Advertising Success Increasingly Via Online Marketing

Author: Jesse James Woods
Published: December 20, 2012 at 4:41 pm

A recent case study suggests that businesses which originally depended on advertising in offline business directories for success are now realizing that most of their advertising success is coming from online marketing. If you are a small business transitioning from having your listings in offline directories to marketing your business online, the easiest first step you can take is to advertise your services in an online business directory.

Why should you advertise your business in an online business directory? Today most people use the Internet to find local services, and online business directories help people locate these services. When someone is trying to locate a doctor, handy man, or gym, he or she will usually refer to a list of businesses in an online directory.

The following are four reasons to list your business in an online business directory:

1. It's free.
Advertising can be costly, and if you want to save money you should advertise your services in online business directories which are usually free.

2. It's simple.
Effective advertising can also cost a lot of time, and you can save time by listing your business in an online business directory because the listing process usually takes 5 minutes at most.

3. It helps you be found locally and nationally.
If you list your business in a local telephone book, it may be found by people in your area. If you list your business in an online directory your business will be found in your town, country, and even worldwide.

4. It's good SEO.
When people look for something on the Internet, the first website they visit is usually a search engine such as Google. Therefore, when someone is typing keywords into a search engine that relate to services you provide, you definitely want your business to appear in their search results. Whether you have a website for your business or not, having your business listed in search engine optimized online business directories gives your business the credibility it needs to appear in the online search results of a potential customer.

Ready to list your business online? The following are 4 online business directories to get you started:

1. Google Places
2. Yahoo! Local
3. Yalwa Business Directory
4. Yelp


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