Web Designers & Copywriters – The Perfect Marriage?

Author: Jamie Fairbairn
Published: June 06, 2011 at 7:02 pm

There is a whole world of freelance web designers and copywriters out there working away independently on the same websites for their clients.

While there are of course some who have joined forces for the greater good, many of these fine creative people continue to work in isolation.

With freelance web design and website writing being so competitive and the creative sector being affected by the worldwide economic downturn, isn’t it time more web designers and copywriters said “I do”? Working in partnership to create fantastic websites that bring in sales for clients is a lot easier if the process starts with a blank canvas rather than a copywriter trying to shoehorn their words into a specific design.

Equally, a freelance web designer may be fed up having to build their design around the number of words written by a copywriter.

Below I’ll take a look at the three stages of how a professional relationship between a freelance web designer and copywriter can develop.

The first date
So you’ve made the decision you want a freelance partner. You’ve tweeted some local people and checked out their websites. You’ve exchanged a few emails and arranged to meet up for the first time.

Preparation for the first meeting is critical, no matter how informal. Have you sat down and worked out exactly what you want from the relationship?

For example as a freelance web designer you may see it as an opportunity to offer your clients a more comprehensive service as well as making some extra money.

A copywriter may see it from the point of view of being able to get a regular and reliable source of work without having to go out and win new clients themselves.

The first meeting is also a chance to assess the personality of your would-be partner. Do they seem a friendly and organised type or are they stuck in a professional pit of despair desperately looking for someone to help them out of it?

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