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  1. April 30, 2012

    Coyuchi On Environmental Contributions
    Coyuchi, a home based brand, talks about how it helps to beautify Mother Earth
  2. Couponing and the Modern Savings Model – Interview with Linkable Networks CEO, Tom Burgess
    Couponing isn't just for grandmothers and the Sunday paper anymore. In fact, the latest technologies are much more transparent, easier to use, and even "cool."
  3. Childcare Costs Keeping Women Out of Workforce
    The cost of child care makes it difficult for families to justify sending both parents into the workforce.
  4. Keeping Autism Awareness Alive
    Autism Awareness Month is done, now what?
  5. Talking Negatively About Your Body can Lead to Depression
    How "Fat Talk" can lead to depression and negative body image.
  6. Flame Retardant Chemicals and Autism? No Clear Connection
    Just because a furniture company makes the claim doesn't make it true.
  7. Louboutin: the Color of Love
    LOUBOUTIN fashion
  8. Caught Nodding Off at Work? You're Not Alone!
    About 30% of the U.S. workforce gets less than 6 hours sleep each night.
  9. Apple Is Taking Over The World - Infographic
    Apple is shown just how big they are in this new infographic released to the media.
  10. Aamir Khan Set To Create History In Indian Television!
    The perfectionist understands the pulse of India only too well!
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  11. Sony PlayStation Vita Review
    We give the Sony PlayStation Vita a complete review and let you know whether or not it's worth your money
  12. Larry King Tells the Truth in New Book
    Larry King, the king of talk show hosts, takes a turn at answering questions about his show, career and marriage in new book.
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  13. No Hulu For You!
    A pay TV subscription will soon be required to use your Hulu service.
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  14. Expand Your Use of the Cloud: Using Cloud Services for ITaaS
    The switch to cloud services can help streamline your IT department.
  15. 3 Types of Social Media Signals – Interview with Robert Pease, CEO of Nearstream
    No one likes being treated like a lead, so identifying and responding to social media signals is very much an art.
  16. Marriage Insurance - A Twist in Divorce
    You could get a payout of $100,000 if you stay married 25 years.
  17. Hype Reaches New Heights
    Simmer down on "spin," unless your customers can share in the celebration.
  18. Trump and Turbines
    Donald Trump Provides a Green Energy Solution with His Own Hot Air
  19. Amazon's Kindle Fire Tops All Android Tablets
    Kindle Fire Is The #1 Android Tablet On The Market
  20. Why are the Taliban Tuning Into Social Media?
    Is it a surprise that the Taliban is embracing social media to research and reach out to its audiences?
  21. 25% of Brits Watch Most of Their TV on Demand
    New research reveals the number of people watching television on demand is 26%.
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  22. Heroes in the Sky - Review
    A look into a fast paced and fun flight simulator set in World War II
  23. Talent Shortage Could Make Big Data a Bit Smaller
    The promise of Big Data might be undermined by a lack of talent.
  24. New Bill Will Outlaw Employers Demanding Access to Facebook Accounts
    A new bill aims to block employers attempts to get access to employees Facebook accounts.
  25. No Center of Excellence in Social – Interview with Marshall Sponder, Author of Social Media Analytics
    There's no "center of excellence" yet in social. 5 reasons why and advice on how to manage despite them.
  26. April 29, 2012

    Ha Long Bay Among the Five Tropical Paradises in Asia
    Ha Long Bay is among the top five tropical paradises in Asia as ranked by the American television network CNN.
  27. Study Suggests Analytical Thinking Hazardous to Your Faith in God
    Results from a study recently published in the journal Science suggest that analytical thinking can undermine your faith.
  28. A Rough and Tumble Round 4 Itaipava Sao Paulo Indy 300 Presented By Nestle
    Unapproved engine changes, which incur 10-grid spot penalties, were made by several teams including ... Lotus.
  29. New P. J. Pacifico EP to be Available for Free Dowload
    Folk rock EP from P. J. Pacifico
  30. Will Americans See A New Mitt Romney During the General Election Campaign?
    Do You Know the Real Romney Yet?
  31. Google Gamifies Maps. Where Will the Cube Take You?
    Google releases Maps Cube, a play-to-learn game that, through playing six rotating fun levels, provides an understanding of lesser known Maps features.
  32. Music Business Makes a Lot of “Noize” in Hollywood
    Radio executives, independent music label executives and independent artists huddle at Musicians Institute to learn the "State of the Industry"
  33. Google Glass Project With Its Future Impact
    Google Glass project with its promising prospects and interesting facts
  34. Dadas’ Dadagiri In IPL Cricket
    Indian cricketers' disdain for the tigers continues
  35. Derrick's (Not So) Rose-y Future
    Derrick Rose has a long road to recovery, but he is deserving of a second chance
  36. April 28, 2012

    Rowdy Rocks Richmond
    Kyle Busch wins, Earnhardt Jr. doesn't, and Carl Edwards falters down the stretch.
  37. This Week's Tips, Trips and Traps: Searching by Images, Not Key Words
    How 'bout this: stop searching with key words and search by image? New site matches image choice with travel personality and makes suggestions.
  38. Losing a Broadcasting Legend: Pete Fornatale
    Pete Fornatale became a legend in the early days of FM radio. There was a reason...he was that good.
  39. Internationl Jazz Day Celebration Begins
    UNESCO sponsers celebration of jazz
  40. Movies, Sex and The Mob
    A new book tells tales of major film stars and a movie world ruled by sex and tainted by the mob.
  41. April 27, 2012

    Bulgari Octo Maserati Timepiece unveiled in South Beach
    This highly anticipated masterful timepiece will be unveiled in an exclusive invitation-only soiree at the Setai hotel on Friday, April 27th
  42. Apple iPhone and iPad Corporate Domination - Android Losing
    Apple is leading Android in the corporate enterprise battle by a long shot.
  43. MuckerLabs Holds Inaugural Demo Day, First Look at 9 LA-based Startups
    LA's newest startup accelerator, MuckerLab reveals it's inaugural class of 9 startups at Demo Day.
  44. Brendon Small's Galaktikon: Exclusive Full Album Stream
    Listen to the exclusive full album stream for Galaktikon, the latest project from Metalocalypse creator, Brendon Small.
  45. Why Underplanning Your Vacation Makes Everyone Happy
    Travel tips for an enjoyable journey.
  46. Google's New Easter Egg? Zergs! Let the Search War Begin!
    Google has released a new, fun-filled Easter Egg, based on the StarCraft computer game series, as tiny o's try to destroy your search results. Here's how to play!
  47. Is Klout Score The New Hiring Trend?
    Is Klout Score Important To Get Hired For A Job?
  48. Do You Have Enough Social Media Klout?
    A strong understanding of social media is important these days, even critical, but has your own social graph got enough Klout?
  49. Samsung Topples Nokia as the Biggest Maker of Mobile Phones
    Samsung has overtaken Nokia as the largest vendor of mobile phones in the world.
  50. Pep Guardiola Resigns from Barca
    Barcelona FC coach Pep Guardiola announces his resignation at the end of this season.
  51. “What Do We Do with All This Data?” According to LinkedIn
    Big data, how LinkedIn uses it, and a sales guy named "Chip."
  52. Arizona and the Politics of Abortion
    Here we go again...
  53. Charles Taylor Escapes Judgment For Murders At Home
    Liberian monster convicted only of killings next door
  54. Beyond Elm Street: A Conversation with Actress Amanda Wyss
    Actress Amanda Wyss, Star of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" discusses her amazing career!
  55. A Conversation With Actress Michelle Page
    Actress Michelle Page discusses her latest movie "Rogue River" and more in this exclusive interview!
  56. April 26, 2012

    March to Misery Complete: Bobcats Are Worst Team Ever
    Charlotte Bobcats set a new mark for futility after a 7-59 season.
  57. Teen Girls Take More Risks While Driving, New Survey Finds
    Teen girls are 15% more likely to engage in distracted driving than teen boys. However, teens as a whole are mindful of what is considered a distraction.
  58. PUMA Ocean Race Team Hold Offs The Competition
    As dawn broke on Thursday about 1300 UTC, Skipper Ken Read’s PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG was in possession of a commanding lead with a north east advantage over the rest of the field in the 2012 Volvo Ocean Race.
  59. Streetcar Named Desire on Broadway: An Electric and Stunning Revival for the Ages
    Broadway's Streetcar Revival is a Work of Pure Genius
  60. Does Google Project Glass Have Staying Power?
    Or Will the Novelty Die Off?
  61. Wake Up And Smell The Radiation
    Japan's Fukushima Reactors continue to harm the planet.
  62. The "Black" 'Steel Magnolias'... Will This Be a Do or a Don't?
    Kesha of Weighs In On the Hotly Anticipated Television Remake
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  63. Mitt Romney’s “Bless his Little Heart” Strategy in Post-Racist America
    Is Mitt Romney's campaign strategy too risky for a man of his abilities?
  64. Google's Sergey Brin Talks About Threats On Internet Freedom
    Sergey Brin Expresses Dismay On Facebook, China And Iran
  65. Google Over Optimized Site Crackdown - Is Your Site Good to Go?
    Over optimization can now lower your site ranking in Google. Here's what you can do about it.
  66. Saying “I Love You” at 35,000 Feet, From Seat 7B
    If cell phones are dangerous to a plane’s navigation system, why allow them on board in the first place? Go ahead, say "I love You" on your cell phone, 32,000 feet in the air.
  67. Teens Drinking Hand Sanitizer: Anomaly or Dangerous New Trend?
    Teens have found a new and dangerous way to get drunk—they're drinking hand sanitizer, which is 62 % ethyl alcohol.
  68. The Real Way to Avoid a Student Loan Debt Crisis
    The real way to avoid a student loan debt crisis.
  69. John 5 - Rob Zombie Guitarist Discusses God Told Me To, New Zombie Album and Tours
    A chat with Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 about side projects, new solo and Zombie albums, his history and tours.
  70. Whatever Happened To Satya Sai Baba - The Man Who Was God?
    Whether he was God or not, at the minimum, he knew exactly what lead to the massacre of several young people in his Ashram one night and the serious allegations of sexual abuse brought out in the BBC report of 2004.
  71. April 25, 2012

    If We Wanted A Free And Constitutional America To Fail ...
    The Paul Harvey radio show helped to stitch the fabric of a true American view or culture.
  72. American Reel (2003) Offers David Carradine in a Winning Performance
    The story of an overnight success - twenty years in the making...
    in Film
  73. Fish Don’t Blink (2002) Is Pleasantly Surprising
    FISH DON’T BLINK is a pleasant surprise from 2002.
    in Film
  74. Have a Baby, Lose a Friend
    Differing parenting styles can be the death knell for friendships
  75. Action Packed Three Minutes in Already Gone
    Already Gone is a short action film from director Ross Ching, starring Harry Shum Jr. & Shawn Ashmore.
  76. Are Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr Leading the Way in a Content Censorship Wave?
    As photo sharing sites define inappropriate content, are they redefining our cultural sensibilities?
  77. 1 Billion Facebook Users: Now or Later
    Facebook slows its approach 10 1 Billion users
  78. Kill (2011) Channels Saw (Unsuccessfully)
    “Six people. One dream vacation. One twisted game. One rule—kill.” Better rule: don’t watch it.
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  79. Intel Launches Its Next-Gen Processor: Ivy Bridge
    Intel Unveils Its 3rd-Gen Hi-Resolution Processor
  80. Evernote DevCup 2012 Details, $100k in Prize Money up for Grabs
    Evernote announces DevCup 2012, looking for the next great application using the popular cloud-based storage API.
  81. Apple WWDC 2012 Announced for June 11 - iPhone 5 Cometh?
    Apple has announced WWDC 2012 for June 11 - 15, where tickets are already sold out.
  82. Banks Can't Repay TARP Loans
    $15 billion is owed by 351 small banks across the United States.
  83. Asteroid Mining Being Planned by Billionaires
    Should boredom strike you with mining gold, head north for riches. Way north.
  84. Gingrich Camp: Newt is Out
    One-time front-runner 2012 GOP candidate Newt Gingrich, after suffering a slew of defeats in primaries, will withdraw from the race, according to those close to him.
  85. Friendster Relaunches As A Social Gaming Portal
    Friendster Is Back To Compete With Other Online Game Platforms
  86. State Troopers Escort Cars On 100 Mph Ride
    Allegedly weaving in and out of traffic, the convoy raced down the Garden State Parkway.
  87. Ford Reduces Waste by 10% Through Better Recycling
    Ford have pledged to reduce their waste by 10% per vehicle by the end of 2012.
  88. Marilyn Manson: Hey Cruel World Tour
    Hey Cruel World dates, Manson's first tour since 2009. Watch "No Reflection" from Born Villain, set to drop May 1st.
  89. The Holy Trinity Of Political Leadership
    Being Liked, Trusted And Respected
  90. Just How Superficial are American Voters? You'd be Surprised
    American politics are in a sad state, and maybe it's time to blame the voters.
  91. TransferJet Transfers Entertainment Across Multiple Devices
    "Touch and Get" transfer technology ups the ante on mobile entertainment
  92. Book: Election Year Guide to Mitt Romney's Religion
    Does God live on a planet near a giant star named Kolob?
  93. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For April 25, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse's Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  94. Image Comics - New Release Reviews For April 25, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Image Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  95. April 24, 2012

    Enough With Professional Politicians! Go Away!
    Liars, false promises, lack of leadership describes these.
  96. March US New Home Sales Down 7%
    The supply of new homes is at a low not seen since 1963.
  97. Apple Q2 2012 Earnings Set Another Record with $39.2 Billion
    Apple soars past Wall Street estimates with another record breaking earnings call for Q2 2012.
  98. The Hobbit Movie; Little Folk, Big Changes
    "The Hobbit" movie, smaller story, bigger impact
    in Film
  99. The Right of the People (1986) Needs Amending
    Guns don’t start revolutions…they end them. (THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE, 1986)
    in Film
  100. Google Drive Just Released: Will Google Drive By DropBox?
    Breaking News: Google Drove Into DropBox's Headquarters this morning!
  101. UFC 145: The Battle of Former Brothers
    The UFC returned to Pay Per View on Saturday April 21
  102. Get Fresh Healthy Skin Just in Time for Spring
    Now that spring is here get your skin looking refreshed and vibrant.
  103. Lung Cancer Though You Don't Smoke? Yes! Decrease Your Risk: Aspirin Study
    If You Take Aspirin Will You Lower Your Risk For Lung Cancer?
  104. Google Drive Arrives - First Details
    Google's long-anticipated online file storage and sharing tool Drive has finally arrived - do you have yours? Here are some first details...
  105. Google Drive About to Drop!
    While rumors swamp the Internet about Google's Drive eminent release, the search giant has quietly released a major upgrade to their Docs tool which hints at a Tuesday Drive unveil.
  106. Dick Clark's Style Changed America
    Clark let teens be teens and got out of their way.
  107. PinView: The Unwanted Birth of a Pinterest & Facebook Baby
    Can Facebook be any less usable?
  108. Will Power's First Celebration At The 38th Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach
    Myles Regan captured some 140 images detailing Will Power's first celebration winning the 38th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.
  109. Vice Raid (1960): More Sermon than Sex
    Syndicate Owned Sin-Center Smashed! Phony model agency exposed as B-girl headquarters! (VICE RAID PR)
    in Film
  110. April 23, 2012

    Wanted: The True Story of Leslie Ibsen Rogge
    The story of Les Rogge, once number seven on the FBI Most Wanted, is detailed in a new book.
  111. The Skinny About The Fat Cat
    Santa Fe Fat Cat Must Lose 10 Pounds
  112. Pharaoh’s Curse (1957) Finally on DVD
    Unleashing 4,000 years of horror upon this century! ("Pharaoh’s Curse" tagline)
    in Film
  113. An Opening for Microsft and Nokia?
    Can Microsoft and Nokia Successfully Counterattack in the Smartphone Wars?
  114. America Celebrates National Parks Week
    National Parks Week Is April 21 To April 29, 2012
  115. Romney’s Search For A Poor Daddy
    Give me a poor daddy
  116. Two New Tribeca DVDs Starring Veteran Actors in End-of-Life Roles
    “Never go down without a fight.” (THE LAST RITES OF JOE MAY)
    in Film
  117. Cricket T20 IPL-5: When Gayle Broke A Nose!
    He broke the nose of a little girl!
  118. Tired of Traveling With Ugly People?
    "Who needs money? Beautiful people travel for free," say a brand new web site dedicated to bringing "beautiful women" together with "generous men"
  119. Samsung Galaxy S III Images Are Online
    Images of the Samsung Galaxy S model GT-i9300 have been published online, with false casing.
  120. Samsung Releases Teaser Video for Next Galaxy Device
    Samsung releases a teaser video online for the Next Galaxy device launch.
  121. Why A Prominent Start-up Executive Wants You to Get Fired and Fail
    Sometimes Failure Is What It Takes For Entrepreneurs To Focus
  122. The Affordable, Advanced SMM Tool You May Not Yet Know - Interview with Actionly CEO, Alex Furtado
    If you haven't heard of Actionly it may be because it's hard to believe such a well-integrated SMM is available at a starting price of around $5/month per user.
  123. Hamlin Enjoys the Sunshine at Kansas
    Changing track conditions at Kansas pushed Hamlin to the lead for his first victory at Kansas Speedway.
  124. Flowers for Mother Earth
    CEO Robert McLaughlin talks about how Organic Bouquet gives back to Mother Earth
  125. Facebook Credits Lawsuit May Have Merits
    Is Facebook a necessity of life or a child?
  126. The Way of Ken Goldstein
    In a life altering interview with Technorati's Bryan Cain-Jackson, author Ken Goldstein discusses his motivational book series The Way of the Nerd and what's necessary for people to achieve the life of natural living.
  127. A Conversation With Actor Oliver Muirhead
    Actor Oliver Muirhead discusses his most recent Sundance award winning film, "Like Crazy" along with his writing prowess and obsessive hobby. A must read!
  128. Interview: Metalocalypse Creator Brendon Small Talks Galaktikon and Dethklok
    METALOCALYPSE creator discusses Galaktikon, set for release April 29, 2012, creating the show and plans for a DETHKLOK Dethalbum 3.
  129. Sonia Gandhi - The Hapless Italian Anchor of The Enrica Lexie Affair
    If he had any notion of the narrow political mentality and complex religious influence in the lives of the people of the beautiful state of Kerala, he would have been happy to welcome the Somali pirates he was trying to avoid, abord his ship instead of taking his ship anywhere near it.
  130. The 5 Pillars of Collaboration - Interview with Dan Latendre,CEO of IGLOO Software
    A company and product built upon 5 (maybe 6 pillars) is proving quite appealing to companies seeking to leverage social.
    in IT
  131. April 22, 2012

    Four Locations for Possible Kings' Relocation
    With the cloud of relocation still around the Kings, if they leave Sacramento, four cities look to be new suitors.
  132. Warhol Musical to Open in Pittsburgh
    Andy Warhol on stage in Pittsburgh
  133. File Sharing and Copyright Math
    Entertainment Industry Wants Downloading Shutdown
  134. Debate Over Tax Increases to End Soon
    Francois Hollande promises 75% tax rates on the ultra-wealthy.
  135. This Week’s Travel Tips, Trips and Traps: What Goes on in the Cockpit?
    What goes on in airplane cockpits? Romance? Sleep? And are free hotel nights worth it? This week's Travel Tips, Trips and Traps
  136. The Simple Pleasures of Autism
    Children with Autism are just as human as other children.
  137. What Matters Most in Election 2012 for Voters Belonging to Faith Communities
    New survey by the Barna Group gives insight on how the faith of likely voters affects the issues they care about.
  138. Obama Offers Sweepstakes Dinner in L.A.
    Want a free lunch with George Clooney and Barbra Streisand?
  139. April 21, 2012

    Columbine Anniversary
    Mythical marijuana day likely remembered more than massacre
  140. Should You Ever Spy on Your Child’s Facebook Account—Or Spot-Check Their Bedroom?
    The idea of spying on our kids can make us feel uncomfortable, but is a parent ever justified in doing so?
  141. Trang An, an Outdoors Vietnamese Geological Museum
    Discover this Asian landscape made up of a cave system connected by water. This place has a wild beauty and unique names.
  142. Empowering Women: IKEA Joins Efforts With UNDP
    IKEA and the UN to help build rural women's financial skills
  143. More Windows, Less Confusion
    3 Windows to serve them all
    in IT
  144. Car Production in Europe to Collapse?
    Explosion in German chemical plant may collapse production of cars in Europe.
  145. Big Brother Boxes Mandatory in Your Car
    By 2015, all cars sold in the US might soon contain black boxes that will track your vehicle's movements.
  146. 500px App Released for Android
    Challenging Flickr on every front
  147. Study: 26% of Americans Had Health Insurance Gap Last Year
    The primary cause of this gap in coverage is job-related, according to the Commonwealth Fund.
  148. New iPhone 5 May Use In-Cell Touch Panel Display
    Apple may be switching to an in-cell touch panel from capacitive touchscreen to make the iPhone 5 lighter.
  149. Why LG's Greenest Smartphone Should Be Greener
    Sustainable Progress for Earth Day and Beyond
  150. Intel Launches Smartphone Xolo X900 in Asia
    Lava Xolo X900 By Intel Unveiled In India
  151. April 20, 2012

    Teen Raps Money Management
    Las Vegas teen raps about personal finances to win contest
  152. For Better or For Work Book Review
    New book examines the impact, for better or for worse, of owning and growing a business on families and relationships.
  153. What Does It Take to Be an Olympian?
    Dominique Dawes and Megan Rapinoe in Technorati interview on becoming an Olympian.
  154. The #Thinspo Controversy Continues on Social Media.. Who's at Fault?
    Instagram May Become the New Playground for #Thinspo Fans
  155. Addison Lee Chairman Condones Knocking Cyclists From Their Bikes?
    Chairman of Addison Lee blunders again after saying drivers of his companies cars are blameless if they knock cyclists over.
  156. Lotus Legion May Not Be at Full Strength at Indy500
    The IZOD IndyCar Series key person will have to make a decision, and soon to avert an ugly mutany.
  157. Samsung Galaxy 10.1-Inch Tab 2 to Launch with Quad-Core CPU?
    Galaxy Tab 2 To Get A Better and Faster Processor Before Launch?
  158. Experience The Devil's Carnival
    The Devil's Carnival is a movie going experience unlike any you've ever seen. Find out why from the creators themselves.
  159. Point Bonita Lighthouse Reopens After Two Years
    New bridge at Point Bonita lighthouse allows public to visit for the first time in two years
  160. Study: 16 Percent Increase in Men with Eating Disorders
    There has been a 16% increase in the number of men and boys admitted to the hospital for eating disorders.
  161. April 19, 2012

    Lifecrowd Announces $5Mil in Initial Funding, Helping Bridge Online/Offline Worlds
    Lifecrowd secures $5mil in funding, looks to expand operations for their social discovery platform that helps people find things to do in their area.
  162. Friend Request: Parenting On Facebook
    Checking on teen's online activity keeps parents connected and informed
  163. Ted Nugent’s Dirty Little Secret
    There is a secret hiding under Ted Nugent's anti-government rant.
  164. N.Y. Attorney General Claims Sprint Owes $300 Million
    The State of New York seeks $300 million from Sprint for failure to pay taxes.
  165. Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review
    The Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets a quick review and see how it stacks up to other smartphones.
  166. India Successfully Launches First Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
    Agni-V brings all of Asia including northernmost parts of China, 70% of Europe and other regions under it’s strike range.
  167. Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf & Her Triumph Over Rape
    Jennifer Wheatley-Wolf discusses that terrifying August morning in 1988; her new book discusses her rise to strength and triumph over that fateful night and encourages other victims to speak up
  168. The Amish NFL???
    Several developments during the past few months may lead some fans to think the NFL leadership has pro-Amish leanings.
  169. Football Club Calls in the Police After Teenage Fan Leaks New Kit Photos
    A young football fan gets into trouble after posting photos of his teams new kit before the initial launch.
  170. April 18, 2012

    Exposed: The Mislabeling of Some "Toxin-Free" Nail Polish Causes Concern
    A recent report found toxic chemicals present in so-called "toxin-free" nail polishes used in California salons.
  171. Thanks Dodd-Frank. You Got Us Again!
    New regulation designed to help actually hurts in the real world.
  172. BBC Looks at the World of Shakespeare
    Shakespeare's world revealed
  173. “Marvel's The Avengers” Film Features Super Cast
    Be seen as in-the-know by your kids this summer.
    in Film
  174. iPhone 5 LiquidMetal Design Update at WWDC 2012 in June
    Apple redesigning the iPhone 5 with liquidmetal casing, may show at WWDC in June 2012.
  175. An Alternative Approach to Prostate Cancer Treatment
    Prostate Cancer can be cured through high frequency sound waves.
  176. FirstRain Releases FirstTweets™, Aims to Glean Business Intelligence from Tweets
    FirstRain releases FirstTweets to filter millions of tweets to find the information useful for business & customer intelligence.
  177. How to Make Your Company More Like Apple
    How to Make Your Company More Like Apple
  178. Why You Should Care About Warren Buffett's Prostate
    Warren Buffett's health announcement is an important statement about CEO responsibility.
  179. Travel Tips, Trips and Traps
    Today's travel news, from Conde Nasts' Hot Hotel list to Caribbean deals and successful QR codes
  180. Facebook Adds New Music Feature
    Facebook Unveils Listen To Music Button: Google+ and MySpace To Feel The Heat?
  181. A Provocative Artistic Idea to Set a Taboo Right Which Went Wrong
    From the way the whole exhibition was reported and the huge negative reaction it has generated, especially in the world African population who tent to depict it as an outrage against African race and women, it looks like its intended purpose and artistic merit are getting lost in the cry of outrage.
  182. Three out of Four Web Users Would Say no to Cookies
    New research shows that when given the choice, most web users would refuse cookies.
  183. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For April 18, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse's Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  184. Image Comics - New Release Reviews For April 18, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Image Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  185. April 17, 2012

    My Love Affair & The Art of Creative Endeavors
    My Love Affair is more than a company that helps to buzz a product, it's also pure entertainment
  186. Feed Their Dream, Starve Their Delusion
    Tips to Help Your Child Hope Without the Hubris
  187. Are the Numbers of Elderly Drug and Alcohol Abusers Increasing?
    While the current percentage of over 50’s with a history of drug use is still small, the numbers are steadily increasing. Read this article for more on the thought.
  188. Weight Loss Challenge Nears Goal If Sleep Doesn't Interfere
    "New" Studies Show Diet, Exercise & Traditional Weight Loss Programs Work Best For Losing Weight
  189. Canon Unveils One Of Their Most Expensive Hi-Tech Cameras
    Canon EOS-1D C Is One Of The Most Pricey And Hi-Tech Camera in The World
  190. Q & A with Slippery Seal Creators Rock Out Apps
    Rock Out Apps presents Slippery Seal an informative and fun gaming app that is easy and addictive
  191. MMOLOL.....Freakin' Sweet!
    Family Guy joins the online world of MMOs
  192. Hilary Rosen Was Right
    Spitting in the Holy Well.
  193. Google & Motorola - Chinese Whispers and Puzzles
    Why offloading Motorola Mobility to Huawei makes no sense
  194. Could New Census Data Change Family Trees?
    A tree wouldn't be the same without recent data from the Archives relating to 1940's.
  195. American Express Unstaged Brings It
    American Express Unstaged is bringin' its concert swagger
  196. The Brave, The Bold and The Travel Brands Americans Love
    Low price doesn't really drive travel choices. The love of a brand does! What travel brands do we love?
  197. Lottery Winner Charged, Welfare Fraud: Attorney General
    It's simply common sense that million-dollar lottery winners forfeit their right to public assistance.
  198. Do You Have the Genes of an Athlete?
    A new app lets you compare yourself with Olympic superstars.
  199. April 16, 2012

    A Wiggle in Its Walk at Wegerzyn Gardens
    Artist Patrick Dougherty has created a Seussian outdoor sculpture that inspires and delights
  200. Will Power Comes Full-Circle With Second Win At The 38th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
    Power advanced eleven places to win, Pagenaud two places to P2, and Hinchcliffe thirteen places to stand P3 on the podium!
  201. Officials: Secret Service Had Obama's Schedule Out When Prostitutes Visited Rooms
    Revelations continue about Secret Service members hangout out with prostitutes in Columbia, including that President Obama's schedule was out in the rooms.
  202. Hedge Against Inflation with Real Asset Investments
    If you are concerned that Quantitative Easing poses future inflationary risks then consider hedging with real assets
  203. DIRECTV iPad App Review
    The DIRECTV app for the iPad presents the perfect marriage of advanced technology and usability.
  204. If Romney Loses Florida, Election 2012 Over
    President Obama won the state of Florida in 2008, but the foreclosure problem, high unemployment and gas prices are hurting President Obama in Florida.
  205. NFL 2012: Eagles Mock Draft
    Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft
  206. Just Because Your Content's Online, Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Be Private
    Online data can be private—really private. Most cloud providers don’t guarantee privacy or confidentiality for user data because anyone who can reset your password, can, by definition see your data. That's all changing.
  207. Controversy After Bail Bondsman Buys Las Vegas Golf Trip
    Las Vegas golf trip raises questions about bail bonds marketing.
  208. Apple iPad Mini Coming in Q3 2012 Before Windows 8 Tablets
    Apple launching iPad Mini in Q3 2012 to battle Microsoft Windows 8 tablets.
  209. Samsung Schedules Galaxy S III Announcement
    Samsung schedules live invite-only event in London to reveal the next Galaxy smartphone.
  210. View of Benefits Claimants Tainted by Constant Media Coverage of Thieves
    An insight into the media's coverage of benefit fraud affecting some of the most vulnerable people in society.
  211. J.K. Rowlings' Pottermore Has Officially Launched
    New Harry Potter Site Now Accepts Registration
  212. Government Attorney Suggests Hosting Companies Not Immune
    If they are not immune in this instance, then is your hosting business immune?
  213. Dave Carroll Presents Gripevine
    Dave Carroll goes to bat for consumers with Gripevine
  214. Is Social Media Harming Free Speech?
    A British police officer is in hot water after complaining about the poor fashion on display at the Grand National.
  215. Ford and Dow Automotive Systems Have Joined to Produce Low Weight Automobiles
    Ford and Dow automotive are working in partnership to reduce the weight of future Ford vehicles.
  216. Financing Scandal of the Italian Parties
    Financing corruption hits Italian parties, calling for a urge reform of public financing
  217. The Cartoon Conspiracy And Merciless Mamata!
    Even if you admit Left conspiracies, you cannot escape from wondering if ‘right’ conspiracies are already taking deep roots.
  218. Killed the Video Puzzle – Interview with Jeff Malkin, President of
    A shimmer of light has broken through the digital video cloud formation, and things are now a whole lot easier.
  219. The Digital Olympics
    As the Olympics approach, companies look for innovative ways to reach fanbases. Citi's Every Step is taking initiative.
  220. April 15, 2012

    What Groupon, Living Social and Other Group Buying Businesses Are Doing Wrong
    Group buying businesses need to change the way they do business to succeed.
  221. New iPad Still Tops Gadget Reviews Amidst Heat Problems
    Consumer Reports Gave High Marks On The New iPad Despite Heat Concerns
  222. Connecting Through Mind, Body, Spirit, and Gadget
    "Be together, when you're apart"
  223. Honeywell Turns the Corner
    US conglomerate Honeywell have transformed themselves after a focus on quality and productivity.
  224. Having Money Provides Freedom To Say Anything
    Santorum's donor hopes Obama's teleprompters are bulletproof
  225. Catholic Church Still Paying for Sex Abuse Scandal
    Based on a report released Tuesday, last year the Catholic Church paid over $144 million for credible sex abuse claims.
  226. Obama Delegation, Secret Service Find Trouble Columbia
    The biggest double-shaft the secret service has ever done?
  227. April 14, 2012

    Biffle Claims the Texas Trophy
    Biffle takes Texas amid a full top ten performance by the Hendricks drivers
  228. Steve Blank Discusses Origin And Future Of Lean Startup Movement
    Startups Are Not Just Little Versions Of Big Companies
  229. Civil Rights Vs Gun Rights
    Poll Reflects Support Of Conceal Gun Rights
  230. Google Wind Lets Kite Flyers Find Best Places to Soar
    Google's engineering team has come up with a unique method of allowing us to literally see how the wind is blowing, everywhere.
  231. Titanic disaster completes 100 years, Memories, Prayers all around the Globe
    Events planned all over the world to remember the 100th anniversary of Titanic disaster.
  232. Toronto's New Law To Enforce Green Roofs
    Should cities enforce the public to install green roofs over their property?
  233. Etsy Most Pinned Brand on Pinterest and What That Means for Marketers
    What marketers can learn from Pinterest data, why consumers embrace visual bulletin boards and how business can take advantage.
  234. FA Cup Semi-final live - Liverpool vs Everton at Wembley
    FA Cup Semi-final live - Liverpool vs Everton at Wembley Stadium
  235. American Idol Top 7 "Shocker"
    An American Idol faithful's take on Thursday night's results show.
    in TV
  236. Apple Recruits French Designer for New Revolutionary Product in 2012
    Apple is launching a new revolutionary product designed by Philippe Starck in new interview.
  237. Microsoft Announces Plan To Retire Windows XP
    Windows XP To Cease Operation On April 2014
  238. Trash Tech: Should Americans Be "Taxed" for Food Waste?
    High-Tech Solution for a Low-Tech Service
  239. April 13, 2012

    People Don't Use Social Media at Work to Talk Shop
    New research reveals just what people do when they use social media at work.
  240. The Top Four Reasons To Quit Facebook
    Has the social media titan lost its edge?
  241. A Conversation With Dee Wallace
    Horror film icon, TV Actress and Author Dee Wallace discusses her amazing film career and most recent book, Bright Light: Spiritual Lessons From A Life in Acting.
  242. Scientists Probably Look at 250 Million Light Years Further into the Universe Annually
    Scientists are looking more than 250 million light years farther in the universe annually.
  243. BPM Market to be Worth $5.3 Billion by 2017
    New research suggests the size of the BPM market will reach $5.3 billion by 2017
  244. Hangover Treatment on Vegas Bus
    Celebrating recovery from a night of binge drinking in Vegas became easier.
  245. Purification: A Film, A Game Changer
    Purification stands alone as a genre unto itself
    in Film
  246. April 12, 2012

    Swiftly Moving to Improved Early Breast Cancer Detection
    Scientists are trying hard to improve early breast cancer detection through devices and assays.
  247. General Del Piero
    Alessandro Del Piero Played His 700th Game
  248. Rick Rolls, Twitter Nabs a Killer, and a Mormon Martyr for Motherhood
    So many topics, so little time – a rockin’ week in politics...
  249. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
    Romney blunders with his appeal to women voters
  250. Maruti Ertiga LUV is on the Indian Roads
    The Maruti Ertiga will be launched in colours of blazing red, torque blue, silky silver, arctic white, glistening grey and midnight black.
  251. Car Designs Hinder Child Safety Seat Installation
    Parents already know that child safety seats can be hard to properly install in a strange car.
  252. Cheap Fun Wines: Hot To Trot
    Continuing my series of Cheap Fun Wines, let's talk about a very approachable wine from Washington State called Hot To Trot.
  253. ADHD Diagnosis on the Rise Amongst Kids in North America
    Since 2000, the number of AD/HD diagnoses amongst children has risen a whopping 66 percent , up from 6.2 million kids in 2000 to more than 10 million by 2010.
  254. Ashley Judd--Gloriously Puffing Away
    Ashley Judd, gorgeous as ever, schools us all on our destructive cultural standards.
  255. A New Timeshare Scam
    Timeshare reseller scam artists are adding a new level to their scams bilking even more money from desperate timeshare owners
  256. Will Power - A Resource of Diminishing Returns.
    If you can't resist your favorite treat, you may have used up your willpower quotient for the day.
  257. Stop the Presses: The Future of Newspapers
    The Future of Newspapers
  258. TechStars Cloud Companies Ignite Alamo City
    TechStars Cloud Demo Day was full of companies focused on Analytics, APIs and the General User
  259. Sony SmartWatch: One Step Closer to Dick Tracy
    Sony has introduced the SmartWatch, bringing us one step closer to the instant communication world of detective Dick Tracy.
  260. Details of JK Rowling's Post-Potter Novel Revealed
    English author J. K. Rowling has released details of her first foray into adult literature.
  261. Friendthem: Life Happens When You Connect
    Friendthem takes a Facebook staple and reinvents it in a cool way
  262. Mobile Deluxe Launches Big Win Blackjack for iOS
    Mobile Deluxe launches Big Win Blackjack, helps players even the odds, at online casino's or brick-and-mortar with Professor Blackjack.
  263. A Conversation With Blues Rock Artist Julia Alyce
    Blues Rock Artist Julia Alyce discusses her three-song EP and plans for the future.
  264. Are Desktop Computers Still in Demand?
    Are desktop PCs still in demand while the laptops and tablet PCs are prevailing the market?
  265. New iPhone apps to Prevent Insta-emo
    Instagram alternatives for users who threaten to delete the app
  266. Is Apple to be the Subject of an Anti-Trust Lawsuit?
    Apple is at the centre of an antitrust lawsuit regarding ebook pricing.
  267. The Double Hour (2009) Will Make You Wonder
    A romance. A robbery. A mystery. Nothing is what it seems.
    in Film
  268. The Darkest Hour (2011) Is Dark Indeed
    “This is how it starts.”
    in Film
  269. Of Dolls and Murder (DVD) Recreates the History of Forensics
    “Convict the guilty, clear the innocent and find the truth in a nutshell.”
    in Film
  270. April 11, 2012

    Rick Santorum Drops Out
    Lists a number of personal reasons for the decision.
  271. Magnitude 8.6 Earthquake Strikes Indonesia.
    Massive Earthquake of 8.6 magnitude strikes Aceh province in Sumatra Islands, Indonesia.
  272. Should I Go Vegetarian?
    A recent study explores how consuming non-vegetarian and vegetarian food affects the functioning of our chakras
  273. Loving Your Kids is Not Enough
    Good Parenting Takes More Than Love: Security, Good Decision and Being Present
  274. iTunes 11 Under Development, Released With iPhone 5?
    Apple is currently developing a new major version update for iTunes. Will it come out with the new iPhone 5 in 2012?
  275. Mobile Computing Primary Security Concern for Professionals
    Professionals' top security concern is mobile computing.
  276. 5 PR Recommendations for Ozzie Guillén
    Former MLB Jock Suffers From Classic Case of Foot-in-Mouth Disease on an International Scale
  277. Insurers Flee As Acts of God Increase
    As tornado and hurricane season develops, will your insurance carrier be there?
  278. American Le Mans Series Open-Cockpit Cars Back In Action At Long Beach
    Thirty-five cars racing in five configuration classes are set for the Tequila Patrón American Le Mans Series at Long Beach.
  279. A Conversation with Director Jourdan McClure
    Director Jourdan McClure discusses his first full length feature film: Rogue River starring horror icon Bill Moseley
    in Film
  280. iPad Will Remain Most Popular Tablet for the Next Four Years
    iPad will remain on top of tablet market for the next four years.
  281. Are You a Pollinator? – Interview with Skip Brand, CEO of Martini Media
    The goal for Martini Media, is to help brands understand the value finding the consumers that will advocate them most, and to do so using niche properties.
  282. Gawker Lands the Fox Mole: Enlists Anonymous Fox News Informant
    The story has mystery, deception and the possibility of shedding new light on one of our largest and most controversial news organizations.
  283. How Did We Get to Be So Analytical? Interview with Wynn White, VP of WW Marketing at Birst
    In the world of big data, with the introduction of so many new data touch-points like social media, we've all become much more analytical.
  284. Image Comics - New Release Reviews For April 11, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Image Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  285. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For April 11, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse's Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  286. April 10, 2012

    KidVid: It’s Raining DVDs!
    dancing and adventure to the preschool set., New KidVid offerings feature lots of music.
  287. LED Light Facials are all the Rage - Why are They in Such High Demand?
    Discover what LED light facials are and how you could benefit from their anti-aging benefits.
  288. One Step Closer to a Perfect Diagnostic Tool for Alzheimer’s Disease
    Amyvid, a radioactive compound, could help us in early detection of Alzheimer's disease.
  289. Light It Up Blue for Those with Autism
    April is Autism Awareness Month, and we celebrate by lighting it up blue!
  290. We Bought a Zoo (2011), Now What? (DVD)
    “Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage.”
    in Film
  291. The Commander Is Tremendously Entertaining UK Crime Drama (DVD)
    Available for the first time in the United States--four brilliant murder mysteries, THE COMMANDER – SET 2.
  292. In Memorium: Mike Wallace
    Famed 60 Minutes Correspondent will be missed.
  293. The Truth about Kerry Is Not Pretty (DVD)
    Some secrets should stay dead…
    in Film
  294. iPhone 5 Reportedly Coming In Fall 2012 With 'Sleek Look'
    Apple is rumored to be launching the iPhone 5 in October 2012 with new sleek look says report.
  295. Take A Smooth Ride With Blackberry Porsche P'9981
    Take the keys to this brand new Blackberry Porsche 9981 and enjoy its sleek style and usability.
  296. Earning a Professional Certificate, Not a Degree
    A professional certificate is trending nationwide at mainstream colleges and universities.
  297. No, The Travel Agent is Not Dead
    Reports of The death of the travel agent are premature. Travel agents and agencies are alive and well.
  298. Best Buy CEO Resigns After Earnings Miss
    Best Buy Director and CEO Brian Dunn Announces His Resignation.
  299. Dropbox Doubles Up on Space for Referrals
    Cloud-based file storage and sharing service Dropbox has doubled the space provided free for new user referrals.
  300. National Park Week Offers Free Entrance To National Parks
    Visit national parks from April 21 - 29 at no cost
  301. Iran Looks to Switch off the Internet
    Iran reveals that it plans to turn off the Internet, launching a government supplied service in its place.
  302. Teen Births in U.S. Have Reached the Lowest Level in More Than 60 Years
    Teen births has reached the lowest level in U.S. in 2010 since 1946.
  303. The Deal Vs. Engagement; Stringfly Engages
    Stringfly and CEO Vincent Butta why getting paid to be engaged is better than the deal
  304. IBM’s Collaboration with ASTRON to Look Behind the Edges of the Universe
    IBM and ASTRON has collaborated in the project DOME to explore the edges of the universe.
  305. Acer Launches C120 Ultraportable Pico Projector
    Acer has launched Acer C120 ultraportable pico projector that is palm sized projector.
  306. Happy Easter. Christ Is Risen? Some Agree, Others Not
    Religion in the modern era. Do you believe?
  307. A New Voice in America: Esa Linna
    With his first EP being released in the U.S. and a new single widely available, Esa Linna speaks out.
  308. April 9, 2012

    Syria Fires Into Turkey and Lebanon
    Hopes for a cease fire fade.
  309. Tools to Help Conquer Your Email
    Together, We Can Defeat the World of Spam
  310. The Road Less Travelled: Social Business ROI
    Although the disruption and revolution phases are almost over and Social Business ROI is getting stronger, there’s still more to do.
  311. 10 Year Old Gave Birth to Healthy Baby
    10 year old Colombian girl gave birth to a daughter.
  312. Money-Saving Tips For Parents
    From switching to CFL light bulbs to checking unit prices, families can realize considerable savings with these simple tips
  313. Is The Cult of the Mac Still Safe
    Macs Have Been Able To Rely On Security Through Obscurity
  314. Cruising On Loch Ness
    Take the Jacobite cruise on Loch Ness to immerse yourself in the Highlands of Scotland
  315. Dior Has A New Creative Director
    Dior Names Raf Simons Its Next Couturier
  316. Facebook Buying Instagram for $1 Billion
    Facebook has announced it plans to buy Instagram for $1 billion in cash and stocks.
  317. When Gaming Meets the Real World -– Interview with Antonio Tomarchio, CEO of Beintoo
    When you begin to merge digital activity with real life rewards, is when you’ve entered a whole new realm of gamification
  318. Affirmative Action Needed in Media As Well
    The media coverage of the surge in Black killings is a stark reminder that we need affirmative action in Journalism as well.
  319. Will Spam Turn Mobile Users Off?
    Practice of sending spam over wireless devices has doubled in the last year
  320. April 8, 2012

    Lawyer Says Patient Injected With Green Clothing Dye
    It was a really, really, horrible mistake with really bad consequences.
  321. Copyright vs. Copywrong? The Case for SOPA
    Used to be that piracy was considered stealing. But it seems that consumers expect something for nothing nowadays. The 2012 revolution is less about free love and more about free multi-media.
  322. ASUS Giving Free GPS Dongles to Fix Issues
    ASUS will be giving away free GPS dongles to correct GPS issue with Transformer Prime owners.
  323. Research In Motion Executives Abandoning Ship
    RIM losing executives after another earnings and sales miss for Wall Street in Q4.
  324. ManhatPro Converges with Tribeca to Promote New Music and Film In NYC and Globally
    ManhatPro West, ManhatPro East and the Tribeca Film Festival join forces in creating new entertainment and finding new audiences.
  325. Marketing Obamacare to Public Via Jesus Christ
    The Good Samaritan offered to pay anything to heal his neighbor, much like the promises of Obamacare.
  326. Google+ grows 27% in March according to new data
    Data from Hitwise reveals that visits to Google+ rose 27% during March.
  327. Thomas Kinkade, Dead at the Age of 54
    Thomas Kinkade, an American Artist, has died of natural causes at the age of 54.
  328. Computation on a 1mm Thick Diamond
    Impurities in a 1mm thick diamond have been used for computation by scientists.
  329. April 7, 2012

    Autism Awareness Month and Families
    Sometimes it's necessary to look past the headlines and into the home.
  330. Assad's Continuing Abuses Must be Addressed
    The escalation of violence at a time preceding reconstruction and peaceful resolution suggests absolute disingenuousness on the part of Assad.
  331. April 6, 2012

    After School Programs And Tutoring Offer Amazing Supplementary Education To Children
    How After School Programs Can Help Both Parents And Children.
  332. 9 Everyday Medical Tests You Can Do Without
    Doctors from nine U.S. medical societies are warning patients and fellow physicians that many common medical tests are actually unnecessary.
  333. Surf Air Hopes All-You-Can-Fly Membership Based Airlines Will Fly With Travelers
    Membership based airline service provider, Surf Air launches today out of MuckerLab in Santa Monica, CA.
  334. What Samsung’s AdHub Mobile Exchange Means to All of Us – Interview with Tim Cadogan, OpenX CEO
    Now that the dust has settled, what exactly does this new Samsung-OpenX mobile ad market mean to us?
  335. Game On is Game Over
    The end of TWIT.TV's gaming podcast
  336. Avatar 2 Delayed from 2014 to 2015
    Avatar 2 to head to theater farther than anticipated.
    in Film
  337. Newt May Be Bankrupt But His Campaign is On
    Bankruptcy no hindrance for nomination in Gingrich's mind
  338. Crossroads GPS? Meet Citizens for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, SHH
    Late night comedy meets Campaign Finance reform.
  339. Sneak Preview of the Hyundai Santa Fe 2013
    The new avatar of the Santa Fe is expected to be a darling with the likes of the family audience and is a perfect getaway companion with your kids.
  340. To Text or Not to Text: Parents vs. Teens
    Parents Control Teen Texts
  341. Follow My Lead: Great Advice for Dogs and People Alike
    'Follow My Lead : What Training My Dogs Taught Me About Life, Love, and Happiness' is a book about how Carol Quinn overcame a tough time in her life by focusing on training her Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Along the way, she began to learn more about herself and the various situations in her life that needed as much attention as the dogs did.
  342. Swamp Cabaret: A Conversation with Suze Lanier-Bramlett
    The multi-talented Suze Lanier-Bramlett discusses her latest CD "Swamp Cabaret", "The Hills Have Eyes" and more in this exclusive interview!
  343. April 5, 2012

    The Augusta Boys Club--No Girls Allowed!
    Augusta Proudly Hangs the "No Girls Allowed" Sign
  344. Vitamin D Could Reduce Breast Cancer Risk in African American Women
    Vitamin D could reduce the chances of breast cancer in African American women.
  345. The Social Media Tool Pyramid: Interview with Jeremy Epstein, VP at Sprinklr
    As businesses grow, social media tool requirements change. For the big boys, there's a tool designed specifically for enterprise social.
  346. Social Loyalty Disruption - Interview with Tuhin Roy, Co-founder of Fanzy
    At 15,000 current brands and a price-point the opens this technology to the masses, Fanzy is reshaping social loyalty and engagement.
  347. Reality Gets Blurred
    Parents and teachers beware; Google is planning to make your jobs a little bit harder.
  348. Early Breast Cancer Screening, Unnecessary and Risky
    Overdiagnosis is a serious problem for women performing early screening tests for breast cancer.
  349. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Conducts First In-Season Test
    These cars are wider and there’s a lot more turbulence as Marco Andretti uses a tow to register 218.625 mph
  350. Lower Barriers and Greater Engagement: Interview with BulbStorm CEO, Bart Steiner
    Social media engagement is more than a “like” and a contact form, says social engagement innovator, BulbStorm.
  351. Proximity-Based Mobile Advertising - Interview with iSign CEO, Alex Romanov
    Attract, transact, and measure with iSign's proximity-based mobile content solution.
  352. Sexually Harassed Female Truck Drivers Suffer Setback As Court Blasts EEOC's Trial Tactics
    EEOC lambasted by court for its tactics in soliciting claims for class action
  353. Many Mini-Moons are Moving Around Earth
    Scientists have found that at any given time there are many minimoons around the Earth.
  354. Smallest Ever Solar Cells
    Scientists have developed highly flexible, ultrathin solar cells.
  355. April 4, 2012

    The Solution to the NCAA Pay for Play Controversy
    Freelancing is the Answer!
  356. Augusta's Decision
    Golf must change to remain relevant
  357. Tech Moving East
    Many Silicon Valley based startups are now opening offices in Silicon Alley.
  358. Changing the World One Cause Related Product at a Time launches online marketplace for change related, socially conscience brands, and the consumers that support them.
  359. 2013 Nissan Altima Will Come to Dealers in Summer
    2013 Nissan Altima, the most innovative car according to the company, will come to dealers in summer 2012.
  360. Google's Project Glass Brings the Future Now
    Google working on futuristic HUD display called 'Project Glass'.
  361. DirecTV Leads the Pack with Technology: iPad Apps, Pandora, and More
    Let's take a look at the top 5 technologies that sets DirecTV way above the competition.
  362. Is Apple Greedy?
    Apple's "rapid release" hardware cycle - too much?
  363. Autism Facts Every Parent Should Know
    Autism Awareness Month highlights the growing need for awareness autistic issues.
  364. 5 Reasons Why Blackberry is Losing Its Appeal
    Why the smartphone pioneer is suddenly losing favor in the eyes of its customers.
  365. MIT Project has Developed Technique to Make Printable Robots
    MIT Project has enabled to make printable robots.
  366. Arizona, the Dry County of Free Speech
    Arizona's HB2549 attack on free speech
  367. DJ Dawna Montell Talks White Party 2012, Melissa Etheridge and Tracy Lords
    DJ Dawna Montell opens up about her rich and robust DJ career. One of the biggest DJs in L.A. with a residency at SBE’s The Abbey in West Hollywood, Ms. Montell dominates West Coast night life.
  368. Sirpaul Releases The Horse
    A leading voice in Gay Music releases new album
  369. Dark Horse Comics - New Release Reviews For April 4, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Dark Horse's Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  370. Image Comics - New Release Reviews For April 4, 2012
    A Weekly Review Of Image Comics' Newest Releases So You Don't Waste Your Time
  371. Titanic Was Called the Ship of Dreams... Now in 3D!
    Titanic returns to the theaters in 3D for the first time in 14 years.
    in Film
  372. April 3, 2012

    Mobile Marketing’s 3 Major Challenges – Interview with TRUSTe CEO, Chris Babel
    Three challenges face the mobile marketing industry, and TRUSTe is addressing them with their new solution.
  373. Consumer Reality Check - Lifting the Veil on PCI DSS
    Lifting the Veil on PCI DSS
  374. Wildfire Victim Warned 911 of Danger
    911 Callers Told Not To Worry
  375. Apple Schedules Q2 2012 Earnings Call for April 24th
    Apple sets April 24th 2012 for their Q2 2012 Earnings Call Conference.
  376. Android 4.0 ICS Still Too Far Behind Gingerbread Installs
    Google's Android 4.0 OS is still very far behind in deployment compared to older Android operating systems.
  377. 5 Tips For Developing Your App Idea
    If you have an app idea, here are five tips on how to hire developers to get it built.
  378. Why Enrica Lexie Is Getting Messier Like Italian Berlusconi Affair By The Day?
    What can be counted upon is the good humour and awareness of political sensitivities of the enlightened judiciary of the ‘God’s own country’ who is adept at playing the judicial game to everyone’s satisfaction.
  379. Instagram for Android Now Available
    Instagram for Android is now available in Google Play for Free
  380. What Autism Means for Me
    Autism means different things to different people. Sometimes it's good to look at the small picture.
  381. Travel’s Problem With Pinterest
    Will Pinterest's shift away from "self promotion" hurt the site, and how can the travel industry best use it.
  382. Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun
    Review of Frances Mayes new cookbook, Recipes from an Italian Kitchen: The Tuscan Sun Cookbook
  383. Thomas Dolby - The Time Capsule Tour
    Thomas Dolby brings his latest technology-meets-music creation to the masses.
  384. India: Eating Under Threat!
    If you thought only plain simple fats had been making you fatter all the years, now you had to worry about trans fat too.
  385. Don't Get Slimed by Social Media
    The beef producing industry takes it on the chin from social media.
  386. Legal Success Fees Leading to a Whole New Kind of Failure
    Contingent fee arrangements were meant for the poor, but big corporations have embraced it and changed the nature of the beast.
  387. More iPhone Users AccessIinternet Through Wi-Fi Than Android Users
    iPhones' access to Wi-Fi is more than the Android Phones' access.
  388. GE Able to Bring Jobs Home Thanks to Lean Methodology
    General Electric is able to bring jobs back to America after adopting lean manufacturing to improve efficiency.
  389. Classic Arcade Design: Reborn
    A team of Classic Arcade Game Designers going after the modern "quarter."
  390. April 2, 2012

    Call Me the Tiger Mom of Nothing
    Fitness Challenge Nets Nothing But Weight Loss
  391. Aspiring to the Impossible
    Girls are starving themselves to attain an impossible ideal. Vogue editor Shulman and Kate Winslet stand up against this.
  392. Barbecue Italian Style
    With spring in full swing, the barbecue season is starting!
  393. Autism is Costing Billions of Dollars Annually
    Autism is costing $126 billion to the nation annually.
  394. Employers to Job Candidates: I Want Your Facebook Password
    Is the absence of the proposed Facebook Password Amendment really the issue? Or do people need to act right online?
  395. Rovion Ad Management Platform's No Code Cloud Solution
    Many of us are extremely creative, but not all that technical. Local Corporation's ad platform levels the playing field.
  396. Ethics, Social Media Discussed at LA Journalism Conference
    Top West Coast Journalists discuss how, despite the social shift in news, accuracy and reliability are still the hallmarks of good news coverage.
  397. Local Police Use GPS Without Probable Cause
    According to records requests made by the ACLU, local law enforcement makes frequent use of GPS surveillance techniques
  398. Is This The Healthcare Reform (Cure)The Doctor Ordered?
    Is this the cure or just a complication to an existing condition?
  399. 8 Year Old Kid Helps Catch Buglars With 'Find My iPad'
    Police bust $350,000 worth of stolen goods after an 8 year old kid uses 'Find my iPad'.
  400. WWE WrestleMania XXVIII Results
    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson defeats John Cena.
  401. Ashton Kutcher Cast As Steve Jobs In New Movie
    A new movie about Steve Jobs will be starring Ashton Kutcher as Jobs.
  402. Mario & Fafa: The Stars of Glove and Boots
    Glove and Boots creators converse with Bryan Cain-Jackson on Mario and Fafa's pending TV debut
  403. Can You be Sacked for not Giving up Your Facebook Password?
    A report reveals that a teaching assistant has been fired for refusing access to her Facebook account.
  404. April 1, 2012

    Death of a Nation
    This is clearly abused power of authority from our discerning and discontent elected officials who are supposed to be for the American people not against!
  405. Traditional Phones are Unable to Compete in Sales with Smartphones
    Smartphones are getting more attraction of consumers as compared to traditional phones.
  406. Dreams to Ashes
    Pay Attention To Red Flag Warnings
  407. Google Maps in 8-bit, Gmail Tap Mode for April Fools 2012
    Google showcases two revisions to Gmail and Google Maps for April Fools 2012.
  408. Conan O'Brien Buys Mashable for $3,500 while CNN is Left Crying
    Pete Cashmore sells to Conan O'Brien for a mere $3,500!
  409. Newman Nixes Hendrick Victory
    Hendrick teammates spin in overtime handing big win to Ryan Newman
  410. TENS Machine May Help Labour
    Ever wondered what a TENS machine is? When I was first pregnant with Aron, there was a lot of talk about using the TENS machine during labour but I wasn’t sure what it was and the benefits of its use to combat labour pain. I decided to do some research and below is what I have found out about the TENS machine and the pros and cons of its use during labour.
  411. Advertising That Gives Back (Literally) - Exclusive Interview with Ian Wolff, CEO of PlanetUp Ads
    PlanetUp Ads is a company dedicated to using the web as a channel to fueling the world’s green movement.
  412. Why Can't Things Just Work as They are Supposed to Anymore?
    As for my toast, why should I give up the simple joy of a nicely and fully toasted Wharburton's smooth white bread or start my day cursing a toaster which is not man enough? Time to throw out the toaster and look for something proper, surely there ought to be others. Still it is amazing anyone had to blog about something so simple and mundane you shouldn't have to give a second thought about.
  413. The Letdown that is Netflix
    A one-time Netflix friend has decided it is time to move on to greener pastures.
  414. Countdown for WrestleMania XXVIII Begins
    World Wresting Entertainment's flagship event Wrestlemania just a day away.
  415. I Just Caught a Glimpse of Dystopia
    One customer's view on a Sear's closing