Who’s Ready to Pay for YouTube Programming?

Author: Christina Thomas
Published: January 31, 2013 at 5:38 am

From Facebook streaming UFC preliminary bouts, to Hulu TV’s paid subscription services, online streaming is big business – which isn’t a surprise, considering that the bulk of our interactive lives is already scattered across cyberspace.

None other than Google, itself, may be on the way to shoving all comers aside and offering paid subscription to its global YouTube market.

Although premium content development for video marketing has long been a feature for the third-most popular website on planet Earth, all of it used to be “free” – which is just business parlance for “you’re paying for it, it just doesn’t feel like it at the moment.”

The best content has always corralled significant earnings via ad impressions and page views for certain YouTube stars, with Google retaining its rightful percentage for providing the platform and technology.

But now, it appears Google is going after traditional television with a hammer, and will start recruiting producers to create TV-worthy content exclusively for YouTube, and requiring users of the site to pay a ‘small’ monthly fee of around $1-$5 for access (which means it’ll be $19.99 soon enough. This is slated to occur sometime this Spring, according to Ad Age Digital.

Is it “right” for Google to charge a monthly fee for the world’s second-most used free service, in addition to the money it would make the old-fashioned way through ad impressions? Shouldn’t the content be good enough to corral the necessary views to – like television – to provide the ad impressions that would pay everyone involved?


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