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Author: Tim McMahon
Published: February 19, 2010 at 4:32 pm

Here’s a tip that can help you spice up your website, your blog, or your marketing materials and might be a bit of fun at the same time. So let’s talk photography and specifically a pretty slick online product called Picnik.

Photos can be a real asset to your website or social media marketing. They might be pictures of your company in action, your location, customers, or even your products. The more interesting and "real" they are, the more they can engage viewers – and that’s the point of our marketing materials.

But the challenge isn't just taking photos, it's doing all the adjustments to get them looking good. No matter how good your camera is—and mine are professional quality—photos still often need a tweak or two. Maybe cropping out a hand sticking into the picture or a bit of sharpening or some little adjustments to the exposure. Or maybe you want to add some text, create a collage, or apply some special effects to make something dramatic. It hasn’t always been that easy to do and often required complex photo editing software that could be expensive. Unless you were really  into photography it was probably more effort than you would really want to expend.

And that’s why I absolutely love Picnik, a 100% free online photo editing service that is fast, elegant, incredibly easy, and gives you just about every tool you'll ever need to produce marketing photography. Online means you upload a photo into their editor, do your editing, and then save by downloading back to your computer. This whole process is fast, fast, fast – I was amazed! In the free version you don’t store anything on their site. In fact, you don’t even have to register to use it.

Picnik gives you all the basics: a quick auto-fix, crop and resize, adjustments to brightness and contrast, etc. Where they shine, however, is in the "creatives" where you can create a variety of things including framed photos, special effects, collages, and greeting cards. So give it a try. (And it's also great for pictures from your last vacation… like mine!)


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