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Social Finance Network Fundology Simplifies Private Investments

Author: David Goehst
Published: January 29, 2013 at 7:54 am

FundologySocial networking has many shapes, sizes and faces yet true financiers find lacking proper connections the main problem behind Facebook and Twitter since they haven’t proven exponentially fruitful for parties interested in debt or equity investing.  Jumping into the pool of social platforms with more exacting profile information, truly financial information for those into asset backed securities and the ability to raise capital – all while discussing current financial trends – comes Fundology, growing like a weed yet weeding out tire kickers simply around to mingle.


Socialized Private Investments

By elevating levels of investment efficiency, angels or debt purchasers can finally find devout businessmen and entrepreneurs interested in bettering their bottom lines, mainly across financial business sectors.  Raising seed funding takes nothing more than posting your intent while finding mergers to leech onto takes nothing more than searching for such.  Chicago-based Fundology provides technologically advanced social platform utilizing your contact card from LinkedIn, and currently is an approval-based platform set to launch within the quarter.

Picking Up What Others Missed

Many socialized networks thrive off user numbers rather than offering quality within connections made. Being an invitation driven networking platform allows Fundology to vet each financial candidate, whether in small business or investing, before allowing their profile to commence creation.  Imagine taking Prosper’s peer to peer lending platform, adding LinkedIn profile schema and having your user base mainly private investors normally hard to locate.  That’s Fundology, all wrapped into one package. Kison Patel, president and institutional financier with commercial real estate under his tutelage, heads Fundology leadership with five other highly educated techies and marketing pros prepared for what should be an exponentially large network, sustained by true investment professionals.

Why You’ll End Up Joining

Although we’ve decorated Fundology, previously labeled under FIEXE, the perfect hub for financial investments and seed capital raising, those who’ve recently launched their startup or professionals in the industry prepared to plunge into investing can learn tremendous amounts of useful information other social networks fail to share.  Many private capital providers remain clandestine from Facebook and Twitter to protect business interests; they’ll now come out of the woodwork.  Finally, serious social financiers will eventually pay membership fees, merited due to nature of information and funding opportunities being shared – yet currently, the prelaunch is 100% free for everyone accepted.

Tire kickers, uninterested parties and those who’ve got little use for seed capital probably will stay mainstream; those who’ve always had the knack for investing and purchasing debts, assets or stocks will find the newest social finance network, Fundology, quite pragmatic to investing goals.


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