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Giving Back Is Good Business

Author: Jason Shaw
Published: August 31, 2012 at 5:44 am

Target donates around five per cent of its profits, whilst Walmart donated over $872 million last year to good causes, yet it isn’t just big national companies that are donating profits to charity. The number of small local businesses that are giving back to their communities is growing at an impressive pace across America, despite the current financial climate.

The small family run Pacific Cheesecake Company of Glendale, California is a classic example of a local business going above and beyond to help others. They’ve only been in business a little over one year and they have already donated over $2000, “We have been in business, in our retail store, 1 year in April. I don't even know how much we have donated in cash” Karen Freeman who owns and runs the business with her three sons told me, adding that they also give out “Gift certificates and participating in events,” and advising that giving back is a key part of their business plan, “We will continue to support our community and of course equal rights.”

Some of the non-profit groups foundations and charities they’ve collected for or assisted in those fourteen months or so include ‘St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, for children with cancer, Born This Way Foundation, Upward Bound-Getting homeless families off the streets and the HRC.

Karen and her sons have no hesitation in their support of various charities that ‘support equality and generally help less fortunate people, children, and their darling pets’ for helping others goes hand in hand with running their small family business, the two things are integrally linked to each other, it is a philosophy they seem to hold dear.

Karen hasn’t always been in the cheesecake business, nope for many years she worked in banking, although she started making cheesecakes for herself and friends and family in the early 1980’s, “I have always wanted to have my own business and baking and baking cheesecake was the best thing I knew how to do other then my banking background.” she told me.

As the time went on, Karen would create remarkable recipes trying out many different ingredients and options, she also taught each of her three sons, Mike, Steven and Jake the secrets of making a great cheesecake. As cheesecakes formed the staple desert of the Freeman Family it seemed only natural to go that one step further. Indeed with Karen’s commercial financial background, Mike’s degree in communications and experience in banking, Steven’s business administration degree and Jake’s science studies and wickedly creative ideas for stunning cheesecakes, starting a cheesecake business was the only next logical step.

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