New York Tourists--Meet Your Tiny Pod!

Author: Jennifer Hammond
Published: June 07, 2012 at 10:52 pm

New York City is known for many things, including its bustling nightlife, Times Square, Empire State Building and various tourist attractions. But hotels? Not exactly. Unless you are wealthy or fortunate enough to stay at the Waldorf Astoria or the Plaza Hotel, you generally don’t hear much about Gotham’s hotels. Except how expensive they are, and how the small the rooms tend to be.

I remember my first stay in Manhattan in 1994; my friend and I stayed in a Marriott  (I think), and I almost choked when I saw the size of the room. There was barely enough room to set down the luggage and little if any room to negotiate around the bed. The lavatory? A mere closet of a space.

Well, with sky-high real estate costs, and finding ways to maximize profitability in the hospitality industry, comes an emerging trend in New York accommodations—pod hotels. Pod hotels first appeared in Asia several decades ago. In space challenged Japan, pod hotels are ubiquitous. European airports started offering pod rooms to accommodate overnight travelers who needed a place to bunk before an early morning flight. Short on space, but long on convenience, pod hotels are nothing new in areas of the world more densely populated than the Americas.

Pod hotels in New York typically offer rooms which are approximately 100 square feet or less. They feature a sleeping area (often bunks), and a small bathroom. Some pod hotels have shared bathrooms, while newer iterations in New York will likely feature rooms which all have private lavatories. The original modular hotel in Manhattan, the Pod Hotel on East 51st Street, opened in 2007, with rates of $89 per night.

Under $100 per night? Unheard of in New York, right? Well, hoteliers are now thinking outside the box, offering luxurious, if tiny accommodations at rates most travellers can swallow. In order to entice the cultured masses, the pod hotels tend to feature relatively spacious, inviting common spaces.

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