Branded Video Conversion Rates 91% Higher in Q4 of 2012

Author: Cirina Catania
Published: February 27, 2013 at 8:42 am

(Mountain View, California, February 25, 2013) In Ooyala's annual analysis of online video viewership for 2012, the company's Co-Founder and President of Products, Bismark Lepe, says, "Video ads were the fastest-growing category of online advertising in 2012, with U.S. ad spend increasing 46 percent to
$2.9 billion. While that’s still a far cry from traditional TV ad budgets, marketers and brands continue to move aggressively into the online video space. Expect even more of this growth in the coming year as audience insights become more sophisticated and financial returns more apparent."

- Branded video conversion rates were 91% higher for 4th quarter of 2012 as compared to Q3

- Combining tablet and mobile video into one measurement, viewership numbers for streaming video increased by 100% in 2012, although it must be noted that those percentages compared to the total viewing audience on all devices are only 8% (up from 4%)

- Desktop viewers watched live-streamed video 18 times more than VOD content in Q4

- Premium content over 60 minutes in length accounted for approximately one-third (32%) of total time viewers spent on tablets, compared to 25% of total viewing time for that content viewed on desktops

-For videos over 10 minutes, tablet viewership increased by 37% in 2012

-According to the report, "Although android phones are outselling iPhones globally, last year Apple users watch twice as much online video on the mobile phones."

- In the two days following Christmas, statistics for short-form video (under 10 minutes) increased 500%

-Tablet video viewership on Christmas Day compared with the 2012 Q4 average was 73% higher

-Branded video conversation rates were highest on December 16th (54%), reflecting a 91% increase from the start of Q4

It is no surprise that 40% engagement calculation for short-form content on connected TV's and gaming consoles reflected a substantial increase for the two months of November and December. That number reflects a 500% increase above the totals for the four months between July 1 and October 31. The largest segment of that marketplace is for those watching videos between 6 and 10 minutes in length.

Live video is still king. In fact, according to Oolaya, live mobile video was watched four times longer than VOD content and tablet viewers watched live content five times longer than VOD content.

Desktop viewers spend an average of 41 minutes of live viewing per play. Viewers watching live streaming video on Gaming Consoles and Connected TV stayed an average of 45 minutes per engagement.

Tablet and mobile video share of all hours spent watching video on line doubled from 4% to 8% in the month of December.

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