Search Engines Go Local – Your Business Should Too

Author: Chris Marentis
Published: December 12, 2012 at 2:09 pm

Google realized a few years back that the great majority of searchers on their search engine were looking for results that included local businesses. The business model for many businesses is still to use their website as an online marketing tool that eventually drives more foot traffic through the front door. In 2007 Google made an obvious push towards delivering specific local results to searchers.

For searchers, Google uses information supplied by the searcher to establish the searcher’s location, so that Google can deliver localized results. For businesses, Google created the Google Plus Page (formerly Google Place Page), so that businesses could provide Google with the necessary information about their business to then connect to searchers. Sadly, many businesses are unaware of the fact that they can use and optimize their local business listing to see excellent and almost immediate local search results.

Local Business Listing Optimization is for All Businesses

All businesses, even if they are franchises and branches of larger nationwide businesses, are local to the consumers in the surrounding communities near their location. Whether your business is one location or one location in a larger group, your business can and should take advantage of an online local business listing to help drive local dollars through your door.

Google Introduces the 7-Pack

To demonstrate that they mean it and are determined to push search local, Google has begun to display local business listings above the fold on search results – below the paid advertising results and above the standard organic results. Google is typically displaying the most relevant seven business listings, which has led these listings to be called the 7-Pack. Optimizing your business’s Google Plus Page will allow your business to very quickly take advantage of the premium rankings the 7-Pack can provide.

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