Groupon and the Race for Your POS System

Author: Boyan Josic
Published: February 12, 2013 at 5:57 pm

Ready or not, POS systems are poised to dramatically change. Why? The emergence of mobile and card-linked offers has positioned point-of-sale systems as the new gateway for daily deals and digital coupons.

In a move that has been called an epic exodus by some, shoppers have turned away from daily deal companies and providers in favor of their smartphone as the most convenient and expedient conduit for price-matching and bargain hunting.

Small businesses, it seems, are right there with them, moving out of the daily deal arena and standing squarely behind the tools and technologies enabling consumers to secure in-store deals directly through their smartphones. As a result, POS systems must evolve along with the times.

While some retailers continue to hold out on new technologies by stretching yesterday's investment into aging POS systems, the potential cost of prolonging the inevitable upgrade could have a devastating impact. Outdated POS systems are now faced with compliance deadlines, difficulties protecting sensitive customer information, expensive hardware failures and maintenance costs, crippling software limitations, and more.

Most importantly, however, are customer expectations. Today's consumers express strong loyalty to businesses that provide a secure, expedient, and reliable check-out experience. Nothing is worse than lengthy lines born of a POS system failing to promptly accept a digital coupon or rejecting a perfectly valid one.

Retailers need state of the art systems at the point of sale. And thanks to recent cutting-edge innovations in the POS and mobile payments arenas, upgrading to the best money can buy isn't nearly as costly as one might expect.

With 66% of in-store transactions made with plastic today and 180 million Americans carrying credit or debit cards, it's no wonder why retailers and merchants of all sizes are flocking to mobile swipers like Square and PayAnywhere - two leading professional grade mobile point of sale solutions providers that have changed the face of retail and how professionals get paid.

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