Viral Video: Social Media Saves the Day Reuniting Lost SD Card With Owner!

Author: Carole Di Tosti.
Published: February 14, 2013 at 12:20 pm


There is nothing more aggravating when you are traveling than being late and leaving something behind as you rush to make your flight or other arrangement. Well, however it happened, a young woman left behind or lost her SD card with photographs of her Euro trip. Talk about being bummed. The reason you take trips is to bring back pictures. In this case? Not!

Not to worry...this is 2013. Peter van Leeuwen discovered the homeless SD card at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. Turns out he found it several miles from where it was lost, so apparently either an angel or individual took it to the airport and left it there for van Leeuwen to find. However, there was no forwarding address, no name, no number, no written identity, just 300 beautiful pictures some of them sporting a smiling and laughing woman.


Luckily, van Leeuwen was a kind, socially minded individual assiduous about discovering the owner after he saw that the card probably had sentimental and personal value, concerning the photos of European sites. What did this promotion savvy ad executive do? The usual. He employed his extensive skill set, by creating a YouTube video entitled "Who's that girl? With the help of Twitter and Facebook, he set it running along the endless series of global servers set up for such things.

The video did what it should with the help of concerned individuals who tweeted and facebooked it because van Leeuwen cleverly used some of the pictures on the SD card to compose this social media SOS in the description:

"Help! We've found a SD-card with holiday-pics at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which we'd love to return to its owner. Problem: we don't know who the owner is. Please help us find this girl to return the pictures of her traveling the world. Sharing is caring!"

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