work Toward Resolving Issues Created by Homeless at Occupy Sites
  880. ITunes May Owe You Money
    Class Action Lawsuit Entitles ITunes Gift Card Recipients to ITunes Store Credit
  881. World Against Democracy – Especially in Greece
    The evidence is overwhelming that the world is against Democracy in Greece.
  882. Powerful British Crime Drama: Without Motive on DVD
    A detective’s desperate hunt for a serial killer, WITHOUT MOTIVE is intense, gritty, dark, and engaging.
  883. Have You Seen These Children? Kimberly, 12, and Jonathan, 9, Lorrigan, Chula Vista, CA
    Missing Children: Kimberly Lorrigan, age 12, and Jonathan Lorrigan, age 9, are believed to have been abducted from Chula Vista, CA.
  884. Have You Seen These Children? Conner Keith, KY; Megumi Worden, VA
    Missing Children: Conner Keith, 2 months old, Campbellsville, Kentucky; and Megumi Worden, 4 years old, Arlington, VA (and Greene County, MS).
  885. Misguided Eating: The Nose to Toes Food Trend
    Do lions, tigers and bears covet the nasty bits?
  886. KidTunes: Songs from the Baobab: African Lullabies & Nursery Rhymes
    Ease baby to sleep with gentle melodies from Central and West Africa.
  887. Bank Transfer Day, Credit Unions, And The War On Wall Street
    Customers fed up with Bank of America's debit fee will vote with their feet on Bank Transfer Day, Saturday November 5th.
  888. The Benefits of Hiring & Promoting Insiders for Open Jobs
    Filling open positions with internal applicants can hold big benefits and avoid big costs in time and money
  889. Homes Of The Progressive And Occupy Protest Minded
    Exposed to this information, one could project that this Occupy Movement is not about what the protesters say it is.
  890. What are Matt Forte and LeSean McCoy Worth?
    40 million reasons to read this.
  891. Official Gmail App Available for iOS devices, Missing Notifications
    The long awaited Gmail app from Google is now available in the iTunes App Store, but is missing notifications.
  892. GMail App Released for Apple iOS Devices
    GMail, the popular mail client from Google, has just made a home for itself on Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads.
  893. Don't Blame The Fat Gene!
    Researchers have found that the fat gene is only one factor in obesity. Physical exercise makes a very big difference.
  894. SAT Practice and Lower Scores: A Direct Correlation
    Why a total lack of SAT prep is leading to unsurprisingly terrible scores across the country.
  895. Half of Young Workers Would Prefer Facebook Access to a Salary Rise
    New research from Cisco reveals the extent younger employees will go to get access to Facebook.
  896. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo – How 'Mild, Pure & Gentle' Is It?
    Johnson’s Baby products are synonymous with purity and mildness. How much longer will that be the case?
  897. Breast Milk Donations Needed!
    Many babies may die unless more donated breast milk becomes available to save them.
  898. Duqu Worm: Precursor to a More Devastating Attack?
    A new trojan, Duqu, is attacking organizations across the globe thru an infected Microsoft Word Document. Security patch from Microsoft soon to come.
  899. Tim Cook's Era at Apple: Will It be Even Better?
    Apple is Tim Cook's Company now!
  900. GarageBand Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch
    Apple's GarageBand version 1.1 is now available and adds support for the iPhone and iPod Touch
  901. HM7000 Brings Bluetooth Headsets to New Level
    Samsung unveils the HM7000 its latest entry into Bluetooth headsets
  902. UK X Factor: Professor Green ft. Emili Sandé 'Read All About It'
    'Britain's s***** answer to Eminem and Rihanna's 'Love the Way You Lie'
  903. Alcohol and Breasts – What's Your Cancer Connection?
    That warm feeling and flushed face that you get when you drink alcohol might just be killing you.
  904. Ceremonial Eating!
    Eat, eat and be merry!
  905. Most Americans Not Engaged with Their Work
    Gallup data reveals over 70% of Americans are disengaged at work.
  906. Apple's Newest Venture Codenamed, "Project Dolphin A Expanded": What is it?
    Apple's Most Ambitious Venture Yet: To Build A Solar Farm?
  907. What Went Wrong at Fukishima? 24 Hours to Meltdown
    What can we learn from the meltdown and man-made disaster at the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant?
  908. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For November 2, 2011
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  909. Going Gaga Over GAGA
    Love her or hate her. Admit it, she is a global brand.
  910. Halloween Post-Mortem
    Another Halloween Has Come and Gone - A Father Reflects
  911. Consistency is the Key
    How does the parent of an only child teach? With consistency!
  912. November 1, 2011

    The other day I had an interview and did just that. But instead of rehashing every question, what popped into my head were things I wouldn’t and likely shouldn’t say. The ‘leftovers’ that are key to the YOU in you, but no one really wants to know and it’s best not to share, at least not on a job interview.
  913. How to get Flawlessly Healthy Skin
    There are steps you can take to help your skin look the best it can look.
  914. Teens Losing Weight Use Wrong-headed Thinking!
    Obese Teens Who Try to Lose Weight Don't Know Right Way, Study Says
  915. 3 Reasons to Relax About Your New Klout Score
    Focus on leads and actions that matter to your business and your Klout score will take care of itself
  916. Mastodon Releases Video for Curl of the Burl and Tour Dates
    Check out Mastodon's new video Curl of the Burl from their sixth album, The Hunter. Catch them on the road.
  917. How ‘Jim The Sabra’ Fixed It For Israel
    Savile had the chutzpa to tell Israel’s Government how to run its affairs!
  918. Muller: "...Global Warming....Why you Should not be a Skeptic"
    Dr. Muller reverses his stance on the proof of global warming
  919. House to Vote on Placing Trust in GOD, but Which One?
    Which god do you serve - for money seems to rule both your parties?
  920. Apple Repeats as #1 Innovator: Can it 3-Peat?
    Will Apple's Future be in the hands of its competitors or its innovative products?
  921. Vitor Belfort Will Fight Anthony Johnson at UFC 142 in Brazil
    Vitor Belfort Vs Anthony "Rumble" Johnson is set to take place at UFC 142 in Brazil.
  922. Jose Aldo Will Take on Chad Mendes at UFC 142 in Brazil
    Chad Mendes enters enemy territory against featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 142 in Brazil.
  923. Philadelphia Eagles Running Back Lesean McCoy: Take 2
    Part 2 in NFL Agent JR Rickert's series on Philadelphia Eagles Running Back Lesean McCoy.
  924. Bank of America Cancels New $5 Debit Card Fee
    After a month of negative press and pressure, Bank of America cancelled its proposed $5 debit card fee.
  925. A Serial Entrepreneur’s Take On Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson’s Venture Deals
    Two Leading Venture Capitalists Share Their Secrets
  926. A Heart For Service: Interview with Bob Wright, COO of Charley's Grilled Subs
    Bob Wright, COO of Charley's Grilled Subs, has been in the franchise industry for over 20 years. Hear what you need to become a successful Charley's franchisee, what makes him tick and how he got his start.
  927. New I Bond Earnings Rate Falls to 3.06%
    The new I Bond rates for November 2011 through May 2012 have been announced
  928. Retailers Still Have Time to Prepare for Holiday 2011
    Preparing for holiday shopping that will be mobile driven
  929. The Butterfly Effect of Marketing
    Doing small things now can yield big, positive results later. But you often have little or no control. So stay aligned with your brand values, and start LOTS of little things.
  930. Britain Bottom of the League for Age Discrimination
    New research shows that Britain has some of the worst attitudes towards the elderly in the world.
  931. Poll Reflects Small Business Benefit From Social Media Tools
    FB, Twitter Touted As Significant Engines For Business Growth
  932. 6+ M Views of Lenovo Promo Video on YouTube - Launch of Space Lab Competition
    Lenovo and YouTube launch teen's science project into space
  933. Going Green Globally
    Are customers in less developed countries more interested in green consumables than Americans? Based on ImagePower Global Green Brands Survey...
  934. iPhone 4S Users Reporting New Audio Echo Bug
    The Apple iPhone 4S has a new issue, this time with Audio Echoing during calls using the headset.
  935. NYC's Halloween Day Parade in Greenwich Village, Celebrating Thousands
    Spooky, Freaky, Spectral, NYC Greenwich Village Halloween Parade 2011
  936. Stuck In A Beauty Rut? Try These Sure-Fire Fixes, STAT!
    Is your beauty routine screaming snoozeville? It’s time to break the same ole’, same ole’ cycle, ladies.
  937. Manchester United to Launch New Social Network
    Premier League champions are believed to be on the verge of launching their own social networking site.
  938. Are Your Children Safe in Boy Scouts?
    During the last three decades, the Boy Scouts have allegedly covered up a parents worst nightmare.
  939. Does a Kim Kardashian Divorce Count?
    Back on the Market
  940. Will Student Loans Soon Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?
    Rep. Clark's plan would allow student loan debt to be discharged in bankruptcy.
  941. Are Companies Beginning to Quit Social Media?
    New research reveals that social media usage amongst big companies has plateaued in 2011.
  942. No Tomorrow for the Greek Government?
    Lawmakers resignation causes rattles inside the Greek goverment
  943. Ronny Turiaf to Join Tony Parker in Lyon
    Vive le lockout!! The NBA work stoppage-inspired exodus continues, changing the landscape of French professional basketball...for now.
  944. Anti-bullying Week 2011 - 14-18 November.
    Anti-Bullying Week is coming soon.
  945. Just Passing Through – How China's Emissions Actually Come Right Back At Us
    A new study draws big black arrows of carbon emissions from source to consumer - and China's off the hook
  946. College Costs Are Up.... Again. Why Are People Still Paying?
    It's no news that college costs are up again. The real news is that people are still paying for it.
  947. Kimball-Jamison: A Melodic Rock Masterpiece
    The new Kimball-Jamison CD packs a melodic rock punch.
  948. Golden Debut of the Russian Skater
    Elizaveta Tuktamisheva Took Her First Senior's Gold
  949. Forest Gump, Chocolate Boxes and Stock Markets
    In many ways the markets are just like that box of chocolates from Forest Gump, you never know which one you’re going to get.
  950. Tasty Treat Becomes a Black Trick on All Saints Day: Don't Overindulge on Licorice!
    Halloween Alerted Health Hazard in Licorice
  951. Facebook Looks Beyond The U.S.
    Facebook has its eye on Europe
  952. Kim Kardashian's Divorce: Uh, Are We Supposed To Care?
    The latest Kim Kardashian exploits, why do we care?