Startup Weekend Honolulu Brings Entrepreneurs Together

Author: Drew Hendricks
Published: January 28, 2013 at 8:49 pm

Business minded and tech-smart entrepreneurs will unite in Honolulu on April 12th for a 54-hour brainstorming marathon to explore their innovations for 2013. Startup Weekend Honolulu is a workshop for entrepreneurs organized by Danielle Sherman and Rechung Fujihara. The event will feature group discussions, guest speakers and startup coaching.

Danielle Sherman, one of the Hawaiian born organizers, is an experienced startup leader. She is the founder of Hamptons Undercover, Event Headquarters and Social Wahines. Her expertise is in event planning.

Another organizer for Startup Weekend Honolulu is Rechung Fujihara and is originally from Hawaii. He is a community builder and acts as CEO for The Box Jelly in Honolulu. His travels around the globe give him a broad perspective, which goes well with his friendly Hawaiian attitude.

Startup Weekend Honolulu begins Friday, April 12, with a dinner and social networking hour. Attendees pitch ideas to their peers, so they can form groups based on skill and interests. The groups meet and experiment with the best startup ideas that were presented.

On the next day, teams add members depending on the skills they need. Startup Weekend makes team building easy, because the entire audience is formed of business and technology experts. Coaches help the teams decide the direction and plan for the startup group.

Chenoa Farnsworth acted as a coach at the Startup Weekend Honolulu in September, 2012. Her firm, Hawaii Angels, helps startups with finance, strategy and business planning.

Startups are judged on the final day. A panel of judges observe each group as they present their work from the weekend. The day is dedicated to getting help and motivation from experienced startup entrepreneurs. The event is ideal for new founders.

The founder of the Hawaii Angels investing firm, Robert Robinson, judged presentations at the previous event in 2012. Entrepreneurs, new and experienced, benefit from the high profile guests in attendance. It is likely he will return for the April weekend event.

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