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Amidst Protest, Automotive-Fueled Michigan Passes Right To Work Bill

Author: David Goehst
Published: December 11, 2012 at 3:43 pm

right to work MichiganProtesters encased the Romney State Building outside Michigan's capital in anticipation of what would be the 24th state's signing of the Right To Work Bill which, inevitably, making the automotive strong state unable to force employees into unions which require dues. Passing the GOP-controlled house by a narrow 58-51 approval, Governor Synder - a Republican - is expected to enact the law within the next several days, ABC News reports.

Michigan police became riot barricade crews, keeping the riotous opposition at bay. Notwithstanding this historic signing, a 2014 ballot could still allow for reversal under state constitution.  Having birthed UAW into existence in 1932 and boasting nearly 17.5% of state workforce in Unions, Michigan will continuously see massive opposition thanks to this signing, expected as early as Wednesday.

This referendum means quite a bit for Michigan's automobile-driven economy; without mandatory unions - public services exempt - many rights which Unions blanketed employees with would become naught.  The demonstration moved to the building named after Mitt Romney's father, George, where the lambaste of angry auto workers is expected to continue to picket.

Many feel this bill will quickly reverse itself; perhaps even more people will allow the microcosm law to head towards DC to become Federal mandate, eventually.  Much like 80 years ago, the passing of this anti-union law will simply cause more protests which formed the first union, leading to the reformation of Unions while negating this seemingly frivolous Bill.  One Republican Representative, Lisa Lyons, even deemed that today 'Michigan freed it's workers', a bold statement against the one principle of employment many workers relied on for decades.

Following this story throughout the day made my head spin, having family roots tied in Michigan auto factory settings.  Wondering whether or not this soon-to-be signed 'constituent' will travel southward offers worry yet my prayers go out to those affected adversely by this legislation.


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