Lying on LinkedIn

Author: Abdul Sami Mughal
Published: November 12, 2011 at 4:33 am

So a very familiar name pops up on email, asking me to add me as a contact on LinkedIn. I know the name, I definitely know the name. He seems to be working in my company, his job description saying roughly what I do at my work.

And that is when I finally figured out who it was. A fairly intelligent young man who used to work about 3 tiers down from what he was claiming on LinkedIn. He left a few good months ago, and from what he told us, he had actually been given a managerial role at his new job, with perks like company car and what not.

Surely, he was lying!

As he is now.

I do believe in the mantra that you should dress and behave as the person/job profile you want to be, rather than the one you work at, but actually lying about it on LinkedIn is quite wrong.

I have not added him on LinkedIn, though I feel like sending him a message to ask what the hell is he on about.

But why lie about your 'current job'?

Surely your new job was a better lie?

Which brings me to the whole issue of LinkedIn. Do people actually check out a LinkedIn profile before they hire someone? I know profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are scanned by various employers, and surely the same applies to LinkedIn.

And if, you do lie on LinkedIn, and the facts do not match up, does that not automatically disqualify an application?



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