Tizen is Rising to Challenge Google and Apple in 2013. Do You Know Tizen?

Author: Carole Di Tosti.
Published: January 02, 2013 at 11:41 am


Tizen. Have you heard of them? Well, take note. Tizen is the company that may challenge Apple's iOs and Google's Android in the upcoming year.

Tizen has been around for a while and its evolution continues. In the past Samsung’s collaboration with the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) was LiMo or Linux platform for mobile.  After Intel joined the project in 2011 there was a name change to Tizen. In 2012, the LiMo Foundation became the Tizen Association and Sprint agreed to become part of it. The alpha code Magnolia was released and next month, Tizen 2.0 is slated for its reveal.

Samsung and other global carriers are launching the first Tizen smartphone in 2013, with NTT DoCoMo. Expected to be a part of the launch are UK's Vodafone, and France Telecom. HTC, Panasonic, ASUS, Acer, Huawei and others have expressed interest in developing Tizen devices, according to reports. It is Samsung, however, that is distributing the first handset running the MeeGo-reborn platform. 

In order to compete with Google and Apple who have held a 90 percent share of the market, Docomo, Japan's largest mobile communication company, joined with South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. and other firms, developing this system that they intend will take a larger slice of the smartphone pie. Their work has paid off and there are a number of factors which will make their challenge to Apple and Google serious.

First, Tizen is likely to be popular among developers because of its robust HTML5 development capabilities. HTML5 is a top choice among app developers. Getting app developers on your side is the way Google and Apple have thrived, achieving market domination.

Second, phone carriers most likely will prefer Tizen. Why?  It offers more flexibility than Android. Android closes out phone carriers, for example, Verizon, from easily offering their own services.

Currently, according to reports, Android holds about 70% market share, and iOS holds about 14% market share. Samsung and other companies have moved Tizen's potential upward to significantly inroad Apple's and Google's market share from both Android and iOS. The Tizen  impact will not fall heavily on Google. It's revenues are generated from advertising and other sources. Google's stock will not be hit by the Tizen steamroller.  On the other hand Apple's stock may take a beating.  Even a 2% market share loss will affect the stock. According to reports, if Tizen takes off, the negative perceptions about Apple's future growth may increase. Can they push back the challenge? Time will tell.




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