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Samsung's Exciting New Advertising for a Ho-Hum Technology

Author: Nader Ashway
Published: November 28, 2012 at 8:08 am

I’ve been seeing these Samsung Galaxy SIII commercials for months now. You know, the one where two people “touch” phones and magically share stuff, like playlists or videos? The first spot (not included here,) made its debut just prior to the release of the iPhone 5, and poked some good fun at Apple and their devotees waiting on long lines for the next great phone offering. Samsung apparently has gotten good feedback from these spots, and they’ve rushed out several more.

Take a look:

And while I think they’re very good commercials (they each create a moment of drama centered around the product – that’s always good in advertising,) I’m just not sure it’s very good technology.

Let’s get this straight. We’ve packed supercomputer technology (no really, the average smartphone today has more actual digital technology in its main chip than NASA – all of it combined – had at its disposal to launch the Apollo rocket into space,) into a tiny wireless device that fits in your pocket and runs practically all day on one battery charge. With a smartphone, you can send a message – text, photo, video – INSTANTLY to your cousin in Kuala Lumpur (doesn't everyone have a cousin there?) by pressing a few buttons. [And actually - unless your name is Blackberry - there are no buttons! It's just glass with pictures of buttons! ] With a smartphone, you can download music from the ether, and then listen to it in a matter of seconds. With a smartphone, you can play an interactive video game, along with three friends in three different cities, in real-time. And with these cooky add-ons called apps, you can harness vast amounts of neatly packaged information about whether or not your plane is on time, the history of nearly everything, how your stocks are doing and your absolute place in the world through a global positioning satellite.

So with ALL THAT technology literally and figuratively at your fingertips, are we supposed to be impressed that you can “touch” phones and share information? Is that really a big deal? Let me make it easy for you: no, it’s not a big deal at all.

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