Harbortouch POS Announces iPad Tableside Order System

Author: Geoff Simon
Published: March 21, 2012 at 8:41 pm

There have been more than a few companies who have rolled out iPads on an enterprise level. From municipalities using them for surveying to business intelligence and visual communications and now restaurants and even the point-of-sales systems these businesses run on.  Unveiled at the recent Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas last week, Harbortouch Tableside, part of the POS system Harbortouch offers, allows servers to input customer orders directly from the table via a free iPad application.

Demonstrating how the Harbortouch Tableside system works were servers walking the convention center floor. The application is a replica of the actual POS system itself, so there is no learning curve or additional training, provided your servers have general iPad know-how.  The orders taken from the iPad are relayed directly to the kitchen or bar, and in essence, make the big POS terminal station obsolete.

Also during the show, Harbortouch announced they would be rolling out a system to take online reservations, or take reservations directly from the POS.  This means operators who are using Harbortouch for their point-of-sale will not need to go to a third-party vendor to get sophisticated online reservation systems.  These integrations allow operators to keep all their reservations, both online and manually-entered in one place.

iPad ordering systems are nothing new, but considering Harbortouch provides operators free touch-screen POS systems, and there is no extra costs involved for using Tableside or the online ordering system, there is a good possibility we will start to see a lot more restaurants taking orders on iPads instead of note-pads.

As far as operators are concerned, it’s more than just the practical efficiencies. Aesthetics and atmosphere also play a part in decisions to use such a powerful device for simply taking an order.  Companies, however, are realizing that it is so much more than just a means to an end, and a replacement for pen and pad. iPads are great machines capable of so much more than just being a glorified notepad.  By having your servers carrying around these hip, slick, and cool devices you are, by transference, telling your patrons that you are state of the art, associating the creative vibe and energy Apple brings to life with your restaurant, drawing people to it.  As this article in Inc. points out, and one restaurant owner says, “The iPad ordering allows the restaurant to make something of a fashion statement while streamlining its ordering system”.  The owner then goes on, "The customers love it, who doesn't like an iPad?" he says, "they go nuts".

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