Biggest Prizes Ever Awarded to Scientists in the Field of Physics

Author: Usman Zafar Paracha
Published: December 11, 2012 at 6:45 am

Yuri Milner, Russian billionaire’s Fundamental Physics Prize Foundation has announced to give $3 million each to Stephen Hawking, British cosmologist, for his contribution to theoretical physics and his work on black holes, and to seven scientists; one who managed the building of the $10 billion atom smasher and six physicists, who supervise two teams of 3,000 scientists each at the world's biggest atom-smasher and for their roles in the discovery of a subatomic particle believed to be the long-sought Higgs boson.


“It is a great honor for the LHC’s achievement to be recognized in this way,” said CERN Director General Rolf Heuer. "This prize recognizes the work of everyone who has contributed to the project over many years. The Fundamental Physics Prize underlines the value of fundamental physics to society, and I am delighted that the Foundation has chosen to hold its first award ceremony at CERN."

According to the Foundation’s rules, prior recipients of the Fundamental Physics Prize are among the Selection Committee to choose laureates of all prizes.

“Choosing this year's recipients from such a large pool of spectacular nominations was a very difficult task,” said Nima Arkani-Hamed, a member of the Selection Committee. “The selected physicists have done transformative work spanning a wide range of areas in fundamental physics. I especially look forward to future breakthroughs from the first recipients of the New Horizons in Physics Prize.”

The foundation has also said that the 2013 Fundamental Physics Prize will be announced at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, on March 20, 2013.

"I am very much pleased with the decisions of the Selection Committee,” Yuri Milner, said in a statement. “I hope that the prizes will bring further recognition to some of the most brilliant minds in the world and the great accomplishments they have produced.” Milner was dropped out of a physics PhD to earn money from social media.

These prizes are the biggest ever prizes awarded in the field of science.

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