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John spent 10 years in print and broadcast news media before coming to Technorati, where he leads marketing communications, social and editorial strategies. Follow him on Twitter @swartzdesk.

Indulgd.com's mission is to collect the best of the web's most thought-provoking creativity -- design, architecture, art and even the best of branding. The result is an assemblage of mesmerizing posts that are sure to keep you, well ... indulged, for as long as you see fit.

Dino Dogan runs a blog on blogging, DIYBlogger.net, where he writes about his experiences and offers his advice on getting the maximum out of your blog.

If you want to reach the Millennial audience, you have to market to them where they are.

The U.S. use of social media has exploded over the past five years, but it's women who still dominate the social landscape.

Yahoo joins AOL as another big name making the move to offer programmatic buying for their premium ad spaces.

If you want to market to the millennial generation and target them for your products or services, then there's one thing you should do: never stop trying to learn more about them

USA Today is re-opening its doors (and ad impressions) to programmatic buying, Rocket Fuel goes public, Facebook makes creating ads easier, and an interesting way Spotify is going to distribute music.

An increasing number of teams and tournaments are embracing the power of fan interaction.

AOL buys Adap.tv, Google Maps rolls out ads on the service, unauthorized ads fill YouTube pages, there are some great benefits to consumers' interactions with brands on social media, and are companies still seeing gains from their activities on Facebook?