Facebook Tells Marketers They Need to ReOrg! Can the Wheel be Reinvented?

Author: Zohe Mustafa
Published: March 09, 2012 at 12:42 pm

With the ever changing digital marketing landscape, companies are needing to adapt their digital vision and organisation structures on the fly. By the time a company completes it's re-org, new technologies, trends, tactics, strategies, touch points and capabilities will have emerged.

At the latest Facebook Marketing Conference, held at the Museum of Natural History in New York on Feb 29th, Facebook had the audacity, (AdAge’s words not mine) to tell the assembled marketers that they needed to reorganize around social. Facebook literally spelled out how to re-structure, even handing out proposed organization charts. Despite their boldness, Facebook does have a point: that most organizations' structure is not conducive to social media marketing or even digital marketing.

A recent study and report conducted by SODA [Society of Digital Agencies] & Econsultancy, published for Q1 2012, reveals that 73% of brands are restructuring their marketing organizations in response to demands posed by digital media. There was a topical article on Information Week [March 5th 2012], stating that on the digital marketing beachhead, IT and the CIO risk becoming irrelevant! Information Week quoted a recent Gartner webinar that by 2017 the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO. Clearly, the CMO will need to hire people with the skills to manage that marketing technology, and of course ultimately restructure to make room for those new skills — if he does not get help from the CIO.

Speaking of Econsultancy, leading digital practioners from across multiple industries were asked if digital marketers should be generalists or specialists. The responses are in the context of a careers guide, but you can make a conclusion that having one or the other (or both) will have repercussions for your operating model. Should you structure for specialists or all-arounders?

Mashable just published a feature on 5 huge digital marketing trends you cannot afford to ignore. Again, when I read that (and maybe you will too) I come to the conclusion that the majority of organizations have simply not got the structure to cope with any of those trends. Especially the integrated marketing development.

Is there an operating model that is future proof? Probably not. Do some organization models work better than others? Probably, yes. My employer, Accenture Interactive, is being inundated by requests [from several blue-chip companies] to help with Digital Transformation, and one of the most common requests is to assist with defining a Digital Operating Model. I've tried to draw up a version of an operating model that ticks some of the boxes highlighted above. 

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