and Box Inspiring Tomorrow’s TEDx-ers and Box Inspiring Tomorrow’s TEDx-ers

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EDUCATING TOMORROW’S LEADERS provides engaging, hands-on programs for elementary and middle school students that prepare them to tackle the academic challenges of the 21st century by teaching them about leadership, entrepreneurship, and finance and business skills.
Since 1997, the organization has distributed three programs (BizWorld, BizMovie, and BizWiz) that demonstrate these concepts to teachers in 80+ countries and reached over 450,000 students and 8,000 educators. 96 percent of classes show an increase in business, entrepreneurship, and financial knowledge after completing programs. programs provide a platform for the critical thinking, leadership and teamwork skills students need to become productive members of society.
Students in the program:
●     learn how the entrepreneurial cycle works as they create companies in the friendship bracelet industry.
●     experience the basics of business as they start movie production companies and produce an animated movie.
●     work in teams to create investment portfolios and participate in simulated trading sessions.


This year marks the organization’s Education Riskmaster Luncheon. The theme is celebrating entrepreneurship and education,  this year’s recipient is Box’s CEO, Aaron Levie.
In a written interview with Technorati editor, Andre Bourque, Levie shared his vision for molding today’s youth and technology into tomorrow’s great thinkers and creators.
Bourque: Can entrepreneurial spirit be groomed at a young age, and if so, to what degree?
Levie: One of the major benefits of growing up in Seattle, and around such a deep-technology community, is that we’ve be surrounded by major internet companies since day one. I think this gave my co-founder, Dylan Smith, and I a great advantage as entrepreneurs, especially around the time we founded Box in 2005. That said, the same spirit can certainly be instilled in our youth. At a young age we knew we wanted to solve a really hard problem that not a lot of people are paying attention to. And luckily, we had a lot of support and encouragement behind us from friends and family.
Bourque: What’s the cloud made possible for education that on premise limitations never could provide?
Levie:  The cloud can offer uniquely innovative ways for instructors, students and parents to manage classroom materials, and also facilitate communication and collaboration. At Box, we feel that the future success of students, as well as their educators, will be inherently aligned with how well cloud technology and applications ultimately touch individuals in their educational environment. We hope leveraging these new technologies can empower students and teachers to be more creative and productive.
Bourque: What’s Box’s approach to social and community causes?
Levie:  Since launching our initial Social Impact Initiative earlier this year, we’ve really taken strides to cultivate a culture that values social responsibility. Boxers participate in a multitude of company-sponsored volunteer events or employee-led initiatives. For example, several internal team members founded BoxACT10x, where Box employees forego catered lunch for a day (once a month) and donate allocated funds to an organization of their choice. In doing so, Box employees are able to donate directly to the organizations they care about most, on behalf of Box. Since launching this effort earlier this year, we’ve been able to contribute $40K to philanthropic organizations!
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