The Foundary Finds Added Appeal In Online Shopping

Author: Bryan Cain-Jackson
Published: March 21, 2012 at 5:29 am

For the last 15 months, The Foundary has been making quite the splash in the business of online shopping.

The Foundary, a Hayneedle Company blends together the art of the “old-fashioned” word of mouth method via social media to get the word out about who they are and what they do.

The Foundary is a membership based online shopping atmosphere where their goal is to connect with their members through the wide array of unique, interesting and reasonably priced home and lifestyle products.

Rob Anderson of the Hayneedle Company speaks on The Foundary.

“It’s really a great place for everyone who wants to find great products for their home; find their style and find their lifestyle with great products.”

Most home and lifestyle based sites are trying to acquire their business by mass marketing, The Foundary thinks outside the box by using a different approach to acquire and maintain the appeal in the eyes of its members.

There is also an added air of personalization to the shopping experience that The Foundary adds to stand out against the competition by using the business concept that Rob mentioned called flash sales.

“They are non-advertised sort of private sales; we are able to work with suppliers that have great products off closeout. The model itself is a little different than traditional e-commerce model. We are looking to find the right members, people who want to join and offer these great sales to them. We want to cultivate that membership.”

The flash sale concept is not new; however, it is becoming more common. However, many experts are predicting that it will be a big business. It already has drawn the interest of retail giants looking to become like The Founder, like Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman-Marcus and many others. According to an article on Business Insider, the flash sale industry will grow to $6 billion by 2015.

The Foundary partners the method with social media by offering its members exciting incentives for spreading the word via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

It’s really a great place to visit and shop. There are five new sales everyday and they last up to four days at a time. Check it out and become a member.


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