Google Opening Retail Stores in 2013?

Author: Dan Reyes
Published: February 18, 2013 at 9:33 pm

Search giant Google may be opening their own retail stores in 2013, similar to Apple Stores, according to a new report from website Technology and Gadgets two days ago.

The report hinted that Google may be planning to launch "brick and mortar" physical stores, so their customers will have some type of "hands-on" experience first with their product and service offerings before these customers buy what the company has to offer.

Meanwhile, tech site Engadget has just reported the same thing about the rumored Google Retail Stores, citing reports from 9to5Google and the Wall Street Journal, although Engadget pointed out that both of those sites has unnamed sources.

Additionally, the site Technology and Gadgets report suggests that Google-branded merchandise like the company's augmented reality glass aka Google Glass, Google driverless cars, and other Google apparel will possibly be sold at the said Google Stores, which is expected to open by the end of this year.

Google currently has pop up-style stores inside several Best Buy Stores in the United States and PCWorld/Dixon's in the United Kingdom, so Google possibly "testing the waters" for stand-alone retail stores may be a good move on their part, who knows?

Meanwhile, the question is, if Google is going to be equally successful with this new venture like their competitor Apple, or even Microsoft in the retail business arena? I guess we all have just to wait and see what the consumers verdict is going to be when purported Google Stores finally open doors to the public.


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