‘Premium publishers’ need to be seen that way where it matters most

‘Premium publishers’ need to be seen that way where it matters most

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As soon as the phrase “premium publisher” came about, publishers obviously wanted to play that card. One of the benefits of being seen as premium is what could be charged for advertising. Despite the moniker’s age, there’s still a bit of debate about what exactly might make a publisher a premium one.

Digiday published a roundup from media executives, and while we agree with much of what has been said, but it seems like a lot of the focus was put on how “premium” fits in with a publisher’s users.

Instead: “Beauty is in the eye of the buyer.”

Users don’t really identify publishers they visit as premium or not premium, but advertisers do. So if you’re a publisher and you want to be thought of as premium where it matters most (on your revenue sheet), then you need to provide a brand-safe environment for advertisements, have built quality sought-after audiences and, most importantly, be able to provide transparency in terms of who the ad inventory is sold to and the viewability of those ads. The best ways to do this are working with trusted ad partners and taking an active role in monitoring your traffic.

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