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Thanks to some new uses for big data, there are going to be some different ways advertisers can retarget consumers. Mobile video is about to see some exponential growth in terms on inventory bought, but advertisers are still having trouble finding quality video in general available through real-time buying. Publishers are looking to move beyond impression-based pricing, and just what are some of the other challenges the programmatic industry faces going forward?

According to trends, programmatic has a bright future in advertising; there could be changes to the way success in online advertising is measured; bot ease startles conference goers; automatic guaranteed needs some clarification, and how sometimes things just make sense for publishers.

A video created by Forensiq shows just how quickly just a single infected computer can add to the tally of worthless clicks.

Some are already hailing private marketplaces as the "future of programmatic," while others are lamenting their growing pains. There are "big changes" coming in the world of ad fraud. This viewability stuff needs to get sorted out, because there are some killer metrics waiting.

Major talking points this week involved the continued uncertainty around the transition to a viewability standard, the absolute certainty around the growth in spending expected across the programmatic landscape, and what publishers are going to have to be ready for to be successful going forward.

Many companies who would represent or buy your ad inventory have a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy, and there are no "review boards" to petition if your site gets blacklisted from the various marketplaces/networks.

As if you need another reason to steer clear of easy traffic boosts, have you taken a look at some of these services that promise to deliver those massive chunks of “real” users to your website in return for chump change.

More publishers are getting involved in the buying ads, both for education as well as marketing their own content. As turns out organic search is still responsible for the lion's share of website traffic as well as a sizable portion of publishers' revenue. There are more calls for ad-tech transparency, and a malware attack was spotted.

Publishers are tackling the issue of viewability with big-time data, and they are forging partnerships to see help in doing just that. On the...