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Author: Jeffrey Strain
Published: March 06, 2012 at 1:51 pm

If you are having problems making mortgage payments, you could get paid up to $2,000 by turning your house into a giant billboard. The company behind this new marketing scheme is called Braniacs from Mars. The Braniacs are attempting to turn a thousand American homes into giant canvases for their advertising messages.

The Braniacs started marketing their scheme on their website in 2011, and so far they have received over 38,000 requests from as far as Japan and even Russia.

The idea is novel one, but they could run into problems with zoning regulations and the various city codes regarding the placement of advertising in residential areas.

The scheme can help homeowners struggling with mortgage payments, and facing foreclosure by monthly payments for letting them use the front of their houses for placing advertisements. Most of the applicants are from states hit by the worst foreclosure crisis after the financial crash of 2008 - Florida, Nevada and California. Over 44% of homes are in the red in southern California, with homeowners owing banks more money than what their homes are worth.

The Braniacs from Mars plan to advertise their services on various social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter and hope that their oddball marketing plan will attract companies and, in turn, advertising revenue. They already are in negotiations with several large corporations.

A large number of people are skeptical about the success of house advertising. Some simply don't like to see giant multicolored billboards in their neighborhoods. Others think the program will eventually fizzle out once they start running into zoning issues all across the country. The Braniacs are aware what they will be facing and are ready for a challenge, and the thousands of homeowners facing foreclosures are hoping they'll still be around.

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