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The Wall Street Journal this week posted a pretty exhaustive roundup of the pain we're all going through as the battle for ad viewability wears on. In it's CMO Today blog, the WSJ does an excellent job outlining the background of viewability, what's broken about it and what needs to be done to fix it. What's also interesting about this writeup is the hinting at the kinds of conversations those on both sides of the table are having during this period of growing pains. It can be pretty much summed up by this quote: It’s a “total cluster." ... That was among the softer comments.

Keeping it simple, it would seem that weeding out fraud is as easy as working with those you trust. Speaking of fraud, it's apparently staring publishers right in the face when it comes to fishy-looking desktop traffic. When it comes to maximizing end-of-article placements, publishers have options. Maybe it's time to put the mobile app vs. mobile web debate to bed, and taking a difference-angle look at cookies.

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Poll results recently released in this eMarketer article didn't tell us much we didn't already know -- fraud, brand safety and viewable impressions are important to ad buyers and sellers. What's interesting is, speaking in terms of programmatic buying/selling, where those issues stand in terms of importance.

Headlines starting off the year in ad-tech news have sought to finally hammer out definitions terms that went mainstream last year. The viewability debate rages on, and industry execs are offering their own meanings to just what is a premium publisher. Also, there are more of those publishers going programmatic with their premium inventory. Lastly, Twitter is making at-tech waves by paving the way for autoplay video ads on its service.

As soon as the phrase “premium publisher” came about, publishers obviously wanted to play that card.

In a statement that was actually reassuring to those in the viewability fight, the IAB said this week that reaching 100 percent right now just isn't possible; but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep shooting for it. There's some key information publishers need to know about domain spoofing. Finally, this is a good time to be in the online ad industry, and those good times should continue.

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