Costa Concordia Saga Continues. Captain Blames Company For Maneuver

Author: Carole Di Tosti.
Published: January 23, 2012 at 5:51 am


It is said that after every high profile disaster, airline, train, ship, where lives are lost, safety and security procedures intensify because the tragic events are in the news for months or years before all the dust settles: investigations, criminal negligence or manslaughter trials and settlement cases after wrongful death litigation. The culpable and liable are forced to make their slates clean and the industry goes through an overhaul to monitor and regulate itself. The worst time to travel, then is right before the disaster; the probability is much higher something will happen..

So now is perhaps one of the safest and most secure times to go cruising. EU governments are ordering legislative reviews to monitor safety and security procedures on passenger lines. And cruise captains will be overly scrupulous and careful not to cause any mishap that would bring down on their heads the scourging and burning treatment that Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino has received at the hands of the press and chairman/managing director of Costa Cruises Pier Luigi Foschi whose firm is suing the captain and refusing to pay any legal fees he incurs. Schettino, accused by his bosses of changing the fixed, computerized route in order to pass near Giglio Island, crashed the $450 million dollar ship on a reef, imperiling the lives of 4,200 passengers. Numbers tallied thus far are 64 badly injured (3 seriously) 13 dead (only 8 identifiable) and 20 still missing. The captain, whom Foschi labeled an "idiot" was arrested and left to hang in the wind.

What is the likelihood of an accident of this magnitude happening again, any time soon? Probably a billion to one; don't quote me, I'm not a statistician or mathematician. If you know, please leave a comment. But you would agree, it's pretty slim, even though the bad luck date of occurrence, on Friday 13th is a kind of scary coincidence, and it did occur off the coast of a province where a monstrous murderer killed many times with supposed Satanic cults roaming around? Hmm. Nah!

Anyway, now and over the next 4 months would be a perfect time to book your cruise, and surely, the cruise lines have lowered prices as an inducement. However, it will take a considerable amount of PR and price lowering to wipe away the moribund videos of the Costa Concordia lying grotesquely on its side like a once majestic but now dying whale. And how to forget the rapid fire shots of onboard screams and chaos, passengers in life preservers waiting for lifeboats and the darkness, all too reminiscent of the horror in the film Titanic (except there was no Kate and Leo AND THIS DISASTER WAS REAL) And the shocking reports of the captain and crew allegedly abandoning their posts and of it being "every man for himself?" All this gives one pause when thinking of taking a lovely relaxing shipboard vacation, I don't care how safe cruises are reputed to be.

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