Ink361 Launches Updated Instagram Web Interface

Author: Geoff Simon
Published: September 20, 2012 at 4:38 pm

ink361 logoIf there was one thing Instagram didn't do, and it has done an impressive amount over it's short but vibrant life span, it was build a web interface.  The app has always been just that, an app.  And in the world of mobile, you either employ an 'app approach' or a 'mobile web' approach, and Instagram has always taken the app approach, and it's served them quite well. 

But the void left by users who wanted to access, browse, like, and comment on their Instagram feed via the web hasn't gone unfulfilled.  One company, originally called Inkstagram, who has since changed it name to Ink361 has just released a new beta version of it's popular Instagram web interface that lets you do everything just mentioned, in addition to helping users discover new content.  With upwards of 5 million photos uploaded every day, discovering new content on Instagram, particularly on it's mobile interface, has become a challenge.

According to a company announcement, Carel van Apeldoorn, CEO of Ink Limited and the company behind Ink361 said, "a big challenge on Instagram is to find users and photos that are valuable to you."  This is precisly what the new upgrades in the beta release will address.  Technicians at the company have been working over the past 4 months on innovating a new followers and followings viewer that enables users to find photos and users that, "inspire and are meaningful", according to the announcement.

Ink361 has built a loyal base of over 3 million users since March 2011, and the main focus of the latest upgrade was on improving their experience and on becoming the best at the basics. And in Apeldoorn's opinion, the basics are "viewing, sharing, and discovering exceptional photos and photographers."

The upgrade includes tools such as a grid-viewer that allows you to view photos in 3 different sizes, a simple slide viewer as well as improvements to the map viewer.  The map viewer allows users to discover new photos of particular areas, or find photographers in their own area, based on the inherent geolocation tags attached to every Instagram photo.  ink361 beta invite banner

Current users will see a prompt to see the all new Ink361 at the top of their screens, or you can visit to see the new layout.  You can choose to connect and login with your Instagram account, but to view photos there is no login requirement at all. 


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