Some Alternative Careers in Recent Economic Conditions

Author: Rahul Ghosh
Published: February 20, 2013 at 1:09 pm

In 2013 a lot of people are trying unique ways of making their living especially due to the tense global economic conditions. Yes, the experts say we are recovering but most of us are paranoid as another global recession can easily shake the little foundation we built after the 2008 blunder. I am not going to talk about crunchy numbers in this post. Today I am going to discuss some career options that are emerging as unconventional alternative in our current scenario. A week ago, Elance published an important report showing huge increase in freelancing opportunities across the globe. The major countries are USA, India, UK and Pakistan. While many people switched to their self-dependent freelance business there are lots of other career options that you need to exploit. Potentials in these not so common markets are immense and now may be the right time to jump and grab all these opportunities.

 Obama's Speech at State of Union 2013

President Barrack Obama said in the 2013 Sate of Union Address to push forward in science and research like never before. His exact words were "NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO GUT JOB-CREATING INVESTMENTS IN SCIENCE AND INNOVATION." Companies like Google and Apple showed the entire world that they can create macro industries in itself like the app revolution. Today there are hundreds of thousands of app developers who are self-dependent and earning a living by creating great useful apps. You don’t have to create a Temple Run every time to make decent money.  I was talking to an indie app maker who made a small social media monitoring tool called SlingJot and is very happy with the initial launch.

Another fast emerging home industry is that of virtual assistants. Many small and large scale businesses need support people who can explain their products to others. Also, people who are less savvy with technology started joining services like iYogi to get direct help from a live person on the other end of the screen. The popular freelance websites are filled with lots of jobs for virtual assistants. The competition has gotten a lot tougher in 2013 and sometimes people might not be satisfied with many virtual assistant services.  If you are planning to join this industry make sure you choose a niche that you are already familiar with.

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