Google + Becomes More ‘Local’

Author: Chris Marentis
Published: February 13, 2013 at 8:03 am

Last year, Google bought Zagat. This acquisition meant the possibility of leveraging some 35,000 reviews and scores from some 100 countries throughout the world and bringing them to the Google+ platform for users. At the end of last month, Google+ rolled out their new “Local” tool so users could find and share information about local places by tapping into a Google+ user’s “Circles”, in addition to information from Zagat. 

An enhanced “Local” experience when logged into your Google+ account.

If you’re surfing on Google while logged into your Google+ account, you’ll notice a “Local” tab on the right hand side. This gives the user the opportunity to review info about places close to them. If you look at a grocery store in the tab, for example, you’ll see photos in addition to Zagat reviews from people within your Google+ network and Zagat summaries and scores.  This information will also show up in Google Maps and mobile for Android phones. This same capability will be available on iOS devices soon, per Google.

As reported in a recent Mashable post (Google+ Local), Avni Shan, director of product management at Google, shared with them:

“This takes any place that your friends have touched and provides you with interesting and relevant search results… You can also filter based on aspects that might be important, such as ‘People Like You’ and really give you the information you need from the people you trust… We want to build a community based on a sense of trust, and we will continue to roll out new features and tools that reinforce that that concept...”

What happens when you’re not logged into Google+?

If you’re not logged in to Google+, then you’ll see the Zagat reviews and summaries pulled into search results, but nothing connected to your friends’ preferences, etc.

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