Uber to deliver Christmas Trees

Author: Curtis Silver
Published: December 04, 2013 at 7:28 am

Uber, the start-up car service company that is changing the face of transportation in major markets around the United States and the world, is now in the tree delivery business. Catered towards those who can afford it, Uber has taken advantage of an on-demand marketplace by being there when you need a ride, generally at a premium of course. Their campaigns have been on the interesting side of late, delivering ice cream in certain markets one summer day and most recently — delivering kittens. The kitten delivery was part of a campaign in tandem with the USPCA, which made sense. Now, they will deliver Christmas trees.

Of course, there are caveats. Ten cities and one day only. Which would be Thursday, December 5th. Using the Uber smartphone app, users can click on "UberTree" and have a squirrel free tree delivered to their home or office. This time, the partnership is with Home Depot and customers can expect a high demand. The cost, including tree and delivery, will be $135, which is pretty fair for not having to tie your own tree to the top of the family station wagon. Users can also split the cost using Uber's fare-splitting feature.

Uber said via a blog post, "Instead of spending your weekend wrestling with a tree from the not-so-near farm or slushy street corner, kick back, pour yourself an extra glass of eggnog and watch your app as Uber takes care of the heavy lifting".

The question for consumers is whether Uber is going to stop at Christmas trees. The most likely guess is no. After handling Valentine's Day, the kittens, ice cream and numerous other promotions you can be sure Uber is no where near finished. With the sheer amount of made up holidays that perpetuate our fictional calendars, Uber has a wealth of reasons to run delivery promotions. The thing is, consumers won't stop taking advantage of them. Why should they? Everything Uber does, from promotions to actually transporting you somewhere without having to sit in a cab with broken air conditioning is something the other transportation services aren't doing.

Uber starts selling trees at 11am (in whatever time zone you are in) and will go until 8pm or until the trees sell out. Of course, if you aren't in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco or Washington, DC you'll have to go get your own tree.


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