Is the Cyber War Threat Real for Businesses?

Author: Lana Bandoim
Published: January 29, 2013 at 7:53 am

nfoWorld highlighted the dangers of a cyber war in an article on Jan. 28 that calls the threat a real issue for the private sector. The U.S. National Cyber Security Council has mentioned that “U.S. entities are being targeted on multiple fronts” and face ongoing problems. Businesses are quickly learning that defensive measures and proactive attitudes are the key to surviving cyber threats.

An article on Jan. 28 in the Wall Street Journal mentioned that financial institutions are fighting off “millions of attacks per day.” This problem was also highlighted in a recent blog post from Banks are facing an onslaught of cyber attacks that constantly threaten security measures, and call centers are becoming more frequent targets. TrustID provides customer validation technology and has developed its own network-based caller authentication system to help fight fraud. The Internet has made finding personally identifiable information an easy quest for criminals, and they can use this to spoof Caller ID and ANI. TrustID recommends automatic caller validation to help fight this recent trend.

Cyber attacks are targeting every facet of financial institutions and other businesses while they struggle to increase security and fight back. With problems coming from multiple groups, it is often difficult to identify the source of the attacks. Businesses have to develop plans to minimize the disruptive nature of attacks while keeping their systems and data safe. This requires a careful balance of constantly updating security measures without hurting customers or staff who rely on the daily operations.

Emilian Papadopoulos accurately summarized the importance of preparing for threats by stating that the “private sector owns and operates the infrastructure and systems that form the backbone of the Internet.” Security threats are no longer reserved for large corporations or government entities. Anyone can become a victim of a cyber attack. 


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