Why Small Businesses Cannot Be Scared to Use Twitter

Author: Grant Tilus
Published: February 19, 2013 at 10:41 am

In case you missed it, yesterday Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked. Twitter was all a buzz and for a brief moment it was a PR disaster.

But what's even worse, because of events like these many small business owners are still scared to use Twitter promote their business fearing that it could happen to them. So instead they only use a social platform that they are more familiar with; Facebook.

There are however many positive reasons and examples of why they should use it.

Twitter in fact is expected to grow four times greater than Facebook over the next few years. Talk about potential! 2013 needs to be the year that these small businesses truly embrace all forms of social media.

So in an effort to help small business owners not be frightened about using Twitter as a social network for their business, I sought out to find three examples of business that are using Twitter the safe and right way to promote, attract and increase repeat customers to their business.

1. The Creme Brûlée Cart

A frolic in the meadow. For your taste buds! On Market and Sutter till 5pm twitter.com/cremebruleecar…— the creme brûlée man (@cremebruleecart) January 5, 2013

What they are doing right: The short version is everything. Founder Curtis Kimball has been featured in such places as the New York Times and the food network regarding this mobile crème brulee cart and the deserts he serves up to the San Francisco community. As far as what he is doing right with Twitter goes, he tweets out his location and specials each day so customers following him know where to get there desert fix. Small business owners need to follow @cremebruleecart and see by example to get ideas of how they can highlight their products, promote their business and attract customers.

Twitter Business Tip: Take a chance; you never know what may make or break your business.

2. Montana’s Red Hill

Crazy bar #specials for hockey! 60" TVs, awesome bartenders, beer and wings! Come on over! #GameOn #BAR #beer #deals #NHL#HamOnt #Hockey

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