How to Discover your Online Business Story

Author: Lee Schneider
Published: May 29, 2012 at 5:34 pm

In life, and business, telling the story of why you do what you do can be compelling, but telling that story online can be challenging.

We've all heard of the 'elevator pitch.' It's that between-floors-in-an-elevator summary of your life's work that has to have a hook. It has to be memorable and it has to be short enough to leave time for you to ask 'So, what do you do?' a few moments before the elevator doors open.

Very few interesting lives, however, really compress all that well into elevator pitches. Consider also that online, your storyline is longer than an elevator ride. You need to spin out a compelling narrative that gets off to a fast start yet holds the attention of your listeners and readers. The reason that is so necessary is that social media is a medium of distraction.

I've already interrupted this post a few times to check my RSS feeds, my Twitter feeds, Quora, and Digg. When I return to writing, I pick up the narrative.

It's the same for the story of your life or business or passion that you must tell online. The story of  'how you got here' is a point of entry for how people might understand you. Friends, customers, clients and clients-to-be  - they all need to know what you stand for. That starts with an understanding of who you are.

I know successful chefs and sought-after business consultants who started out as actors. They bring that story into their online narrative. I started out as an obituary writer at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in Texas, later wrote the weather blurb  (big promotion!) and finally graduated to writing front page breaking news stories. Later I went on to write plays that ran in New York off-Broadway, and become a freelance writer for Good Morning America and a television producer for NBC, Discovery Health, History Channel, Bravo, and Court TV. I also wrote a movie for Disney. See, that was pretty interesting, huh? You know a little more about me, and you might have a sense that the life and work skills I picked up along the way will have value to you.

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