Buttons for Brands Make LinkedIn Keyed-up

Author: Lisa Stephens
Published: February 28, 2012 at 11:46 am

linkedin follow company button

This just in!

LinkedIn announced it yesterday, you can now add a 'Follow Company' button to your company's website!

Brands can motivate interested user groups to chat up new services, products and promotional initiatives with all of LinkedIn's various awareness devices. This newest button gives companies the potential to quantify follower feedback, examine user interest, or even to calculate market viability for comparing device strategy. Better than simply 'liking' a brand, a user will receive automatic updates from all followed companies directly into their LinkedIn feeds.

Some of the more influential brands to commit to the follow button are some you might know already, American Express, Starbucks (I will follow, closely, cup in hand), and AT&T, just to name a few.

You may already be aware of LinkedIn's other button branding tools. 'Share' allows one to share articles with networks. There is also a 'recommend company' button which gives brands notoriety with loyal subscribers, users and allows for branding recommendation as praising for good service, and exceptional brand strategy.

With this newest branding idea, LinkedIn, with its internal research which claims 70% of its 150 million members as the proportion which is market aware, and already following or would follow a brand on LinkedIn, and with another 60% expecting that they receive the benefit of industry insights and relevant corporate news as current or potential followers of those companies promoting themselves on LinkedIn.

According to a representative from LinkedIn, this new button “marks the first phase of LinkedIn’s follower ecosystem strategy that will unfold over the coming weeks."

Though details are sparse regarding direction, the presumption is that the efforts are for the company to continue to brand itself as a marketing platform for brands.

Building brand bias, buys benefit... now you can brand freely with copious reward on LinkedIn.


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