Zendesk Announces New Native iPad App to Enhance Mobile Support

Author: Geoff Simon
Published: March 29, 2013 at 8:00 am

Zendesk announced upgrades to it's cloud-based customer service software Tuesday. The new Zendesk for iPad brings into focus how people actually use customer support software on mobile platforms, particularly the iPad, by streamlining things like it's reporting dashboard and allowing customer service rep's to view ticket history on a company or customer level.

This gives subscibers the ability to service customer needs by offering support 24-7/365, from either the new iPad app, or any of the other mobile apps provided by Zendesk, including Windows, Android, Kindle Fire, iPhone and BlackBerry. And while doing this from the top of a mountain, or a lake next to a mountain might be epic, the features work just as well from your couch at home.

Zendesk first launched it's iPad app two years ago, and according to Adrian McDermott, Zendesk's senior vice president of product development, "Our first Zendesk for iPad changed the way customer service was delivered, allowing agents to respond from anywhere. Now we're changing the way service teams stay on top of their performance, allowing managers to always know how they're doing and avoid any drop in superior service."

The new Zendesk for iPad takes into account how people are using it's current mobile apps for customer support, and according to an infographic put out by the company, mobile app users' top 3 activities are viewing reports, triaging tickets and scanning queries. Other features like advanced analytics, or administrative functions are best suited to a web-based environment according to the company, and noted in this recent TechCrunch piece.

The new reporting dashboard lets managers navigate updated metrics for companies based on three different views:

  1. Leaderboard: Provides a quick glance at metrics like customer satisfaction, solved tickets, response time, and general support team productivity.
  2. Ticket Activity: Shows details and trends in the volume of new tickets and the efficiency and quality of agents' responses.
  3. First Response: Provides an interactive dial for viewing how long it took to respond to customer inquiries across various time periods.

Zendesk says that around 60% of it's 25,000 customers have downloaded a mobile app onto at least one device, and 39% of all accounts have used an iOS app within the past 30 days.

To learn more about Zendesk you can visit them at http://www.zendesk.com/



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