Google 2013: Could Wireless Internet Be Free Soon!?

Author: Christina Thomas
Published: January 24, 2013 at 5:35 am










Tech giant Google has been making moves lately that could shunt Internet Service Providers into a niche or oblivion, depending on their ability to adapt in the business marketplace.

As you've probably guessed by that sentence, Google Inc wants to build its own Wireless network – in all probability, that's what it's stated“ experimental radio service” will turn out to be; at least, in part.

Given that Google already has a free Wi-Fi network in Manhattan, following suit in a place as big as California could be a natural extension of this. If this thing goes national, with a kind of superfast broadband wireless already erected (Google Fiber) in Kansas, what will that yield for the future of wireless? More importantly, what does Google have up its sleeves, since there's plenty of “free” wireless in many places already? Will Googletech be able to best the efficiency and speed of other internet providers, thus encouraging users to opt for Google's signal, where they'll be directed to a homepage sign-in prompt with proprietary ads on an otherwise clean interface? Bing and Yahoo Search would see a drastic reduction in their 16% and 13% (respectively) share if this eventual amendment is the reason Google has an increased interest in providing wireless connectivity.

While it's true that the frequency of Google Fiber's smaller-scale network wouldn't be compatible with some of the most popular mobile devices in circulation today – think Apple – it's also true that the mobile revolution hasn't even peaked yet, and a new wave of devices could very well be optimized for this frequency. In fact, the most populous country in the world just happens to be constructing wireless networks on this exact same frequency. Google may very well be positioning itself to never miss an impending opportunity again – like it did with social media when Facebook seized that mantle. The tech giant could be laying the groundwork for a (business) world to come.


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