Wal-Mart Named Top Mobile Retailer of 2012

Author: Holly Matheson
Published: January 02, 2013 at 4:12 pm

Retail business owners and marketing experts can learn a thing or two from Wal-Mart, it seems. Named the top mobile retailer of 2012 by the National Retail Federation, Wal-Mart won the acclaimed title by implementing new and improved mobile initiatives that included social media, apps, QR codes, push notifications and an improved mobile website.

It's no secret that shopping at Wal-Mart is often a stressful experience, but if you happen to walk into the store and see more people than ever looking down at their smartphones while shopping, there's probably a good reason for it. 

While it is common for consumers to use their smartphones to search the web for better deals and prices on their most desired products, Wal-Mart has taken the initiative to use the technology to their advantage. From app features that show customers exactly which aisle to find products on to the ability to create a shopping list from home that details the cost and information of each product to determine the approximate total cost before going to the store, it's easy to see why Wal-Mart has been chosen for this most prestigious award.

It has been said time and time again that retailers who are not maximizing the potential of mobile commerce are at a greater risk of being left behind the competition and Wal-Mart has proven the validity of that argument.  Not only did the retailer make major updates to its smartphone app, but numerous improvements were also made to its iPad app, including a feature that allows consumers to view and flip through the local store ads to find great deals and discounts on top products. Finally, Wal-Mart recently added a new Scan & Go feature that allows app users to scan a products bar code in-store and then transfer the list upon arrival at the self-checkouts.

With recent research proving that an outstanding 4 out of 5 consumers visit retail websites or apps prior to shopping, the new year is an ideal time for retailers to jump on board the mobile commerce train, learn a lesson or two from Wal-Mart and begin implementing strategies that will help them to surge ahead in the coming year. 


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