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Author: Vishal Mehta
Published: July 11, 2011 at 6:34 pm

I recently came across two articles on how important credibility is for your business. The Business Thinker and Business Analyst features and many other blogs have neatly elaborated the subject of credibility. A couple of days back, when I stumbled across few Q&A on LinkedIn on the same subject, it prompted me to share few views and opinions I carry on this topic. I hope they find some use to my readers. Credibility

"Quality is job #1"; says Ford. In my opinion, taking a wider outlook, "Credibility is job #1".

Quality is only a small part of Credibility. Credibility extends to everything you do, your style, dress code, communication, support, marketing and services. Every connection/interaction you have with the outside world either adds to or subtracts from your 'credibility account'.

Closely related to this, is the concept of 'growth'. With growth comes credibility. The fastest way to grow ‘big’ is to 'act big'. By acting big, I’m not saying that in sense of arrogance, but in the sense of stability and confidence. You are going to grow, have no doubt about that. Everyone is so poised to grow, it's not even funny. It'll be a crime not to grow.

So, project this: nothing stops you from accomplishing your goals; they can either come along or get out of the way. And you will roll on; like a big heavy steam roller. Again, balance that against being arrogant and contemptible; those traits do not bring credibility.

Communicating out is an important factor of Credibility. And so is the timing part of it. For you can have the best product or a unique service offering, but if you fail to communicate that, you will fail overall in credibility.

How do you apply this? As a routine, exude credibility and confidence in everything you do - in the way you dress, talk, demonstrate, persuade, inform and sell. Remember, think big, act it.


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