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Social Texting Will Poosh Chatting To New Limits

Author: David Goehst
Published: December 19, 2012 at 6:22 am

social textingOn the eve of text message's 20th birthday, a Virginia emergency response center becomes the first to receive 911 texts.  Schools are being alerted to call police thanks to text messages.  Paris Hilton could text Mother Teresa and make headlines.  All this, and nobody bothered to notice the newest social media craze, guaranteed to Poosh your friends lists to new heights.  Welcome to the social texting application which allows normal social media to connect content through your mobile number instead of social media account.

Poosh is actually a software platform that allows people to join, register and begin publishing their posts so others can read them and enjoy their work. So if you are going to Poosh, you could say you are going to publish your work out to the Internet and social media circles and share with the subscribers you have. The platform also allows a person easier methods of promoting the work in order to gain even more followers.

Be a Leader

By publishing your work and opinions, it allows a person to be a leader in that there are followers who subscribe to and also enjoy reading that view. Leaders are people who are known for taking responsibility for an action, event or taking up a cause. They often come up with solutions to problems that have arisen around them. People like to read what leaders have to say about hot topics, current topics, politics, health care, education and any other topic that is relevant.

With being a published author or a leader, there comes some responsibility in what, or more likely how, information is said. First, the information needs to be reasonably fit in that it helps a person, place or cause. Misinformation or careless thoughts could be dangerous and should never be published for the public to see. Second, the information needs to be well written to show that the author knows how to use proper grammar, spelling and sentence structures. Does anyone want to follow a person’s posts if they can’t read them easily or they are full of mistakes? Typically no, they will not and they will move on to follow someone who does want to present the correct information.

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