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Previously thought to be above the fray when it comes to ad fraud, it was discovered that a large percentage of it occurred on premium publisher sites, according to a comprehensive study by the Association of National Advertisers, focusing heavily on bot traffic.

At current rates, online ad fraud will cost display and video advertisers more than $6 billion next year in frittered away spending.

From its Contributor program to its mission to dominate all online advertising, Google has certainly had its fair share of headlines recently. There's also a big update from AppNexus, a look at the "growing up" of ad networks and a breakdown what's not working in private marketplaces.

Take a look at which sites are hit hardest by online ad fraud. See what industry insiders see as programmatic's biggest challenges. Viewable ads are certainly one of those challenges, and you can check out just what the numbers are on that front, as well as see what publishers think about moving to more time-based metrics. Also, Google made major headlines this week by introducing a new program that will allow web users to pay a few bucks a month to never see ads on certain sites.

Banner ads, for better or worse, got their fair share of the headlines this week. Some hate them, some still love them, but the expertier of experts agree that they're still quite effective. So effective, that fraudsters are still trying to cash in, these days via "domain laundering." Lastly, despite what else you made have read, the only thing this week that actually came close to #BreakTheInternet was the DFP outage.

There's been a lot of chatter over the past week about banner ads. Perhaps it was spurred by the 20th anniversary of the first banner ad that took place last month. Perhaps the online ad pundits decided to take a week off from writing about fraud, transparency and measurement.

The industry has been talking about fraud, viewability and measurement for a while now, and these days one thing is becoming crystal clear -- it's going to take cooperation on all sides to get any of this solved. This week, we've seen promises of fraud-free ad traffic and a call to action for publishers to help advertisers move past the CTR as the top measure for success in digital advertising.

Usage of mobile advertising is growing faster than any other digital ad format, but what is this doing to publishers' overall CPMs and revenue? Big brands are no longer putting up with worthless impressions, so check out how many a company like Kraft is ignoring. Publishers are new measurement standards beyond viewability, and are looking for additional ways to gain attention to the ads they're websites are serving.

If you're in the publishing world, you've certainly heard the news floating around that Facebook wants you to post your content straight to their platform.